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  1. I´d love to play along sometime ... but I´m sorry to say that I don´t have a smartsphone and therefore no Whatsapp!
  2. Thx AngelEyes for the advice! That did it! Hey ONYX, saw you the other night in DD, but you were afk. It´s great to be back!
  3. thx, I tried that and it didn´t work. I´ve been playing arount with the graphics resolution though. It seems to help to reduce the resolution. I can play for 5 minutes now ...
  4. No, I like it in here!

  5. Hi, I installed NOLF2 on a Windows 7, 64-bit, PC, patched it to 1.3, modded it etc. In multiplayer everything works fine. But the singleplayer mode crashes after a minute or so to desktop. First the graphics go all weird: I can see through doors or there are colorful stripes and beams in my way ... any ideas? Oh, and I use an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 graphics card.
  6. Ion

    A Match comes up

    Shame, I coulnd´t be there! Next time ...
  7. The savegames are working fine. Thanks. Computer is responding now.
  8. I reinstalled the game and didn´t let the LivesForever mod near it. Now I can´t load any savegame, the game crashes and the error seems to be the lithtech.exe.
  9. Yes, I did. Same result. Also the game has never been that unstable. I can hardly get in ...
  10. Hiiii! It´s so good to be back!
  11. I was going to try that, but couldn´t get in the game at all. Several crashes, restart, still crashing :S ...
  12. Hello everyone! I´ve come across a problem playing the singleplayer mode: When I´m at the M-9 computer inputting the code, the word "retrieve data" just turns from yellow to gray and the computer doesn´t do anything. The option menu doesn´t appear. I´ve played this game many times and never had this problem. Has anyone an idea? Is it a bug? I tried reinstalling, but that didn´t work. Thanks! Ion