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  1. Platinum

    New Mods

    Here's an Idea, replace the snowmobile/ trycicle with the monkey and make it rideable! Then have the monkey squeaking noise while you ride it. Then, if you did that I would ... I dunno, poop!
  2. Platinum

    Leesy's competition

    I'm in for a draft. It'd be great to play with noe people. But I think factor took the idea of our "team" the wrong way. My intention of putting together a team like Mine was to get some matches going, and get more competition going. And Azazel is a nice person, he just doesn't like when people stereotype him. Leave him out of this, then we'll see if scorpio can put his gun where his mouth is. P.S. I'm going to polish up our teams site, and then hopefully get some matches going for before the tournament. That way we can all get some good practicing in.
  3. Platinum

    Custom Skins

    I use custom skins for all the DM models, no need for client side. I got them from a russian site. It's pretty cool, seeing as im like one of 25 people in history to download them.
  4. Platinum

    Best Madonna look? I think this explains it all.
  5. Platinum

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    Genisis: Cool nolfers think alike Slngsht: No prob, I guess some boards use different versions of BB code.
  6. Platinum

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    You, if you want to fix your signature... make it read [][IMG=][/url] Which would result in And by the way, Welcome!
  7. Platinum

    Independent UNITYHQ tourneys?

    I'm not in a clan but I'd like to join.
  8. Platinum

    Idea for a new mod

    I have an idea for a mod that I would like to see. When you zoom into your sniper rifle, you see the usual large crosshair. In many other games ( COD ) there are many modifications of your crosshair. Is this possible for nolf2, and if so... Can it be utilized as a client side mod, just like a skin?
  9. Platinum

    Leesy's competition

    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I think we should really kick this idea into high gear. Maybe we could get an idea of how many people would like to join into this tourny? Post if you think you would join.
  10. Platinum

    Post Your Picture

    Here is me :
  11. Platinum

    New Mods

    It didn't give me a virus... Actually it worked wuite well. Maybe something just slipped passed your firewalling/antivirus majigger... thing-amabob.
  12. Platinum

    Leesy's competition

    You better hurry! Jokes. Anyways, if you need any help at all just call on me. PM me or add me on msn at
  13. Platinum

    Going back to our roots?

    That's a great point. I've always ended the game. Even when people tell me not too. A couple people from clans (wont name names) Have called me a point-hunter for placing parts... WHAT? Definitly made me feel bad. Sorry to rant.
  14. Platinum

    Nolf Radio

    Still Down. Any updates?
  15. Platinum


    That's so graceful of you. This is why you guys WILL be better than NG and TGF. If that question was even asked on TGF, 3 people would have gotten banned