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  1. I see this: ...and a strange tune starts playing in my head. What's wrong with me? (seen at:
  2. Wow! Free the Engine from the fixed master server/key check is what comes to my mind...
  3. Old experiments are the proof? - I get to work via subway - I report to the upper management - I own a TV Take that, hypothesis...
  4. Martin, I made a simple MOD, modifying both attributes "JumpSpeed" and "NetFallDamage". I played with the MOD, the MOD works because I jump really high just like I set the "JumpSpeed" value. But I die also. I checked the C++ sources of BOTH Nolf1 and Nolf2. The "NetFallDamage" attribute is apparently a Nolf1 attribute and can be set for the server by the user (can't check this, dun have it installed any more), but it is NOT used in Nolf2 at all! So you CANNOT set the fall damage in an easy way. I reckon you would have to do some simple C++ programming, which I also can't do right now...
  5. Think he wants to know how to make the player invulnerable (at least to fall damage). I seem to remember a command called "falldamage" or so, but can't really help here. Confirm anyone? EDIT: I believe this can only be done via a MOD. Guess the "FallDamage" value cannot be accessed via the SCMD Game options...
  6. Good job there trigger! FYI I got the same problem with the link-poster (it's link, isn't it?). I got a ATI 1950 sumting graca and hopefully am running on highest detail. Hmm, gotta go looking for that secrets.
  7. Problem solved yet? I believe when the guards change to "search mode", a certain tune is played. Maybe it's a sound problem? For testing, try to turn off everything that has to do with music/sound, and *tadaaaa* incredibly new proposal: update your audio driver. And/or use DxDiag and in the "Sound" tab move the hardware acceleration slider all to the left (no accel).
  8. Which intra-US song contest is there to win for us? I believe in the early days Eurovision was something for the 60+. Then Discos and Clubs started to broadcast it for their totally plastered guests.
  9. Nothing to argue about there, but I'm not sure about the reasons for that. I believe for a solid economy you need more than a liberal job market and long working hours. Ideas like Sarkozy's didn't help GB and Germany. I'm honestly interested in seeing what is gonna happen to France. Also interesting are numbers about poverty. I don't claim they look bad!
  10. Not for discussion, just for the sake of completeness: US AK-47 manufacturers There is more than a paper trail I reckon. The official UN report - I believe and am to lazy to look it up - states that companies from that countries, including US and UK breached the 90 UN embargo. It also states AFAIK that "suspicious, military important parts" had been delivered. The Iraq was massively equipped in the 70-80, guess Saddam didn't need so much more in the 90s. But talking about things past, lets take a look at the world's hot spots: usual suspects earning a lot, nobody cares - till next war.
  11. Not completely sure what you're trying to say but I guess I tend to agree with you. Swiss, by the way, has anything but a flexible job market, low wages and an overall liberal market. I mean Germany struggles with minimum wage (=we don't have such).
  12. I know it's repeat myself but: this has long been proven a lie. Most notably in the original source it was stated that there have been found huge amounts of British weapons. Seems some news sources just don't report it all, to make sure you don't decide "wrong". And the No. 1 weapons deliverer for the Iraq was of course the U.S. (the biological weapons that were turned against some Iraqis) represented by Mr. Rumsfeld. U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup There is a better and most of all more up-to-date source about a hearing of the British Government where some politician-weasles admit that they knew this but didn't want to "hurt" their partner (US) in war. Sorry can't find it by now. Near the whole world equipped the Iraq although they all knew about Mr. Saddam. Anyway, when Mr. Sarkasy has finished his 'lil trip to the Bahamas I'm sure he'll find the time to abolish unions, increase the working hours and lower capital taxes etc. in order to maximize company profits. The common idea is: more profit, more jobs. Doesn't work here, didn't in GB (low-wage jobs spawned, full paid jobs were converted), but I'm keen to see if it will work in France. Afterwards he may think about building a huuuuuuge hot tub into his basement, because there just isn't a better place for deciding the fate of the average Frenchi then in a hot tub toghether with a lot of lobbyists and service ladies.
  13. It's another story, but the question is if that is THE way to live. Many people are unemployed, number rising, the rest just works harder, usually for lesser money. I don't see politicians doing that. Bashing the weak is a lot easier. It's ok that investor's money makes 20% each year, but compensation for the inflation of the worker's wages is not? Strike - IMHO - is the fight that should be preferred. The alternative I wrote a few posts above... And that may be the key here. Your guess is wrong. The trick is to use the magic word: globalisation. I'm not contra productivity, I have no problems with industrial automation. But saving money by enslaving abroad is, well, perversion again. So I prefer 5. To be a bit on topic, I will certainly feel Mr. Sarkozy in my pocket. I don't like that. What about: 6. Create an economic environment (e.g. by voting) that appreciates the human being, is fair and humane and environmental friendly thus leads to full employment By the way, we use Carlson.
  14. It is at least broken when people work their hands to the bone and can't feed their family. Can't even eat an apple because the tree is "owned" by somebody. Well, sounds like YOU had a good start in life? He "became" also involves quite certainly people paying for the services of your father. With money they have been working for also, prolly? Good thing this still works! Just what I said. 2 cheaters, the one stealing billions, impovering hard working people, the other stealing 400$ a month. Prevent both, but start with the first one. Well, that one I don't comment. Well, just kinda did. I just long for a social market with fair conditions. True whiners? Companys. Our government is thinking about paying the wages for the workers even for big companys that are making huge profits. That is nothing but a perversion. I don't pretend capitalism is the root of all that's evil if you stop pretending that the world is made up of poor small businessman that are strangled by their useless employees. I work hard, long and near certainly do incredibly good work. My paycheck is no indication of this. And I know this holds true for my US collegues too.
  15. Ah common. At max 2 posts that are slightly . Better posts than no. We can always move them to "General > Communism". Gives the mods something to do. My fault, I hit Knix' sensitive spot. If only I had known he loves Helmut so much.