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  1. I see this: ...and a strange tune starts playing in my head. What's wrong with me? (seen at:
  2. Alexa

    NOLF2 source code released under the GPL

    Wow! Free the Engine from the fixed master server/key check is what comes to my mind...
  3. Alexa


    Helloooooooooooooo Lexi! The community is STILL GROWING wow!
  4. Alexa

    The Happy Birthday thread

    's it possible? Nutter year passed? Happy B-Day Mari! Lot of Otters and Jarlsberg-Cake to you!
  5. Alexa

    We're dooooooooooomed!

    Old experiments are the proof? - I get to work via subway - I report to the upper management - I own a TV Take that, hypothesis...
  6. Alexa

    In TGF nobody answered...

    Martin, I made a simple MOD, modifying both attributes "JumpSpeed" and "NetFallDamage". I played with the MOD, the MOD works because I jump really high just like I set the "JumpSpeed" value. But I die also. I checked the C++ sources of BOTH Nolf1 and Nolf2. The "NetFallDamage" attribute is apparently a Nolf1 attribute and can be set for the server by the user (can't check this, dun have it installed any more), but it is NOT used in Nolf2 at all! So you CANNOT set the fall damage in an easy way. I reckon you would have to do some simple C++ programming, which I also can't do right now...
  7. Alexa

    In TGF nobody answered...

    Think he wants to know how to make the player invulnerable (at least to fall damage). I seem to remember a command called "falldamage" or so, but can't really help here. Confirm anyone? EDIT: I believe this can only be done via a MOD. Guess the "FallDamage" value cannot be accessed via the SCMD Game options...
  8. Alexa

    Death Mountain BETA

    Good job there trigger! FYI I got the same problem with the link-poster (it's link, isn't it?). I got a ATI 1950 sumting graca and hopefully am running on highest detail. Hmm, gotta go looking for that secrets.
  9. Alexa

    Mana potion...

    Sorry. It seems I repeat myself repeat myself.
  10. Alexa

    Mana potion...

    OMG Goo! That website is pure comedy. Under "locate": "These retailers are cool enough to carry Mana Energy Potions.". Yours doesn't? Uncool! And of course their industrial robot catapult
  11. Alexa

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Wiki sayz: My 'lil heart is sad since all I can think of are technicalities.
  12. Alexa

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Apart from this prolly being the first bit of Japanese poetry ever dedicated to me , I just learned that Japanese poetry and leet perfectly fit! Woot or better: Ara ara!
  13. Alexa

    Strange Framerate Stutter

    Problem solved yet? I believe when the guards change to "search mode", a certain tune is played. Maybe it's a sound problem? For testing, try to turn off everything that has to do with music/sound, and *tadaaaa* incredibly new proposal: update your audio driver. And/or use DxDiag and in the "Sound" tab move the hardware acceleration slider all to the left (no accel).
  14. Alexa

    The Happy Birthday thread

    I can only say lol. Big lol Was young, needed the money Thanks girls!
  15. Alexa

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Although you're prolly already horizontal on the secret booze-smuggle path between Norway and Sweden: Happy B-Day SPAWN!