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  1. Brilliant find! Seriously, I never knew about this. What a shame! Thanks for sharing. Time to load up the game and see for myself.
  2. Thanks. I have visited the hunting grounds once but very rarely players sought any game but i guess its the timing difference. I will revisit soon
  3. Hi friends. I have been playing NOLF (for past 8 years.. yea ) along the lines of COD and Far Cry but none exhibit Enemy AI so brilliantly (not even NOLF 2) as NOLF 1 Recently a youtube member uploaded NOLF 2 with HDR rendering and some improved occlusions and effects in the graphics, downloaded and NOLF 2 is a breezer and amazing in looks. Is this possible for NOLF 1? please..if any modders can come and improve the graphics with some tweaking. I seriously need some improvement in NOLF graphics. Even some editing Mod tools and guidance would be appreciated!.. Since very few people care about NOLF 1 and going crazy behind NOLF 2 it might be difficult for any one to take interest but IF someone even remotely appreciates the original for all its worth and can come up with graphics tweak . PLEASE DO SO!..........Hell its getting enough with dull graphics, I cant believe that NOLF 1 is getting sidelined with nothing to offer under "Downloads Section" that could improve and help relive the charm. I request fellow NOLF community to make it possible by having the Original given some Boost in Graphics and Performance making at par with NOLF 2 thank and hope to have one in the downloads section SOON!
  4. Hi friends .. been long time visiting but need a little help from the Expert Modding community! I have no knowledge regarding Modding and stuff but limited to extracting sounds, videos and stuff that involve simple extracting from game files. Recently I downloaded No One Lives Forever 2 Toolkit and seems very easy as far as modding missions even for a newbie like me. Now, the problem, well I want to make few changes inside the game script or say, mod/tweak the NOLF 2 missions for the following: Make enemy AI more smarter, esp. during japan missions where the ninja guards are very weak in reacting to your presence. so, I want some tweaking making them more aggresive to the Cate's presence almost real life AI as seen in SWAT 3 and Hidden and Dangerous 2, etc. ... Also, it seems a bug or glitch when Cate is hiding under shadow (when eye icon is full) and the enemy doesn't move and stands still searching till eternity. the moment Cate swaps a weapon, enemy jumps to the hidden place killing her makes it really silly to hide and sneak silently. Make Cate go Prone and jump / roll towards sides which the enemy's (esp. Siberian missions) are capable while Cate's moves are strictly limited to sneak, lean and jump ..That's it! thanks and waiting for reply...
  5. During the mission Misfortune in Morocco Scene 2 where after having the meet with Bruno at the lobby, two new objectives get updated, namely, 1. Disarm the explosives and, 2. Rescue civilians I have played this mission a couple of times and protecting civilians (at super spy) was a real tough act as the thugs often killed civilians fast enough before I killed them. This time I approached differently rather going close enough to the thugs and trigger the action of thugs starting to kill civilians, I purposely fired bullets quite a distance back before approaching them to make the thugs run towards me and stop killing civilians which works like a charm as I run away from them and clean them out at my leisure. Now here is the glitch, the thugs not only run towards me but also forget??? to plant the bombs except the first bomb near the elevator after meeting Bruno. Since then I completed entire level without disarming any bombs and killing thugs and somehow I cleared the level onto the next scene. All the remaining bombs were never there to disarm!!... Is this happened to any one?? If any one just checks this out by trying this stage and reply the outcome will be cool!!!...and I am playing Game of the year edition!!
  6. Cate knows , or has an idea what does HARM stands for. It is discussed in very first few mission reporting cutscenes as asked by the senior operative (the one who continued Cate was virtually incompetent). In the end it feels HARM means, as shown in the above pics, since it occurs many times in the game.
  7. Hey! you can disable. May be you are not trying to use the KEY assigned for switching weapon functions. I too play disabling auto-switch and it is working on GOTY edition perfectly.
  8. Till now, absence of STM is understood since players are only then tempted to make a choice. But, when the walkthrough(s) suggested that both routes provide equal skill points, thats what bugs me!!..going by this there has to be in expect flooding - A Spy Training Manual. I am not much into NOLF2 and reason for those crucial 200 skill points is to attain nearest 50000 to master my super spying skills .. LOL
  9. I have won the game with all rewards, bonuses and awards following NOLF The Operative - Walkthrough It has complete list of intel items. Since randomized locations the best bet is always keep the focus while playing. Always be stealthy (use barrette it also kills, judgement is crucial!), stay undetected and maximize headshots in stats - It will pay you guaranteed rewards/awards. Also, try not to reload more than once, it will chew out all your hard work in the end - NO REWARDS & AWARDS. Lastly, as mentioned in the walkthrough as well, remember to take as much time needed to complete every mission, since I have rushed initially a lot to accomplish better timings and never got rewarded except awarded which doesn't offer much!!..
  10. Great!..that must have been easy or just a NO would be? Well, thanks for the efforts, nevertheless, question still there, which no one has ever found out an answer!!.. c ya
  11. Where the heck is STM in Expect Flooding??
  12. I have searched the help files. On what perfect way of my tone is that difficult to make people understand??? All'rite, can i ask your help?? Have you sort out finding STM in expect flooding ??.. If not, on heavens sake say NO and let me know!! sounds annoying but such replies add volumes to it. Please give some specifics . thanks
  13. Firstly, I am a new member and played NOLF series with amazing gameplay experience since Max Payne. Okay, have checked help files and few available walkthroughs and tons of search poodles!!...just no ONE has bothered or even have a second thought for giving a good reason whether Spy Training Manual (STM) exists or not, in Expect Flooding???? I just could not find STM and since points (intels) are equally distibuted in both routes (assuming they are!!)..than where the heck is STM in the second route (Expect Flooding)?? Please any one reply and solve this once for all and even let me know whether it is there/not since this route is quite easy and may be a factor of STM's absence. Thank You