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    NOLF 2 Laggy

    NOLF 2 Laggy

    Good news,iv'e managed to get the text problem sorted out.Thanks for all the help. Colin

    NOLF 2 Laggy

    Okay time for an update. The dgVoodoo 2 2.55 worked okay and there was no lag in game with the music.BUT,i now have blocks where text/subtitles should be.I have gone through the options but can't see anything that could help.Do you know how to solve my problem?. The problem is with D3D8.dll file,that is corrupting the text/subtitles. Thanks Colin

    NOLF 2 Laggy

    Yes,i'm running the widescreen patch.I'd like to play the game in 1920x1080 resolution. Thanks Colin

    NOLF 2 Laggy

    Yes i have tried this in various compatibility modes(XP service pack 2 won't launch the game). According to this link it could be the game has problem with music overlapping when guards enter search mode.'s_Way#Audio_settings Thanks Colin

    NOLF 2 Laggy

    Please move this to NOLF 2 Tech help.Didn't see that sub forum.Sorry.

    NOLF 2 Laggy

    Hi I got a new PC and decided to go through soem of my games.When i got to NOLF 2,i was noticing some bad lag.I then found out that disabling the music might help,and i did.No lag at all. I tried to run this codec for NOLF 2 but i couldn't. Is there any way that i can have the in game music for NOLF 2 and no lag?. Sorry if this topic has been covered before. Thansk Colin Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming: ATX, LG1151, USB 3.1, SATA 6GBs Intel Core i7 Six Core Processor i7-8700k (3.7GHz) 12MB Cache Super Quiet Titan DragonFly Heatpipe Intel CPU Cooler 1TB SEAGATE FIRECUDA 3.5" SSHD 6TB WD BLACK 3.5" WD6001FZWX, SATA 6 Gb/s, 128MB CACHE (7200rpm) CORSAIR 650W TXm SERIES SEMI-MODULAR 80 PLUS GOLD, ULTRA QUIET 8GB AMD RADEON™ RX 580 - HDMI, 3 x DP - DX 12 8GB AMD RADEON™ RX 580 - HDMI, 3 x DP - DX 12 Creative Sound Blaster Zx 5.1 PCI-E Soundcard 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 3000MHz (2 x 16GB) 24x DUAL LAYER DVD WRITER ±R/±RW/RAM AOC G2770PF HDMI LCD 27 inch Monitor

    Gear selection question.

    Hello all I started a topic some time ago and i asked 3 questions.One of those questions was what Gear you should select before starting you should select.Now,after some playing i have come up with this list as to what type of bullets the enemy shoots at you.Please note,i have omitted the FMJ rounds and just put all other types of bullet. This guide was done on Superspy difficulty. Key. C = Cyanide. P = Phosphorous. D = Dum Dum. E = Explosive. FMJ = Full Metal Jacket. MISFORTUNE IN MOROCCO, SCENE 1 - All FMJ's. MISFORTUNE IN MOROCCO, SCENE 2 - DD x 2. MISFORTUNE IN MOROCCO, SCENE 3 - DD x 2. MISFORTUNE IN MOROCCO, SCENE 4 - DD x 3. BERLIN BY NIGHT, SCENE 1 - All FMJ,s. BERLIN BY NIGHT, SCENE 2 - All FMJ's. BERLIN BY NIGHT, SCENE 3 - DD x 2. UNEXPECTED TURBULENCE, SCENE 1 - DD x 3. UNEXPECTED TURBULENCE, SCENE 2 - All FMJ's. RENDEZVOUS IN HAMBURG, SCENE 1 - None fired by enemy. RENDEZVOUS IN HAMBURG, SCENE 2 - DD,P x 2. A TENUOUS LEAD, SCENE 1 - P x 2,DD x 2. A TENUOUS LEAD, SCENE 2 - DD x2,P. A TENUOUS LEAD, SCENE 3 - P. A TENUOUS LEAD, SCENE 4 - DD. A TENUOUS LEAD, SCENE 5 - All FMJ's. THE DIVE, SCENE 1 - DD x 2. THE DIVE, SCENE 2 - DD x 2,P. THE DIVE, SCENE 3 - All standard bolts. A MAN OF INFLUENCE, SCENE 1 - All FMJ's. A MAN OF INFLUENCE, SCENE 2 - All FMJ's. A MAN OF INFLUENCE, SCENE 3 - None fired by enemy. SAFECRACKER, SCENE 1 - DD. SAFECRACKER, SCENE 2 - All FMJ's. SAFECRACKER, SCENE 3 - DD,P x 2. SAFECRACKER, SCENE 4 - P,DD. SAFECRACKER, SCENE 5 - P,DD x 2. SAFECRACKER, SCENE 6 - DD x 2,P. RESCUE ATTEMPT, SCENE 1 - DD x 5,P x 2,C. RESCUE ATTEMPT, SCENE 2 - DD,P. RESCUE ATTEMPT, SCENE 3 - P x 3,DD x 2,C X 2. TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS, SCENE 1 - P,DD x 2. TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS, SCENE 2 - DD x 2,P x 3,C,E. TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS, SCENE 3 - P,C. TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS, SCENE 4 - DD,C. LOW EARTH ORBIT, SCENE 1 LOW EARTH ORBIT, SCENE 2 ALPINE INTRIGUE, SCENE 1 - All FMJ's ALPINE INTRIGUE, SCENE 2 - DD x 2,P. ALPINE INTRIGUE, SCENE 3 - P,DD,E. ALPINE INTRIGUE, SCENE 4 - E x 2. THE INDOMITABLE CATE ARCHER, SCENE 1 - DD,P. THE INDOMITABLE CATE ARCHER, SCENE 2 - DD,P,C. THE INDOMITABLE CATE ARCHER, SCENE 3 - DD x 2,P. THE INDOMITABLE CATE ARCHER, SCENE 4 - P,C. A VERY LARGE EXPLOSION, SCENE 1 - C,DD x 2,P x 2,E. A VERY LARGE EXPLOSION, SCENE 2 - All FMJ's. SUCH IS THE NATURE OF REVENGE, SCENE 1 - All FMJ's. SUCH IS THE NATURE OF REVENGE, SCENE 2 - C. REST & RELAXATION, SCENE 1 - DD x 2. REST & RELAXATION, SCENE 2 - DD x 3,P. REST & RELAXATION, SCENE 3 - DD x 2,P. REST & RELAXATION, SCENE 4 - P x 8. What i would like from this list is what to take form the gear selection screen?.Take TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS,that has all the ammo types fired by the NPC's.I guess i would take The Fire Extinguisher for the Phosphorous rounds,but what do the Forum members here think?.Thanks for looking. Colin PS When i picked up the bolts from the NPC divers in Scene 3 of The dive,they were all normal bolts.Strange,because you can pick up the Antitoxin in that level.

    NOLF 2 Multiplayer problem

    It's OK i have managed to sort it out now.Me just being a bit dumb...

    NOLF 2 Multiplayer problem

    Hello all OK i managed to get started with the JoinByIP Tool,and the NOLF 2 started up ok,but then i got the message"Invalid CD key".Yet i managed to install the game OK with the CD key that came with the game.Do i have to go into the registry to alter the CD key,and if so where in the registry would it be?.Thanks. Colin

    NOLF 2 Multiplayer problem

    Thanks sgp.PEPPPER but i cant download the file JoinByIP Tool.Can you give me an alternate download link?. Thanks. Colin
  12. Hello all I am trying get the Multiplayer working on NOLF 2,but i am getting the following message:- Error retreiving latest version information (WS serveRreq NoServersSpecified). I am using AVG internet Security 2011 Can anyone tell me how to fix this,so that i can play online?.Thanks for looking. Colin

    3 questions

    Hi Agent 224 OK,here is the link to the FAQ:- I know about taking Glasses/zip cord/code breaker into certain missions.It's getting hit with certain types of bullet!!.Thanks. Colin

    3 questions

    Hello Thanks for the reply Agent 224.In my playthroughs,i have collected ALL the items in every mission(including Safecracker mission 6,upstairs office!).Have you got to collect all the intelligence items from the missions in 1 playthrough?.I am using Guiler's walkthrough from Gamefaqs for the intelligence items.If anybody could help me with questions 1 & 3 would be great.Thanks. Colin PS i am using the GOTY edition if that makes a difference.

    3 questions

    Hi Blackcatz I have just checked my latest save of NOLF(GOTY edtion).I have got 110 Health & 160 Armour.Maybe this is the extended health bar?.I always thought the health bar should be longer,same length as the Armour bar?.Thanks for the reply. Colin