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  1. Hi I have just finished playing through Contract Jack,and enjoyed it.Although the option to sneak through some of levels,and not get blasted to bits would have been good. I made this guide for Contract Jack which i got from:- http://sierrachest.com/index.php?a=games&id=124&title=contract-jack&fld=walkthrough&pid=1 Now,does anyone know where i can get the manual in .PDF format?.I have the paper manual for this game,but can't find a manual in PDF format anywhere.It seems a bit strange that NOLF 1+2 have manuals in PDF format. Thanks in advance. Colin
  2. Just to let all concerned i got this game working by using a no cd patch,and compatibility mode Windows XP service pack 2+run as Administrator.
  3. Hi When i have been trying to launch Contract J.A.C.K.(compatibility mode Windows 98/ME+run as Administrator),i get the following error message.See below image I have the game patched to 1.1. I thought because i was trying to run the game in widescreen:- https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Contract_J.A.C.K. But it doesn't make a difference if commands are in the command line argument box or not. I have just got this game from the U.S. and would love to get it to work properly.Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. Coli
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