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  1. Cel

    NOLF2 Madness!

    Well I liked your wee video Triggerhappy It shows the fun in coop and the single player maps. Our video was all about NS and the dd scene but this one highlights the relaxed nature and fun of coop. I often think that coop is so overlooked in the Nolf community. But that is the place where the fun is so consistent maybe because of the lack of pressure and competition. Ohh and I enjoy so much playing with mods in coop. It was funny seeing the ones you had there! Cel
  2. Cel


    Lol Onyx Cel
  3. Cel


    Well Moo Those pictures also show wall hacks being used too. As far as I know you cant change the size of the object just the actual skin/colour etc. I guess thats enough though when some have the benefit of those colour changes and others dont. I think thats an advantage.
  4. Cel


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cham_hack I havent any pictures of chams from Nolf except for the custom skins that SparedLife makes which most of you will be familiar with already. Here are pictures of chams from other games that I found searching on google. These are the type of chams that I was posting about.
  5. Cel


    No. The chams in question give the creator/user only the effects. No one else can see the colours they apply and to where they apply them. They may choose to just colour the wallpaper or floors but my concern is that some are using these to colour players heads, guns or other parts that make shooting easier. Well I agree with Blue that they are most commonly being used to give an advantage. Of course we have added chams to our server rules now since we discovered their existence but the problem is some players feel we are stifling their 'creativity'. Cel
  6. Cel


    Hi Everyone I just want to find out how Nolfers would feel if you knew people were using chams in our dd servers? Are they just a form of art? Do you feel they give an advantage to the person using them? We are having a very heated debate in our private forums regarding this matter and I feel its time for some outside opinions. Thank you Cel
  7. Cel


    Well really Blue! Do you have to reply to a perfectly friendly post in such an inflammatory manner? Maybe you dont have a 'life' after all? btw, most of NS are perfectly nice and normal teenagers with very active and happy lives and just make time for a little fun! Please remember that! Cel
  8. Cel

    The Happy Birthday thread

  9. Cel

    Battle of the Sexes: Sign Up!!

    Ahhhh dear, it would be wonderful to have another ladies versus men. The last one was lots of fun! I couldnt stop giggling the whole way through and even though we lost I felt the men were very nice and gentlemanly! Of course I do agree with Bella, it was good the men got to keep their pride! Hehehehe! For me a game like this is all about the fun and not who wins and loses and it was so wonderful that evryone playing felt the same way! Sign me up if there is another; if you ladies dont mind the fact that I'm completely out of practise!! Cel
  10. Cel

    iDesign photoshop community

    Ahhh yes I have joined and it's a very interesting and useful site! I think I may show this to some of my more computer literate children at school. They would be very interested in some of the tutorials that you have there Sander. I think I might even be able to learn a few things as Im hopeless at photoshop and things like that! I still dont know how to cut out an object! Lol!! I'll have a lesson soon at your site! Thanks Sander and Muikkie for the good work! Cel
  11. Cel

    Battle of the Sexes: Sign Up!!

    Yes me too! When is it? Cel
  12. Cel

    Battle of the Sexes: Sign Up!!

    Ohhh yes sign me up too please!! Yayayay!! Ladies versus men Will be fun!!! Cel
  13. Cel

    The Battle of the Sexes!

    Sunday 17th is good for me too!! Cel
  14. Cel

    The Battle of the Sexes!

    Ahhhh yes...there is some truth in that Natter don't forget we also are bringing up families and holding down jobs! Or in my case bringing up two dogs! Hehehe Anyway Im back from down-under, is there going to be a match ladies? Put me down for it if there is!! Cel
  15. Cel

    My "official" hi to all

    Hi Evelyn!!! Good to see you here!! Cel