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  1. ff5pati

    It Just Closed!

    Start from scratch, meaning delete the mod folder and remove the check mark in the customs screen...etc Remember to run nolf then close it, then run the join by ip tool. btw..mine worked the first try *pnx* Pati
  2. ff5pati

    Battle of the Sexes: Sign Up!!

    Alrighty then, sign me up so us gals can show the guys how its done ....lol
  3. ff5pati

    Master Server Down

    Well, Im beginning to wonder if maybe its time to take the other road and just bypass their cdkey authentication somehow so we can play again. Don't you think it should have been fixed by now? Just my frustrated opinion.
  4. ff5pati

    Master Server Down

    Wow Knix.... that response is by far the most unique ever. LMAO!!!!
  5. ff5pati

    Master Server Down

    LOL...the response I got was totally different and included instructions. wtf is wrong with those guys pffft!!!
  6. ff5pati

    Is it worth $9?

    You can also get it a bit cheaper from ebay. I found one there for $4usd. Just FYI At least it will be something to fall back on when nolf2 servers go down. so Im looking forward to playing cj with you all soon.
  7. ff5pati

    crashing in dd

    Thank you Major you saved the day. lol I never thought of turning down the texture quality, so everything is a ok.
  8. ff5pati

    crashing in dd

    Hi there. Well I decided to upgrade my video card today, and now I can't seem to join a dd server. It crashes straight out as soon as it finishes loading the map. It is a ATI Radeon X700 agp. I tried turning down the refresh rate to 60hz and it didn't help. Anyone out there got a clue?!? If I get desperate enough...lol which Im sure I will. I'll just put my old card back in in the meantime. Thanks. Btw. it only happens when in dd. weird eh? its fine under co-op and dm.