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  1. Hello! Well, I've got the NOLF 'bug' again and I really want to play this game! My MDD G4 Mac died a while back and now I have a Mac Mini (Late 2014 model) and I would like to run this game on my new computer. I own both the Mac (but, alas, this won't run on any of the Intel Macs) and the PC versions of both NOLF: GOTY and NOLF2. I've tried mac_mike's Wineskin Wrapper provided here in the downloads area, but that is far too outdated or something: I'm getting the same "X11" error that suppenkasper got on his Mac. I've tried the PlayOnMac app. and, like another emulator I have, it cannot install a 2 CD game. I'm not at all Mac/PC tech savvy and I was hoping that someone here could help me out so I can get this game running on my Mac Mini. Thanks in advance! Mac Mini (Late 2014 model) Mac OS: El Capitan (10.11.6) CPU: 3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 GPU: Intel Iris 1536 MB
  2. Largo

    MAC files?

    Thank you, mike_mac! I have the "full_setup.exe" file from the UnityHQ download page. On the NOLF Modhandler front, I discovered that it really isn't doing a thing for my Mac set-up as far as multi-player maps. I deactivated all of the map files via ModHandler 2.0.1 and later found that I could still access all of the maps on the available GameSpy servers. Later on, I also discovered a way to crash the LithTech engine: by choosing a team preference (i.e. UNITY) and then joining a team match map, the game will suddenly quit after clicking on the mission briefing screen to access the actual map. Once I restarted NOLF, I immediately switched the MP player set-up for team preference to "no preference" and I could once again access all of the "H.A.R.M. vs. UNITY" maps. Sometime later this year I'm planning on purchasing a Mac mini. With "Bootcamp" and the PC versions of NOLF 1 and NOLF 2 in tow, I'll finally be able to join the NOLF multi-player crowd and not be plagued (hopefully) by these current Mac version quirks like those I described above and, in addition, getting the error message "missing diacubical.dat" after exiting certain online MP maps. Most curious, eh.
  3. Largo

    MAC files?

    Thank you very much, Eliteone! I downloaded "The Forgotten Bunker" file and loaded it in NOLF ModHandler 2.0.1 and checked the box for "Specify Command Line" and fired up my NOLF 1 application file. I can't find this "Forgotten Bunker" mission in the level select screen. I'm sorry to go off topic a bit by bringing up NOLF 1 here once again, but this is a Mac thread at least. This may seem like a stupid question, but what am I supposed to be seeing in the game's start up screen and how do I select and run "The Forgotten Bunker" mission???
  4. Largo

    MAC files?

    Hello! I'm posting here for the first time and I'd like to know about any new info concerning running single-player custom maps in both NOLF 1 and NOLF 2 for the Mac. I can't get the two SP NOLF 2 custom maps to run at all since there isn't any way to access them via the start up game interface. I haven't been able to find any SP custom maps for NOLF 1, so I don't know about how they will run on my current system. NOLF ModHandler 2.0.1 seems to only allow me to access maps in the MP mode for NOLF 1.