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    I was going trough all kinds of websites and this came up: Look at the background. Looks familiar?
  2. Come on, it's a joke! I was looking for the pilot picture and that poped up
  3. Yeah, Tulwar is cool. But how about spawning with syanid ammo for the pistol? It's powerful but not too much
  4. Lattia-Wilhelmi

    NOLF 3

    HAH. I was just going through the NOLF pictures I could find with Google. And I found this: Come, tell me what you think
  5. I have a PS1 but i use it so rarely these days... I don't know if anyone even makes games for it PC is much more use of. There's no game that would get me to buy some console. (Especially when Oblivion come on PC too )
  6. YEAH now were talking!!! respawn with 5 nanas and same ammount of beartraps and the gluying gun!!!
  7. I've seen some document on TV that said that when earth get warmer happens this: The polar ice will melt, Then the water that will appear will confuse the Golf-stream, Europes BIG source of heat will be gone, and the heat there will go down bigtime. Dunno if it said anything about other parts of the world coz it was a long time ago since I saw it