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  1. Space shuttle Discovery returnes to earth safe in CA. After what happen 2 1/2 years ago im glade it came back to earth safe, what about you guys.
  2. Dont expect the room to look like that. Iv changed alot around. I made it look alot better and nicer to.
  3. Heres another one, but im going to make the room a little smaller and im going to make the Mr. Jones picture smaller. lmao I forgot the picture.
  4. Ill post another picture soon, and thats probably all Ill post for pictures, since I want the rest to be "Secret".
  5. Heres another one people. Also Cate, and the other AI will beable to play sounds.
  6. ***Go TO THIS POST below to know what this topic is for. (edited by Bella)*** Heres something, not much but its a start.
  7. Well of course, im not going to make something all ready in the game. (besides one part) *P*S*- Im working on a custom prefab now, that could take 5-6 hours to finish.
  8. Is it a good idea to post a screenie of what I have made so far, because others may try to copy what I have made so far. I know theres not allot of time, but I have a idea of what i'm making. Sure I may need to work allot on the map, but I usually stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning.
  9. I'm going enter a map, after I finish it. Currently I haven't even started yet, but I have some general ideas floating around. As you guys know I have released some crappy maps that didn't go to well. Well this time it will be a lot better.