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  1. WineSkin for NOLF (to use on Mac)

    You will also need the PC install discs for NOLF1 (I haven't tested NOLF 2 yet, I should do that!).
    The No One Lives Forever [PC].app — is an Intel Application bundle. This is the Wineskin Wrapper, sans any NOLF game app or data. It will expand to about 120 MB from the 27.7 MB compressed ZIP. You need to right-click this app bundle and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up contextual menu.
    1. Within the app bundle are three things: (1.) a Contents folder (leave that one alone), (2.) a drive_c folder alias (in there directory/folder structures are like Windows), and (3.) the Wineskin app (this is used to install software and set Wineskin options).
    2. You don't need to set ANY OTHER options in Wineskin, except to install NOLF1 [PC] from the install discs as you would for a PC. Double-click the Wineskin app to open it and click the Install Software button. From here an Installer window will appear. Only click the Choose Setup Executable button.
    3. From here a "Please choose the install program" file dialog will appear. Browse to the NOLF install discs and choose the SETUP.EXE on the first disc. If like me, your Mac doesn't have a CD/DVD drive (mid 2011 Mac Minis don't), the install discs could be disc images on your desktop.
    4. I have left the file structure of "Program Files > Fox > No One Lives Forever" in the wrapper, so choose that as the install directory.
    5. The Windows installer for NOLF will start. At one point it will ask for the 2nd NOLF disc (just browse to it in the basic-looking file dialog, it needs some data off it). After that it will ask for the 1st NOLF disc again and the installer will finish.
    6. After closing the NOLF installer Wineskin will think briefly for a bit, then ask you for the EXE for startup. This should be the Nolf.exe (which it may show in the pop-up menu already). Click to confirm this.
    7. You can quit out of Wineskin and close the app bundle folder. If you Get Info the No Lives Forever [PC].app now it should be about 1.13 GB.
    8. Yoy need to find the patch updates for NOLF (to 1.02, 1.03, and 1.04), find those on UnityHQ here:
    Wineskin additional: from this site
    Section 4 - Using Wineskin.app
    4.1 The Installer
    There are 2 ways to install programs inside the wrappers.
    Way 1

    1. Run Wineskin.app and select “Install Software”
    2. Select to choose a setup executable.
    3. Select the install file (.exe, .msi, or .bat)
    4. Go through the normal Install screens.
    5. After the install is done, it will detect new executable files and prompt you to select one. This selection is what will run when you double click the wrapper from Finder, so it needs to be the programs main executable file. You can always change this later in Wineskin.app under Advanced.  
    Way 2

    1. In Finder, just drag and drop the install file (.exe, .msi, or .bat) on the wrapper, or right click the install file (.exe, .msi, or .bat) and select to Open With the wrapper.
    2. Go through the normal Install screens.
    3. When done it will just finish... you must go in Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Configuration tab to select the executable file to run.  
    NOTE: If the Installer is not a viable option for your program...
    If the program just runs and doesn't install, in the Installer you can choose to move or copy the files in the wrapper and not run a setup program.
    If all else fails installing... you can often install the program in Windows, then just move the finished installed version over into the wrapper as well. Just remember if you do this you may need to manually move some registry settings as well.



  2. NOLF 2 NO CD for Mac

    File for Mac users to run without damaging your valuable NOLF2 CDs
    Note: Must have valid Mac version Media to use.
    Hi all and Eliteone!
    I've been away from Nolf and UHQ for awhile, but have popped back now since I have a new Mac mini and started fiddling with Nolf again. I looked in my archives for this crack and discovered the original DMG I had DID ask for a password! Hmmm, didn't see that the first time, and the nested SIT (Stuffit) file was unnecessary. I have repackaged the NOLF2 NO CD MAC patch into a ZIP with only three files. These files are...
    1. The patched Nolf2.app (named "NOLF2 [P]" to show that it is patched).
    2. A hint PDF about the 60Hz setting maybe improving play.
    3. A dummy DMG disc image (no password on it) called "NOLF2 No CD (open with DiskImageMounter)", with the original Mac install disc structure (excluding game data).
    "Ready, get set, GUI!"
    • Playing 'NOLF1 GOTY Ed.' and 'NOLF2 1.3 Retail [No CD]' for Mac!
    • Mac Classic | 1990 vintage! | 4 MB RAM | 10 MB HD | Floppy Disks! | System 6.0.8 |
    • iBook G4 | 933 MHz PowerPC | 640 MB RAM | 40 GB HD | Mac OS X 10.5.8 |
    • Mac mini | 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 | 8 GB RAM | 500 GB HD | Intel HD 3000 Graphics | Mac OS X 10.7.3 |
    • iPad 2 | 32 GB | Wi-Fi | White | iOS 6 |



  3. 1.3 Retail Patch for Mac

    Patch by Macplay distributor of Mac version of NOLF2
    Download contains instructions on how to apply the patch.
    Thanks to mike_mac for providing UHQ the file.



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