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  1. PHNX

    Reunion Weekend?!

    h0p3 wh4+3v3R yA w4n+
  2. Thats me and the lean is clean too Thanks for not saying "rops did this and that" tho Always looks like this but it does matter where you are standing too..sometimes it really looks extreme!
  3. hey it was just a hint, nothing against your ending ^^ I said i dont mind ending if you dont do it every 5 mins while we're having uneven teams Specially when its a really good game its sad if you end so early but anyway just continue, its a part of the game! Naming you bad things for ending is just as bs as calling every leaner a cheat. But you wont stop people complaining completely .. as long as it doesnt get really personally im not upset o0 And i shoot you as soon as its possible to me, dont worrie
  4. Id say.. Go back to your roots if you need to but dont wonder when people arent too happy about you ending the darn map that fast or say negative things Personally i never end the device except in some special reasons.. i just find it stupid to say things like "play the way we did when the game was new, phos like hell, use rockets as much as you can and never lean!!" or "thats the way they wanted us to play it"! The biggest prob is the less players (at least when i use to play dd) and the unfair teams.. its kinda frustrating if you have to play in the biggest noob team trying to defend anything on your own till you get killed once (and some spack comes in and grabs the piece lol).. specially when you dont have instant respawn nor guns but enough fodder for the enemy team. Also its just boring if you play in a team with pros only. I try to balance teams myself too...mostly.. but its real hard to get well balanced teams anyway :/ As for the other sht like leaning or noob weapons...of course it sucks when someone is running around with explos all the time...right, ang? .. or phos over and over. I barely complain tho.. i only fight more hard and maybe i have to phos aswell .. if its a very good player using it..or the whole enemy team Leaning.. is just like ending the doomsday device.. its often annoying but also a part of the game imho! Finally you can overdo both.. if you end the device after 5mins or lean 20mins .. no big difference! What i want to say is .. dont try to set up more silly rules as "you must end" or "you mustnt lean".. just make sure the teams are fair and then just fight! And finally you have to choose yourself how you play! btw nixsa just wanted to joke you lil snake a bit.. like "i agree with you blue " " i agree with you too, lodingi" "nice score, you hit the 50!" "sfi power" now trying to imitate barons style lol .. no insult!!.. just funny (Even if it wasnt baron you have that from ) I guess it was just some nicer way to tell you to be quiet if you dont know what youre talking about .. like calling it cheat everytime i lean only because you suck at it! ^^ *waiting for blue to not understand this text*
  5. ahh so it prevents from being edited only .. i thought it was decrased somehow so.. should i lean just as in the bad movie again but on the anti-server? .. would that stop mr snake from calling it cheat too? o0
  6. Yes play in a anti-cheat server There are different lean settings on the anti-server? wth o0
  7. PHNX

    nolf2 video - bn final

    good video lol Wasnt the best enemy team you could get tho.. most time they have been afk or talking and most of them missed all the time anyway :lol: edit: GO KILLERGIRL
  8. KH Members KH Matches wow .. he must be really good .. he is only one individual but already won two matches!! .. even against sfi in 1970 :D