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  1. wh ydidnt denmark qualify? .. i guess the world ain't ready for a man in womensuit.. ok honestly.. i wouldnt have voted for it either.. but i got the impression of the eastern countries had a deal about voting on eachother.. BAH did you see Apocalyptica playing while they were counting votes.. damn they are so kewl.!
  2. a sign up topic for peeps who wants to be a part of and build a new nolf 2 clan... so they can get together
  3. cool Ill try it sometime... lol with my computer i will be happy if i can host a two-slot server
  4. I think this is very interesting. I can only give my support to this project! Can i tell people in servers who is looking for a clan to go to these forums and sign up here? (or something) Then wel'll find out how many interested players we got out there Im a big fan of the public ventrilo server. What if every clan got their own channel and a single admin (for clan matches)? (And every clan payed a bunch to it.) And one big public channel for everybody - it would bring everybody closer to eachother and who knows.. maybe it even would be amusing? But the VT server cant have less than 16 slots (for matches).. I hope this will be reality! A sign up topic when you are looking for a clan.. wouldnt that be an idea? Aggy
  5. i NEED to be in gals' channel next time! Sign me up!!! ehm when is it? *too lazy for checking previous page* *ehm ok now when i read that sentence im gonna do it* *nevermind* blast.. it was on this page... but it wasnt here though...... bah sign me up anyway
  6. Aggy

    Nolf2 Hamachi Network!

    sure.. do you play arem or ap?
  7. Aggy

    Nolf2 Hamachi Network!

    VI SITTER HER I VENTEN OCH SPILLER LITA DOTA!!! Når mig og mine venner er til LAN hører vi den sang 24/7 whats ur msn? - i wanna beat you
  8. Aggy

    Nolf2 Hamachi Network!

    my friends and i play Dota (Warcraft 3) and CS through Hamachi! It really rocks! Absolutely nice pings! I have no experiences about playing with people from NA, but it doesnt sound too good when blue says the ping can go to 500 :/ cool program!
  9. OH! Natter!!! You missed me singing Master of Puppets!! Too bad In the end i joined the gals channel.. they were alive
  10. Good MATCH!!!! YIHAAAA!!!! When are we playing next time? Im in!
  11. Thank you Goo for the link to Bjarne R. hey Knix, feel free to prove he was doped And last time we a dane won something.. uhm buhm.. OH YEAH!!! The Mountain Jersey!!! Michael Rasmussen!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHA 2nd year in a row... usa...
  12. I knew it.. i knew it... Well he was in Phonak Needle Systems.. it was pretty obvious HAHAHAHAHAH GOOD JOB USA Why did he do it?... its so hard to understand those guys...
  13. Aggy

    It's just NOLF!

    Ok i've accepted that it's ok to jump out of the glue... because the game has been made in that way... isn't that the same about the japanese paperwalls? Of course you can shoot through paper with an AK... just as much as you can jump out of glue Cheating is when people start shooting others through normal walls