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  1. Thank you so much for this fix! Runs perfect now!
  2. Try playing the game in a window. For me it performed much better! At 60fps! But it ran twice the speed... So still unplayable. I was wondering if this occurs in other configurations as well.
  3. I believe it's more about the way Windows 8 renders Direct3D-games in fullscreen, some kind of exclusive mode. If I run the game at 1024x768 fullscreen, I still have the same problem. If I run the game windowed, I can run it in any resolution, at 60fps, but the animations are twice as fast. Looks pretty funny though. So maybe the game is synching to the framerate of the animations in fullscreen or something?
  4. Sorry to bump an old topic, but I'm still trying to find a magic solution here. I noticed that when I launch the game windowed, the game runs just fine (60fps+). Does this give you any ideas?