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  1. Lake Acid & RoofTops

    Hello NOLFers, there are 4 maps available for all of you: The zip-file contains 2 readmes and a big rez file, which is named "LA_AM-RT_3V-141.REZ". The rez has 4 maps in it: Lake_Acid850 RoofTops-TDM330 RoofTops-AM130 RoofTops-DM-RE117 When the zip is extracted just put the "LA_AM-RT_3V-141.REZ" into your NOLF "Custom" folder, start the game. Go to "Advanced" -> "Custom" and add the rez-file to the active rez-files list. All maps contain a lot of custom made stuff like textures, voice-samples, pictures a.s.o. For more information read the read-me's .... Have fun Kyle
  2. hello hello, turn your radio on

    thanks, thank you all for the nice welcome and yes, i've some (contract j.a.c.k.) maps in development (and one or two will be also available for nolf 2)
  3. hello hello, turn your radio on

    hi to everyone, nice to see another good (looking) site for nolfers. years ago some guys told me nolf will be dead very soon, but it is seems the nolf-series is on the best way to beat it's own slogan and lives forever have a nice day kyle