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  1. hey knix how u doin!! yeah game was tough but this is what happens when you play 2 huge games back to back in space of 5 days! players comes out flat! we can still make it to ACC championship game this year hopefully with help of Boston college losing some games whats up with all clans going out of business? I really wanna make a come back to NOLF2 hopefully soon
  2. Clans are gone now?!?! wow things have changed
  3. Azazel

    It's just NOLF!

    Pardon my ignorance but aren't there servers with No cheat thingy anymore ?!?! if there are then why not just use them to play and there wont be any problems.. I don't know whats current situation is because I haven't played nolf2 in over an year
  4. Azazel


    Great Video Sly!! you are one of the best players I have ever played against!! this Brings back the great old memories of Night Crawlers
  5. haha thats some funny pictures in here
  6. Azazel

    When do you play?

    Why such hostility!! n I was not a noob!! I just don't play anymore cuz I graduated from college n have a Job n I dont find enough time to play games!!
  7. Azazel

    When do you play?

    Are you Serious!!!!!!!
  8. Hey there my trainee in Art of Nolf factor lol I will hopefully comeback in fall i am way to busy these days in work!!
  9. It Cost me fortune!! I am poor now :|
  10. Hey onyx!! good to see u too Yes knix Real world is not fun I must say lol btw Sorry for going off topic continue the fights its funny jk
  11. Good for you guys!! keep nolf going!! happy bady
  12. haha there is some funny stuff in this thread
  13. Azazel

    When do you play?

    there shud be an option for "I don't play anymore"
  14. Azazel

    Invasion of da Godz

    LOL no Indy ur not only one!! NOLF2 was the only game I used to play back then. But you should give some new games a try
  15. Azazel

    Invasion of da Godz

    hey Indy!! good to see you! you still playing DM lol ok now I went to what is my IP? website and its giving me this..