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  1. Nolf Custom map pack 2022

    Custom Maps made by various community mappers
    This installer will automatically find your No One Lives Forever installation and put the needed rez file into your Custom folder.
    There will be no trace from the installer when installation is done.
    No uninstall function or registry key.
    To uninstall simply delete 2022_CUSTOM_MAP_PACK.REZ from your custom folder.



  2. Updated NOLF 2 Mappack

    Hello, I've been messing around with the Nolf 2 mappack a little and found a few bugs in there. Fixed missing textures due to special characters in severnaya bunker and Caribbean and added the emma peel map that was missing.
    I also made spaceotters more playable by adding a different more finished version that I had, good idea to have weapons in the map 
    I also managed to shave the nolf2 mappack filesize down to 424mb with LZMA compression, always nice to save space.. (This is both DD and DM)
    The NSIS Installer will find the game and check for the old mappack and ask user to delete or keep it.



  3. UHQ NOLF Mappack - Jan 2019 version

    Nolf1 Custom Mappack Update:
    Added 17 maps.
    This is a updated version of the 2007 Parallel-Universe (PU) Mappack made by Sauron
    Pack now contains:
    * 203 Deathmatch maps
    * 127 Assault maps
    First file is download from primary site. 
    Second file is from alternate download site. Use it if you have issues with the primary site.



  4. Qtracker for Contract Jack

    Unlike Nolf1 and Nolf2 that store the master server info in CSHELL.DLL, Contract Jack uses a file called Gamespy.dll to store master server info. This means that you can alter this file without changing the actual game version. (no mod needed).
    A simple string edit changed the file from looking for Gamespy to instead contact Qtracker and will let you connect to servers without having to use the Qtracker software or windows hosts forwarding.
    Here's a patched gamespy.dll that goes in the Contract Jack base directory. I'd call it beta for now.
    Remember to back up the original gamespy.dll, backups are always a good idea 
    Progress so far:
    - Patched out gamespy urls with qtracker ones.
    - Works well for the joining players.
    - You can use mods like normal
    - Game stays at the retail v1.1 if no other mod is loaded.
    Bug: I had issues maintaining server heartbeat when hosting sometimes, Works like a charm when a player is online but if server is left alone empty for a period of time it sometimes disapear from the ingame query. the Qtracker uplink tool should take care of that though, this could have something to do with how qtracker register heartbeats as as well. Not sure.



  5. Pegasus Mod - Final version

    Large Modification for Contract J.A.C.K. incorporating 20 new maps, new skins and 5 other additions including a jet pack and new motorcycle.
    Created by the Pegasus Mod Team.



  6. Return of H.A.R.M.

    No One Lives Forever 2 - Return Of H.A.R.M credits
    Spawn (www.spawnsite.net)
    Belladonna - Isako
    Canada - Idguard, postguards, old japaneese Professor
    Love - Ninja



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