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  1. New download link.. Including a crappy alpha for the spaceottermap as well
  2. Np:) I might add that the AVP2 tools didn't support the Lta files
  3. Yeah, I bet the import requires a lot of memory.. sure.. I could give it a try Sending a pm with info..
  4. Spawn

    Predator Lose In Nolf

    Hmmm.... "snd/amb/jpnwoodpecker2_1off.wav" That sounds a lot like the predator if I don't remember wrong It is used in the map.. But you'll never know, they might be planning something big
  5. I finally had a look at the maps You've been busy Goo! and I'm surpriced that the big open areas doesn't give high frps drops I guess you've done a good job with the occluders (sorry Spacko).. The idea with the robots was cool, had fun blowing up robots until I was out of zappers, and they ended up zapping me instead.. (I know exactly how you feel Alexa, I was more relaxed when i played fear.. lol) I was able to jump out of the other map through a "almost" nonsolid wall, but didn't survive the fall though Good work
  6. Yep, but only if you have the Lta files for the map.. In 2 ways: 1.) Remove all objects from the map (guns, gsp, disconnect prefabs.. etc) 2.) Export the map from jupiter as .obj 3.) Create a new world in Cobalt and import the .obj but the texture coordinates will be missing (this doesn't work the other way around though, unless you got maya/3dsm and converts it there) The other way: Convert it through Aliens vs Predator 2 or Purge Jihad (a free game that runs on Talon.. yayy) which can port from .Lta to .Ed You may have to clean it afterwards.. (weird brushes and stuff) but you won't have to retexture the whole thing If you don't have the Lta.. then its a complete rebuild More info here
  7. The soundmax chip shouldn't have any trouble with nolf1 as far as I know I'm starting to think that Alexa might be right about the graphiccard.. I used to have a Hercules Prophet 9200 earlier, and that card had issues with Nolf1 and some other games, but I don't exactly remember what the problem was My tip would be.. (wild guess) try the original graphiccard drivers and see what happens (you updated those didn't you?) oh.. 2 weeks left now until the kitty moves in here yayy! I norwegian: Rett vest 9C
  8. The kitty blows up the otter Unless there's a Amod involved of course... Mmmmmm.. step 3
  9. I've concidered AA myself The solution: 1. find a tall building with roof access.. 2. carry the computer up to the top 3. place the computer on the egde of the roof 4. kick it 5. regret 1 - 4 Well.. maybe not a good solution after all Alexa could be on to something though, but nolf2 would most likely run worse than nolf1 if it was the graphiccard/drivers... but you never know and.. Spaceotters are located all over the country, not only in the fjords
  10. Great work Alexa Sorry that I'm late though, better late than never I guess
  11. Here's the 3rd beta of the pad.. hope you're happy now Spacko and Alexa
  12. It's kinda hard to shoot at yourself though, but it might be. I shot in the ground with the expl.arrows, I atleast died then
  13. Thanks 3 hours?? wow I'll see what I can get done tomorrow.. today was wasted on work except that I added a secret that I've been thinking about all day.. (rai rai) I might add. safetynets removes the O2 level if it surrounds water!
  14. Here! 2nd test version
  15. about 5 hours of betatesting! not bad hehe I'm glad you liked it when do you eat? lol
  16. TY! A new and better DD will come though
  17. Wow! that things to do list got long Thanks for testing
  18. We'll see I got a nolf2 DD version ready for testing now Clicky HERE
  19. Awesome info suglylinni I'll look into it, thanks But getting the proportions exactly the same is very difficult concidering, different playerheight and jumpheight..
  20. Doesn't skizzor's link work? he made a converter for that purpose (see the beginning of this post) it renames nolf2's 'LTC' files to 'WORLD00C' and nolf2's 'LTA' files to 'WORLD00A' and I might add that I like mapping for nolf2/CJ a whole lot better than fear, those materials, sectors are giving me a headache lol
  21. Got a mappingspree last weekend, and wrapped together another rebuild. Another well known nolf1map. Now available for Contract Jack The Pad Let me know if you find any bug
  22. Just to answer your question/additional info A very easy way to learn your IP is to visit I use a static IP on my server, but the other computers on the network are recieving theirs from the DHCP server in the router. A example for forwarding would be "" the above address is the hosting computer's internal IP But E1's method should work as well
  23. 2 possible reasons that I can think of.. - Maybe some software uses this folder and won't let you delete a file/folder you just used in some cases (even if the program is shut down) or System protected stuff? if so, try opening a Command Prompt window, then run taskmanager and shut down Explorer.exe You should now be able to delete it by using good old dos commands
  24. Oh! that's what you meant My bad