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  1. about 5 hours of betatesting! not bad hehe I'm glad you liked it when do you eat? lol
  2. TY! A new and better DD will come though
  3. Wow! that things to do list got long Thanks for testing
  4. We'll see I got a nolf2 DD version ready for testing now Clicky HERE
  5. Awesome info suglylinni I'll look into it, thanks But getting the proportions exactly the same is very difficult concidering, different playerheight and jumpheight..
  6. Doesn't skizzor's link work? he made a converter for that purpose (see the beginning of this post) it renames nolf2's 'LTC' files to 'WORLD00C' and nolf2's 'LTA' files to 'WORLD00A' and I might add that I like mapping for nolf2/CJ a whole lot better than fear, those materials, sectors are giving me a headache lol
  7. Got a mappingspree last weekend, and wrapped together another rebuild. Another well known nolf1map. Now available for Contract Jack The Pad Let me know if you find any bug
  8. Just to answer your question/additional info A very easy way to learn your IP is to visit I use a static IP on my server, but the other computers on the network are recieving theirs from the DHCP server in the router. A example for forwarding would be "" the above address is the hosting computer's internal IP But E1's method should work as well
  9. 2 possible reasons that I can think of.. - Maybe some software uses this folder and won't let you delete a file/folder you just used in some cases (even if the program is shut down) or System protected stuff? if so, try opening a Command Prompt window, then run taskmanager and shut down Explorer.exe You should now be able to delete it by using good old dos commands
  10. Oh! that's what you meant My bad
  11. Are you telling people what server they should join and what not to join? neat.. Of course! let me know and I'll be happy to show you around
  12. Don't worry... You'll find IE here To uninstall windows messenger, go to 'add/remove programs' but click the submenu called 'add/remove windows components' and unselect 'windows messenger' at the bottom of the list and hit 'next'
  13. I definatly think the game is worth buying! I'm one of those who paid full price myself, and I'd do it again
  14. To put one thing strait.. As far as I know, fatweiner has never told anyone that his maps couldn't be played on a Uhq/SFI server. He also confims that!
  15. The only thing that is said and agreed is that the mod was supposed to be hosted at the modmembers' sites and NG, and that others could link to the sites.. mainly for easily applying updates to the mod. There was never said anything about not alowing people to host it in servers.. If Fatweiner told you not to host his maps.. that's his decission, not the modteam's decission There are still 19 other maps left
  16. I'm not sure if there will be any more maps in a while, pretty busy with reallife stuff Thanks for the comment though
  17. Correct as alway And the timebombs for DD are lying in the area around the batteries/transmitter, BTW! You'll need the bomb that is found on your own team's side to blow up the wall in the enemy castle Umm.. You got the idea, right? lol SPOT! hehe..
  18. A thought just hit me.. did you specify a surface texture in the polygrid? You can easily make one by taking a screenshot of a spit in the map that you want as a reflection in the water and make it a dtx Thanks, yeah.. it was a early beta then.. missing textures.. etc
  19. I've updated Gothic for nolf2 now, a few bugfixes here and there! Fixes in v2.0: - fixed the lava, it hurts more now.. - Sealed off a spot where you could fall through the map - fixed a missing texture - rebuilt some 2 rooms - fixed weapon & ammo issues Download here Thanks to Alexa for noticing some of them Sorry for the extra trouble..
  20. Thank you for saying so, I'm glad you liked it Thanks for telling me about that spot.. I think I know where it might be.. the rest is done with lighteffects and settings in the polygrid.. You can adjust the transparacy, I used a "alpha 0.700" and there is also the basereflection option.. used 0.500 there
  21. Use a polygrid then give it the right 'dims' and a surface texture.. for sqare areas. if you wanna make it a circle.. Then use a dampenimage as well to decide where the water should be visible
  22. I've ported 3 more maps to nolf2 AQUA descr: Aqua is a water threatment plant, there are pipes going in all directions. Not everything is what it seems, you'll might find a hidden thing or two. The map was originally designed for the pegasus mod. Gamemodes: DM & TDM Download here _________________________ GOTHIC Descr: 2 old castleruins divided by a steaming sea of lava, search and find all the pieces of the doomsday device before it's too late.. Keep in mind that you're beeing watched everywhere, not just by the living! Also a map from the pegasus mod. Gamemodes: DM,TDM & DD Download Here _____________________ CLUBDEAD (remake) desr: Everyone who played Nolf1 will remember this beauty. Rebuilt for Nolf2/Contract Jack, Gamemodes: DM & TDM Download Here Enjoy
  23. Guess it's time to start porting stuff Here's a map called Hall of Odin, originally made for Pegasus. Download here (EDIT) I managed to forget a texture in the rezfile, it's fixed now