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    Return of H.A.R.M.

    Version 1.0


    No One Lives Forever 2 - Return Of H.A.R.M credits ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Creator: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Spawn ( Voices: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Belladonna - Isako Canada - Idguard, postguards, old japaneese Professor Love - Ninja
  2. I'm lurking around still.. Not as frequently as before, but it happens. Homepage is actually there, it just lacks the domain. I was thinking about getting that fixed but haven gotten to that part yet..
  3. New CJ maps Looking good! Had to reinstall and check it out.. The worst part is to learn the basic movements, and how to work in 3d. Its all fun from there
  4. The one from here is wrapped in rar format, just unpack and install by running the installer. if you need winrar, try
  5. Yo Happy Birthday!

  6. I might catch up with you too, got kinda rusty on nolfing skills tho, but I guess you need people to shoot at too:)
  7. That's a awesome looking map Noah
  8. Of various reasons, we've made new mappack in rezformat, this one also comes with an installer/uninstaller. But without a updater function. This system is on hold for now. And since the mappack as it is now requires a own nolf2srv to run, this will make problems for Dan's anticheatfix since his version of nolf2srv.exe relies on rezfiles to work, this is a better sollution. Back to the good old fachion mappacks! Please uninstall the previous version of the mappack for now and check this one out instead.. Its a fully updated rezfile containing all known maps up to this date The installer will automatically find your custom/resources folder but there's also an option to choose a custom installpath. same url as before: Download here content: - Maps - readme file
  9. Checked out the mod, it uses Dan's new nolf2srv.exe so that means we have to do something to the last mappack to adjust it to the anticheat fix.. gonna have a update ready by tomorrow. I'll put the whole thing back into rezformat so that it can be hosted on his server We didn't really count on that we needed a own dedicated server for this mappack
  10. There's an update on clubdead available now if you check for updates, also available in rezform from my map download on the website
  11. What exactly happened? by root folder you mean? and when it comes to clubdead.. it made the server dead again.. Guess removing it from the mapcycle is the best thing to do There's obviously a double resource somewhere. Perhaps i should just rename the whole map to something else
  12. This should work and here's a version of nolf2srv with added support for the mappack. Apart from that it works the same as the original one nolf2srv
  13. lol! hope this does the trick then The new nolf2.srv works exactly the same way as the old one, except that i also loads the mappack folder. I think that you can use the old one too, and just add -rez mappack to the commandline but I won't guarantee that it works Yeah.. let's talk about that in a few years, when I finally figured out how to do that
  14. There's a new version of the mappackinstaller that is uploading at this moment.. This will take about 2 hours to complete. this release will include a new dedicated server and a possibility to choose a custom installdir during install. For the ones that has already downloaded the mappack, check for updates to get the new dedicated server
  15. Yes, the nolf2srv.exe will also seak out the rezfiles, and it skips the mappack folder. A update is added to solve this problem for those who already downloaded the mappack This will be added in a new version of the installer, along with a custom installfolder selection.
  16. The installer is looking for the "installdir" key in the Nolf2 registrykey. then alternate c:\programfiles\fox\no one lives forever 2\.. but if it doesn't find nolf2 in the end of the line, it shuts down.. A way to fool this is to actually put a nolf2.exe at the default location.. or just fix the registry key. By making a new .txt document and fill in: that will indicate that nolf2 is installed in D:\Nolf2 or in E:\some folder\nolf2 Then save it as a .reg file.. and doubleclick it to add it to the registry But you're uploading via ftp maybe? and running the server from commands as well? then you cannot run the launcher and the updater i guess.. So I think a ordinary zipped rez updater or something could be made as well, or you could install it on your computer first and then upload the mappack folder from the nolf2 directory to the server and add -rez mappack in the commandline.
  17. Ok, it should be ready to use now, Ura & Spawn's .. ... Mappack This is a Custom mappack and it could be the last big mappack you'd ever have to download. This package comes with a new launcher and a updater. So when you click 'check for updates' in the launcher it will start a updater that goes online to check for new maps and will download/install what you don't have. This mappack doesn't use the custom/resources folder, but you can still add rezfiles manually to that folder The mappack comes with a installer, so all you need to do is to download and install it just like any other program. This also means that it will uninstall like any other program, if you choose to uninstall it, then all updates is uninstalled along with it. Download here
  18. The build is under testing now, hopefully there will be a result within this weekend Me & URA is still working on improving some features
  19. It is a awesome map you got there, good job:)
  20. Spawn


    My list would be: 1. Brush!! - Studying a weird poly/brush over here. 2. StandStill! - err.. so that i can hit you. 3. Hul hul HUUUUUUL!!! (mime laugh) (good one trigger:) 4. Beerbreak! - Need to get more beer. 5. hm... do we really need more? that covers it for me
  21. If you take a look at the index page on my website, you'll see icons for the latest updated mappacks for CJ as well as the other games. They're rezzed up by Sauron over at just click the downloads, and choose the game you want the mappack for and download.. You won't get lost in that website for sure
  22. Heh, they've said that CJ is dying for 4 years now. Its still running tho.
  23. The new version of the INC2007 map is out for testing now, I'll be running a server for a little while. The previous version contained bugs and was only a DM map. This released supports TDM & DD mode as well, and should be bugfree. Download Here