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    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    METAL where are u m8!? i havent seen u in ages :S now i saw a post by u it means ur alive but where u are! ^^ :l
  2. Bronzé

    Bad news!

    is nolf2 dead now or not? i dont practically play nolf2 anymore but i do have MEMORIES & GOOD TIMES in my mind Thank U!!! hopefully we'll meet eachother in some other game or is there already some other game ppl play?
  3. Hey, been not that bad. : )

    I am yet designing for now. lol Making my way to the building it. :P

    Then hosting. ^_^

    I wish you good luck with the exams & I would've wished you a good luck with the driving lessons too, if you wasn't that good. :P

  4. Hows life? :P

    Did you got the exams? : )


  5. Bronzé

    Lag like H***

    haha, u lag more than me!
  6. Bronzé

    Subbing or dubbing?

    yeas sure u got good points there m8, btw dubbing brought some traumatic voice compared to the character into my mind ^^ i mean ive seen many horrible & failed dubbings, but this had to be one of the worst; when i was in Croatia 2 or 3 years ago, everything was dubbed there, then on one morning i happened to see this one cartoon show, there was raccoons, lions, monkeys etc animals speakin wit diff voices, the speaking on diff animals had been done pretty well, ( u kno that the dubbed talk and the movement of the mouth stopped usually at the same times and so on) except for 1; there was this youngster elephant (=non grown-up) who had a voice of a deathmetal singer or somethin, haha, like it was wayy to shallow n scary voice for a cartoon, and didnt match wit anythin at all lol it was sad
  7. Bronzé

    Subbing or dubbing?

    I prefer subs 100%; lol i hate dubbing more than anything else.. they did it in Croatia when i was there, every single friggin program, dubbed! honestly.... it was drivin me nuts.
  8. Bronzé

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy BDay Jaq! I doubt ur not even around anymore, would be cool to see u someday. Hope u have a g1 man, wherever u are!!
  9. ahh damnn!! <3<3<
  10. Bronzé

    Post Your Picture

    LMAO RXS Yeah nice pics Nova and aa very nice pic of the weddings Everytime
  11. Bronzé

    Post Your Picture

    yess that is a nice one
  12. Bronzé

    Post Your Picture

    Heyy there, u play nolf2? never seen u be4 if u do. yaa nice pics
  13. Bronzé

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy BDay Tid! Hope u have a g1 m8!!
  14. lol nvm i know what i meant...

  15. Looking for something ? ;)

  16. Bronzé

    Post Your Picture

    Apox -_-' Taken 23rd August.... For those who my looks is still a mystery, an updated pic anyway. i'd like to have some cool effect also, ehh
  17. Bronzé


    Hey Martin, Welcome. Hope u have fun
  18. Thx for coming m8. ^^

    I dunno exactly how & Dayni r about nolf, but I understand u. :)

    Thx again m8, I rly had a lot of fun. xD

  19. hahah, he's doin pretty good ^^ Muaa :P how about rosanna? haha jk

  20. Hows Pepe doing? hahahaha jk ;)

  21. muuuua im nervous for tomorroww :D

  22. lol wow, damn u too, for reasons i cant mention here ^^ hehe mua