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  1. Hey, been not that bad. : )

    I am yet designing for now. lol Making my way to the building it. :P

    Then hosting. ^_^

    I wish you good luck with the exams & I would've wished you a good luck with the driving lessons too, if you wasn't that good. :P

  2. Hows life? :P

    Did you got the exams? : )


  3. lol nvm i know what i meant...

  4. Looking for something ? ;)

  5. Thx for coming m8. ^^

    I dunno exactly how & Dayni r about nolf, but I understand u. :)

    Thx again m8, I rly had a lot of fun. xD

  6. hahah, he's doin pretty good ^^ Muaa :P how about rosanna? haha jk

  7. Hows Pepe doing? hahahaha jk ;)

  8. muuuua im nervous for tomorroww :D

  9. lol wow, damn u too, for reasons i cant mention here ^^ hehe mua

  10. hehe yea yeah keep pretending u dont know ;) Ill get u for that in the end :P

  11. Just to let u know.. u owe me something. :P

  12. Toni, why u swim so much? Stay still for a sec! :P

  13. LOl i mean its 12:33 am, duh! *brainfart*

  14. Its 12:33 pm, and im not sleepy, gr im so bored -_-

  15. hehe i used to talk a bit like them, yea, my sister too. :)

  16. :P how ya dooing... lol i loved beavis and butthead.