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  1. is there a server version from nolf2 aviable or what i have to upload?
  2. Hmm. do u have MSN messenger? Can u contact me? auge3399@hotmail.com I have ICQ, Yahoo, AIM too, when u like one of these more.
  3. Now i have servers with "Windows 2003 Server Standard" What i have to do now? I realy know nothing abaout that I hope erveryone can help
  4. I like the S-Grenades from Mod18 ;-)
  5. hehe good thing.... i cant this but i wish much fun for the others. hmm... there are many good maps, i downloaded x00 MB, but nobody use the custom maps ( and maybe nextime unity makes a dd custom map contest. ) Good luck at all =)
  6. Yeah good idea, i hope that this can change something. i´m nr 11 =)
  7. Hi, i have a server that i don´t need, but i dont know if it works with nolf2 So what should i do to make the server ready for nolf2? I dont mean a dedicated server, when i must start my pc ...... The server have: Prozessor 500 MHz Ram: 256 MB HDD: 15 GB OS: SuSE/Debian Traffic: ~ 250 GB (its enough for nolf?) Maybe i can make or not
  8. Hi, what i have to download? all mods or only the latest mod?
  9. My upload is 385 kbps (3072 kbps down) but i use 256 kbps in the game and it works fine (ping is 100 :-/). Whats the different?: DSL (High) 256kbps Cable 256kbps