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  1. i have a result of 1,9 from germany :-P
  2. =NS= Aries


    Hi, i have a very very small website about NOLF2. www.HwTw.de (mettentown.de) This site is in german and for german newcomer they dont know how to play DM, TDm and DD (install the MP). And I steal some Pictures from this site *lol* I hope i dont go angry so i can add my own screens. This site is nothing for player from here, more for players in Co-Op missions. Maybe in the future i add more thins (forums etc.) when people want it (germans)
  3. =NS= Aries

    Tech Help with servers

    is there a server version from nolf2 aviable or what i have to upload?
  4. =NS= Aries

    Tech Help with servers

    Hmm. do u have MSN messenger? Can u contact me? auge3399@hotmail.com I have ICQ, Yahoo, AIM too, when u like one of these more.
  5. =NS= Aries

    Tech Help with servers

    Now i have servers with "Windows 2003 Server Standard" What i have to do now? I realy know nothing abaout that I hope erveryone can help
  6. =NS= Aries

    Favourite Weapon

    I like the S-Grenades from Mod18 ;-)
  7. =NS= Aries

    UnityHQ Mapping Contest

    hehe good thing.... i cant this but i wish much fun for the others. hmm... there are many good maps, i downloaded x00 MB, but nobody use the custom maps ( and maybe nextime unity makes a dd custom map contest. ) Good luck at all =)
  8. =NS= Aries

    NOLF 2 Petition

    Yeah good idea, i hope that this can change something. i´m nr 11 =)
  9. =NS= Aries

    Tech Help with servers

    hmm ok...
  10. =NS= Aries

    New Mods

  11. =NS= Aries

    Tech Help with servers

    Hi, i have a server that i don´t need, but i dont know if it works with nolf2 So what should i do to make the server ready for nolf2? I dont mean a dedicated server, when i must start my pc ...... The server have: Prozessor 500 MHz Ram: 256 MB HDD: 15 GB OS: SuSE/Debian Traffic: ~ 250 GB (its enough for nolf?) Maybe i can make or not
  12. =NS= Aries

    New Mods

    Hi, what i have to download? all mods or only the latest mod?
  13. =NS= Aries

    Servers vs Player

    My upload is 385 kbps (3072 kbps down) but i use 256 kbps in the game and it works fine (ping is 100 :-/). Whats the different?: DSL (High) 256kbps Cable 256kbps