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  1. YAY!!!! Good luck on your final! See you next week :)

  2. blahgahaha Funny you should mention that... I FINALLY installed WInAmp, and started listening to music. Well, it was ticking me off whenever I heard any NOLF2 music (because I've must of heard them THOUSANDS of times) So I moved the folder Actually, there was an ACTUAL CD, because the folder has the cover art! I know someone here or somewhere gave it to me, but I couldn't remember if my life depended on it Uploading now! There ya'll go!
  3. It seems that much of Europe is like that with their strays When I was in Greece last year, I came across sooo many strays and people were getting mad at them for going up to them! I work at my local Humane Society SPCA as an Animal Health Tech, so I did things such as shots, bloodwork, tests, and medicine Sadly, I also had to assist with euthananazations whhich BTW are COMPLETELY HUMANE, as the animal feels NO pain!!!! Anyway, the ONLY ONLY reason for us to put down an animal was if it was too late by the time it got there (we do have veterinary resources, but they arent always available every minute) ANYHOO, yea so Im a TOTAL sucker for strays After school, i walked to our library, found a cute dog wandering around, people just petting him and walking away, and im like WTF people sheesh just take him to the animal shelter (BTW there IS a difference between an ANIMAL SHELTER and the ANIMAL POUND! Most SHELTERS are nonprofit and not associated with the city, so they can choose which animals can be recieved and which can not. also, many have a "no-kill" policy in which NO ANIMALS are put down to make space in the shelter. HOWEVER, animal POUNDS are usually assicioated with the city, and do a lot of euthanazations because they NEED to make room for more animals, and they usually hold the animals for only 3-5 days. some are nice, but some pounds are TOTALLY DISGUSTING. sometimes, we go and rescue animals from the pound, and let me tell you, you do NOT want to see what I have seen!!) annnnnnnway, back to rescuing I also found some kittens under our schools air conditioning unit, so I took them as well, though they were a bit mean, but hungry, so I bought them fajita tacos from school allllll in allll, check around and look at your local animal shelters. most likely you would be able to volunteer there and help them out! trust me, we need all the help we can get! BTW if anyone has questions or something, Id LOVE to answer them!!! (hhaha Im an aspiring veteranarian! ) -Chris
  4. LMAO Kitties!! YUUS!!! No stun gas though, I think I go through a mini seizure whenever someone hits me!