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  1. Another person who plays Sniper Elite! Awesome!
  2. Music - Mudvayne - Just discovered them, love their style, music, and lyrics. Movie - Aeon Flux (I don't really watch TV or movies all that much ... ). Book - The Crucible Series. Otherworld Series. Kushiel's Dart Series. The Troy Game Series. Many many many others (Yes, I read a lot.). Computer Game Gameplay - Far Cry = Awesome graphics, realistic weaponry system, realistic weapons/damage/enemies/locations. Playability - Unreal Tournament 2004 = A gajillion different things to try what with about 8 different modes of gameplay along with the multitudes of different mods that servers are running in each mode of game play. Replayability - Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour = So many things to try out and do, both in single player and online. Dissapointment - Half-Life 2 was very dissapointing and so was Battlefield 2, not counting the fact it wouldn't even recognize my video card. But the most dissapointing game was Dungeon Siege 2. It was very different from the first one, both for single and multiplayer, and it was changed so much to be like Diablo II that they lost sight of what Dungeon Siege was all about and it totally ruined the game. Lately I seem to be playing all the olden games, like Final Fantasy Three, Codename Eagle, the Hexens and Heretics, etc... They certainly don't make games like they used to *sobs*.
  3. Will here be a NOLF3? (Only question I care about.)
  4. 1) What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being in peace with myself. 2) What is your greatest fear? Not making it through college. 3) What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Stubbornness. 4) What is the trait you most deplore in others? Being judgemental, if that's a trait. 5) What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Being nice. 6) On what occasion do you lie? When it will help me or the other person in some way. 7) What do you dislike most about your appearance? Nothing. 8) What is your greatest regret? None. 9) What or who is the greatest love of your life? Family. 10) What is your current state of mind? Peaceful. 11) What do you consider your greatest achievement? Getting into Purdue. 12) What is your most treasured possession? Computer. 13) What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Feeling suicidal. 14) Where would you like to live? Arizona, or someplace in the desert. 15) What is your favorite occupation? Something including math and/or physics and/or computers. 16) What do you most value in your friends? Willingess to accept other's views. 17) Who are your favorite writers? Sara Douglass. 18) Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Wolfstar. 19) Who are your heroes in real life? Parents. 20) What are your favorite names? Azhure, Djinn. 21) What is it that you most dislike? Stupid people, judgemental people. 22) How would you like to die? Quick and easy, no sitting in a hospital hooked up to some machine to prolong my life.
  5. Wow. This is so off topic is insane.
  6. If marshall law says you will be shot for looting, and you loot, and get shot, who's fault is that? And whoever said that the police/army/whoever should talk to whoever's shooting them first, that's just crazy. When people go to war, should they yell "Please don't shoot! We don't wanna be shot at! Think of all your other options!" and such to the enemy? I think not. If someone shoots at army/contracters/whatever they are most definetly not wanting to chat.
  7. Well hasn't this topic flared up. I say if someone is looting a city that has just been hit by a hurricane, and attempts to harm or kill any body they else, they can be shot for all I care. As for some of you saying this and that about the US gov't, and how good it is/bad it is, how many of you are educated beyong just the news shows that all owned by one person, Rupert Murdock? How many of you do other research? Say, 'underground' research, that wouldn't have to please a big news corporate. Something that wouldn't have to be changed to please the gov't. How many of you who support/bash US gov't/Bush get both sides of the story?
  8. The US is so slow because they don't have any army people to come help, because they are over in Iraq busy conquering and taking over the country and trying to instill their own rule. They had to call in the reserves just to help with the hurricane. I woul donate, but I've heard too many things about the Red Cross, that leads me to not trust them. Plus I have no credit cards or checks or anything like that, only cash.
  9. Hm, ok. You can just delete that post if you want to, doesn't serve much purpose here...
  10. Wanna see bad. Go here... *link removed by Bella* Death in a Box is me, Devil is someone who randomly decided ot start picking on me in and out of game, and trying to kill me, Slayer is KYA, the former of the SS who betrayed the SS, broke the alliance with their ally (my clan) and then left right after to join the Assassins, Devil's clan. Just a little to help clarify the people there... Read that, and then you can see the abuse I have to go through on that site. Its so bad, I'm not even going there anymore, and soon, I'm leaving that server too.
  11. The point of a default weapon being a low weapon, is so people can't immediately respawn and anhiliate the other team. Also, it tones down rushing just a tad. Silenced pistol would be great for me. But any other low guns is good too. If you get too high of guns, even the shotgun or smg, caos erupts.
  12. Same here. But you guys should see Diablo 2. The bad people have become so common, that everyone no longer shares and divides the loot, they all just click madly and try to get what they can. Its really kinda sad how people have become there. Usually I just stand there and watch, shaking my head...
  13. You can pretty much tell how a person is by the way they talk and act online. If they mouth off, and piss people off, then I'm betting that they are just like that in real life. Thus, you are how you act.
  14. You guys think some people are bad in NOLF2, go to a game where people REALLY REALLY care about the game, like Diablo 2. People will join a game where you are trying to kill a boss, rush ahead, and kill it him/herself, so you don't get the quest, and then laugh. I find myself quite often in that game nowadays making passworded games so moronic idiots don't join up and steal all my loot. Whenever a boss in that game is killed and loot is dropped, its not divided; everyone just clicks madly and tries to get it all, not sharing one bit. Out of all the games I've played so far, Diablo 2 has some of the worst people in it. But it also has some very nice people too.
  15. Boo for alcohol, yeah for punch. (by Juicy Juice, man I love that stuff)