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  1. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    I am pretty sure I have all the map packs installed for NOLF 1 and I can't get in to the mini_bathroom map. Where do I get some of the other maps people are playing? Ok so I found them online at some other site. thanks
  2. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    Ok so I did a fresh install. Still the same thing for nolf 2. I have all the .exe files to runs as admin. and in compatibility mode for windows xp. I still have the same issue. The launcher will show nothing after a refresh 98% of the time. Eventually I might get it to actually go through the 21 or 22 servers is seams to refresh. It's so odd. My windows xp machine works with it every time. It loads those servers. I guess for now I'll stick with nolf 1 until I find a solution.
  3. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    I've done that and I've even gone to it's properties to permanently set it to run as administrator. I'm thinking I'm going to reinstall nolf 2 to see if that fixes it.
  4. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    I can't see the servers of nolf 2 in game. Only from the launcher. Now I've noticed something. I have an old windows xp machine that I just hooded up that already had nolf 2 on it. I installed the launcher and the servers show up every time. On this machine, which is windows 7, it take maybe 8 tries before I might get the servers to show up. Can I uninstall the launcher and reinstall it, if that would help? Not sure how to get this computer to work better with the launcher.
  5. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    I have a questions now that I can get in and play nolf 1. I was playing with my son and I don't remember having a limit on the amount of weapons you can have. It seams as if any server we were in we could only carry around 3 weapons. Sometimes it would auto switch (we had it on) and then the weapon we had would not even be in our inventory. That's odd to me and I don't remember that ever being an issue in the past. Or do I just not remember correctly?
  6. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    Yeah, thanks, I found that the launcher for nolf 1 works better than the nolf 2 one. Although in game shows way more servers active than from the launcher. The nolf 2 servers from the launcher take a lot of refreshes to even show up for me. In game it shows invalid cd key even though I have 2 of them. I'm guessing because of the master server shut down. It would be nice though to have it like nolf 1 and see them in game.
  7. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    Ok so I've found the problem. I didn't see the new launcher for it. I was going in game and joining the servers from there. Nothing worked. After I installed the launcher I could get in. The launcher only showed 1 server active, but if I go to in game and check the servers there are tons. I can then get into most of them. There were only a few that I can't probably because I don't have the maps. All is good. Now to find when anyone is playing. These servers seam to show up instantly compared to the nolf 2 servers. Is there a way to get Nolf 2 servers to work in game too?
  8. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    1.004 is the version I'm on.
  9. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    For nolf 1? I will try to just use the main one and see if that works. I have Fox.rez and Nolf1_mp_final.rez or something like that. None of the maps work. Same errors. I've tried using the maps from the download sections. Maybe I have the wrong ones.
  10. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    I see it i'm missing .dat files on custom maps and the others I think it the cshell thing going on.
  11. mimi

    Cshell.dll error

    On some maps I get the same error. I can now see all servers within the game, but I can't join any because of that error or because of my version isn't the same as on server or missing .dat file.
  12. Is there a reason why most all the time the servers will not show up? Only once in a long while they will show up after a refresh. Not only is it hard to find times when people are playing, but if the servers never show up I can't even check to see what's active so I can't play. Is this something I'm doing wrong, or does this happen to everyone? I finally got in again. I was sitting waiting just because and then I get kicked or banned from server.
  13. Thank you so much, that worked. I had to refresh the servers 3 times before anything showed up this time, but once they did I was actually able to get it. That is awesome. Thank you all for getting this to work even part of the time. Now to just find when people are actually playing. Long live NOLF.
  14. So I refreshed the servers tonight and they worked. It looked as if I could join a game this time with the mod installed correctly, but it crashed and said something like client MFC application failed or something like that and crashed. It did that a few times and now the servers are not showing up again.
  15. Ok so I figured out how to get my Custom folder to display. I wasn't putting the mods in their own folders within the mod folder. Now I can select the mod. Do we have to figure out which mod to use depending on the server? Or are there lots of mods within the "livesforever" mod? I'm still trying to see if I can get in a game. So far most of the time the refresh button will not show anything.