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    Nolf2Fear 1.5

    Nolf2Fear 1.5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Nolf2 and F.E.A.R. share the same basic engines and editors, I decided to make a program that will transfer and copy the Nolf2 Prefabs and place them in the Fear prefabs folder. All of the transferred and converted files WILL work in W-Edit! What it does is copy all of the prefabs from the Nolf2 directory (which should auto-detect) and places them in a new folder in the FEAR Prefabs directory. Once there, it converts all the .ltc and .lta files into .world00a and .world00c files. It has been tested several times, so there shouldn't be any hesitation to use it. Just make sure you backup your old maps in the Nolf2 directory first. If Nolf2Fear does not find your installation directories, find them yourself, and make sure the boxes in each section lead to a /Prefabs directory before hitting 'Convert'. This will NOT change any of your files in your Nolf2 directory. Once it is done, open up W-Edit, click on the prefabs tab, and then click on Nolf2_Prefabs\Prefabs, and they should all be there. The pictures work too! http://nolf.edgegaming.com/files/pafiledb....tion=file&id=14
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    NOLF2, Now broadcasting in...

    1080P HIGH DEFINITION...(thanks to tax returns) Thought this was pretty awesome. Got a Samsung 40" 1080P HDTV and decided to try it out with no other than Nolf2. Running at 1920x1080 at 60hz. Click on the pics for full-rez.
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    NOLF2, Now broadcasting in...

    Haha, I have a PS3, which is why I don't play Nolf2 as much. I think using this as a regular PC monitor is kinda overkill...but it just looks too freakin' awesome. I can have it in dualview so my regular PC monitor (under the TV) can display my regular desktop, and then have something else running on the top (game, dvd, wmp, etc.) from the PC.
  4. [WR] SkiZZor

    The Russian Rampage roof glitch

    This here be the roof in question.
  5. [WR] SkiZZor

    SIXAXIS Controller in NOLF2

    For the console gamers out there who would rather have the feel of a controller in their hands, this is for you! The PS3 SIXAXIS controller has a mini-USB connection on the top of the controller, and it was only a matter of time before someone released a driver for Windows XP. The link is below for the download. http://download95.mediafire.com/gcrexdjwvw...m/GameSaike.rar Install that, and run the program. Then hook up the controller and press the PS button to enable the USB connection. Windows XP will recognize it as a Game Controller. Go to Control Panel >> Game Controllers to calibrate the axises and to verify that it is working. The only negative is that the motion control does not work--but its unnecessary for FPS's anyway...on second thought, it would be cool for leaning. It does take some time to get used to. I have the controller fully working in NOLF2 with the right analog stick for running and strafing, and the left analog stick for looking around. I am still experimenting with the controls to find the best combo. This really should work with any game out there since Windows and the driver for it is recognized as a Game Controller.
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    Reunion Weekend?!

    *Removes cobwebs from keyboard* Good idea Bella. I'll be there.
  7. [WR] SkiZZor

    lol ST lol

    It's the end of the world as we know it.
  8. [WR] SkiZZor

    lol ST lol

    Hardy hardy har har. Anyway, good times.
  9. [WR] SkiZZor

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To Everyone, LOL !!!

    Merry Christmas! [/pathetic attempt at saying I'm back]
  10. [WR] SkiZZor

    Stop making servers!

    Okay, so I wanted to go on Nolf2 just to see if there was any activity at all...and I am greeted with a 2 minute wait on the 'Refreshing List..." screen as the master server tries to bring up all of the servers being hosted. When it finally does load, I see 3 empty working servers...and 25 servers with a ping of 65535. If the person who is making these servers is reading this, I beg of you to stop. Your servers DO NOT WORK...SO PLEASE STOP TRYING. If you want to host a mod just to see how it works; make a LAN server. If you are trying to host an internet server; make sure that you have the ports that Nolf2 needs to use are open. If your server does not work, shut it down, and wait for it to disappear off the list before trying it again. And actually change some options before trying to rehost a server. Thank you.
  11. [WR] SkiZZor

    Cheaters Never Win

    Interesting. I'll look into this. Edit: The IPs from Death on the {BAB} forums match the screenshots above. Strangely enough, Death posted a complaint on the forums about [WHC] Gangsta and accusing him of cheating...
  12. [WR] SkiZZor

    It's just NOLF!

    And plus, what cheater is going to join an anti-cheat server.
  13. [WR] SkiZZor

    It's just NOLF!

    Just to clarify myself, I was not talking about people editing their files to increase the leanangle. That is a blatant exploit, and I do not think anyone is dumb enough to use that cheat anymore now that it has been publicized. Even though leaning is part of the game, I still don't think it is fair when players abuse it (e.g. when they line themselves up with the corner where they are impossible to be killed, but they can kill with ease). I think the game developers were a little off on the leanangle setting, and it should be decreased a little more. When you think about it, when you look around a corner, your head should be visible in relation of what you see. This is not true with the leaning that I am talking about. I think that possibly the server admins should experiment with different leanangle settings to make the gameplay more realistic and enjoyable. I know it is just a game and it isn't meant to be the most realistic thing, but it would be a lot better if the players view went hand in hand with their physical position.
  14. [WR] SkiZZor

    It's just NOLF!

    In his post he said: I thought that kinda implied that the lean-glitch was a bug. I understand that it is not a hack, but I think it should be treated as a bug since it is an unfair advantage.
  15. [WR] SkiZZor

    It's just NOLF!

    Just want to point something out here... You are saying that all these things (including the uber-leaning) are called bugs...so shouldn't exploiting these bugs be unfair/cheating? Going in the woods is a bug, getting on a roof is a bug, getting off the map is a bug; and you can get banned for those. I guess some players just have selective opinions on what a bug is. A bug in any game is classified as giving yourself an advantage unfairly over other players in the game. When you lean like that in the game, you are giving yourself an unfair advantage for the following reasons: 1) You cannot be seen by other players. 2) It is near impossible for other players to injure/kill you. 3) The leaner is able to see a vast amount of playing field. 4) The leaner is able to kill other players without being detected . No matter how you look at it, it IS a bug. It is a graphical glitch in the game which can give you a far higher advantage over the other players. If uber-leaning is allowed in the game, than why shouldn't all the other bugs be?
  16. [WR] SkiZZor

    Stop making servers!

    Thanks a bunch.
  17. [WR] SkiZZor

    Stop making servers!

    I have FEAR, I hate it. I didn't know that this was a master server issue. But after a few days of it being like this, I guess it is. Anyways, I believe that all the lagged out servers in the list have a great impact on the pings of the working servers. My ping used to be 15 or so in the {SFI} American server, but now it is around 70. Is there anyway that the list can be cleared out by contacting them or anything (even though the efforts are probably in vain?)
  18. [WR] SkiZZor


    Great video man. You are undoubtably one of the most respectful and skillful players in Nolf2. You tought me a great deal since when I was a noob just ready to join a clan ([WR]) . I'll probably see you around though in Nolf2 again. You may try to uninstall Nolf2, hide the CDs from yourself, throw your CDs in a fire, but even still, you always find yourself coming back for more. Thanks for all the good times, SkiZZor
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    The Euro Server, how it will effect the game

    Even though I previously said that the Euro server was a good idea, I take it back. Its great for all of the Euro people, BUT, when I actually join the server, 95% of the people are Americans. Players only join the server with people in it, and that is usually the Euro server. I think a majority of the Americans have become aware of the random lag issues and unregistered shots that should have went through that didn't (e.g. when you clearly shoot someone in the head many times, and you see blood...but no damage is done and you usually end up dying on the reload.) If it could be done, I think that having the Euro servers up every couple days or something...or just have the Euro server up during peak times when the Euros play. Probably impossible, but no one plays in the American server much anymore, and now we are getting the raw end of the deal As for the cheating debate that this thread turned into, I'm not going to get into it for various reasons .
  20. Suns clobber Lakers, advance to second round / Associated Press Posted: 7 hours ago Just found this pretty amazing for the Suns to win after being down 3-1 in the series...and then winning by 31 in game 7 to advance. How 'bout them Lakers?
  21. [WR] SkiZZor

    Who plays in the Euro Unityhq server

    I play on it, but not willingly (ping). Only if it's the only server that has players in it. I like how it gives the Euros a better shot at the Americans with a much closer ping range.
  22. [WR] SkiZZor

    Server Not Responding

    Maybe your firewall blocked traffic from that port?
  23. Many people on here have display resolutions that do not work with Nolf2, or look very stretched out while playing. The editing of display.cfg file is a temporary solution, but the picture still looks very stretched out and unnatrual. OrzMarine from TGF posted a reply from a thread on Nolf2 resolutions with a solution to this problem, and it works! His post is quoted below... Steps to make your Nolf2 work with widescreen or custom resolutions. 1) Open 'display.cfg' under C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\ 2) Change the value 'Screenwidth' and 'Screenheight' to the resolution that you desire. 3) Save it. 4) Open 'autoexec.cfg' under C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\ 5) Find the setting 'pvmodelfov' by using the Find function in Notepad. 6) Change that value based on OrzMarine's post. 16:10 = 78 16:9 = 86.67 5:4 = 60.9375 Here is a screenshot from my 1680x1050 display to show how changing these options make Nolf2 fit your screen and display undistorted. Current known display errors by using this option are the following: - Won't work for cutscenes - Unable to see what you are typing after Say:.
  24. [WR] SkiZZor

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Unfortunately I am dying right now since I ate waaaaaay too much food at Lone Star. It was worth it though. Happy belated birthday to everyone else in here.
  25. [WR] SkiZZor

    faster ping

    What is this "FastPath" that you speak of? And where can I get it?