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  1. Wiky

    poop2(working title)

  2. Wiky

    CJ server up 6.12.08 6pm pst

    gunna try out ura's wep test 10 over the next few hours if anyone wants to join.
  3. come join the fracas!
  4. Wiky

    The Brady Bunch

    Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"! If you want you can email me the section and I'll rebuild it for you and send it back. It will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. When you get sparklies like that, look for a T junction somewhere on that wall. This polygons on the left illustrates a proper polygon joined together. The second group of polygons shows a t junction. The processor will try to to split that top polygon to make it look like the first image.
  5. Wiky

    The Brady Bunch

    Hey awesome looking map. Tons of detail! The line is sometimes caused by the processor splitting up the polygon there due to it intersecting with another polygon not on one of the corners. You wont see anything in the editor because the game is splitting during the compile process.
  6. Wiky

    Pegasus Night Wed Oct 10th 530PST

    Thanks URA! And thanks Elite, I saw the server up last night.
  7. Wiky

    Pegasus Night Wed Oct 10th 530PST

    We missed ya! Mad props to everyone who showed up last night. I'm going to do a bit more tonight as I missed a few maps. I'll look for the documentation tonight and see if i can find the command switch for ya. Thanks Elite!
  8. Wiky

    Pegasus Night Wed Oct 10th 530PST

    Elite, bell where are yall?
  9. Wiky

    Pegasus Night Wed Oct 10th 530PST

    Canada has a server up right now, i'll be in his until I see yours elite, then i'll switch. Thanks!
  10. Wiky

    Pegasus Night Wed Oct 10th 530PST

    YGM Elite. Thank you!
  11. Wiky

    Weird sound problem

    Trigger, It's basically my fault. That was the first time I used custom looping sound not originaly from the SDK. It was from free music off the internet. The problem is, it wasn't compatible with all sound cards. I should have tested it out on a few more systems before releasing ETE. I fixed the problem by taking the sound out in my ete for CJ. But those songs added a lot of ambience.. I missed them in CJ!
  12. Wiky


    Grats on working with dedit, it's a lot of fun but also an incredible challenge. My hats off to anyone who's built something with it. Hey Bella, dont give up! I'm an artist too, once you get over the intial 'how to's' it becomes less techinical and more artistic. Plus you have great mappers out there that are still alive in the community that can help. Spawn is on all the time, and now i'm back on msn. Trigger, Map is looking good my friend! Let me know if the loading pic is still bugging you. I used to use PSP to fix my loading screen pics. it had to be the right size. look in the orignal documentation and follow that word for word.
  13. edit - title says 530 pst, it's actually 6:30pst Hi everyone, I'm putting together a Youtube video for the Pegasus mod and I'd like to get at least 5-12 people to play this Wednesday, October 10th at 630pm US mountain standard time 530pm Pacific Standard time. Also if you have fraps and can record some footage of us flying around, blowing each other up, and riding harleys -I need your help! I'll be frapsing but any extra footage from another character would be great. you'll be able to upload files to my site for inclusion in the 'trailer'. Also I will be attempting to setup my own server, but if anyone can sponsor us for a few hours and host on a kick butt server, I would appreciate it. You need CJ version 1.01 and pegasus mod found here http://www.spawnsite.net/downloads/?page=download&file=Pegasusmod_final&ext=exe Thank you in advance! PS I hope to see everyone there.
  14. Wiky

    Question about a command

    to use the switch to open the door In the switch open command msg door0 trigger in the close command nothing in the door0 properties close automatically on and close wait time 10 to auto open it from the inside place a trigger and adjust the dims to the right size. in the trigger properties msg door0 trigger also for time between triggers, (forgot the name of the property) on the trigger, make it like 5 seconds and change number of activations to 0 so you can trigger it infinitely.