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  1. Sly

    Nolf2 Download

    hey bella. good to see you still playing!
  2. Sly

    Nolf2 Download

    could you email me the link?
  3. Sly

    Nolf2 Download

    Whatsuppp natter and onyx. I heard lodingi is playing I have to come put him in his nolf2 place jk hah.
  4. Sly

    Nolf2 Download

    Anyone know a link for Nolf2? I want to play again without dealing with torrents or ebay, always was good times. I would appreciate it a lot..
  5. When is the best time to play? I want to play doomsday preferably not alone if you can tolerate me?
  6. Sly

    Server Funding

    where can i send money to? i don't have a bank account set up with paypal.
  7. Sly


    IMO they dont give a person an advantage BUT THEIR NINJAS ARE BRIGHT GREEN or something of that nature....yes yes i know but in the end it doesnt matter trust me on this is all matter on what your eye is use to and how long you have been playing
  8. Sly

    Video January-February 2008

    The crosshair is what im comfortable with and I am 100% sure that team is all legit on the SFI side.
  9. gf hf
  10. Sly


    qq means cry
  11. Sly


    Where has metal been? Have not seen you on at american times anymore your making me QQ. ps. Video is almost done
  12. My history teacher who has a doctrine in history. There is legit proof for almost all of them, hell look at John F. Kennedy he was getting with Marilyn Monroe.
  13. every president except 2 have cheated on there wife bill was just the first one made public while in office on a large scale
  14. Sly

    New Tag

    The nickelodeon tv show. Come on Bella I thought you had kids.
  15. Sly

    New Tag

    Does it bother you when I do not use correct grammar? Takes way too much time for me to take my time adding periods. Oh yeah, Bella I driva slow in the fast lane. I am something else. =) *pokes Bella harder*