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  1. aw614

    Still here

    I need to start playing again, been busy on weekends, I've been playing the single player of nofl1
  2. aw614

    Rest in peace my friend

    RIP natter
  3. aw614

    CO-OP server full!?

    it works now. thanks
  4. aw614

    CO-OP server full!?

    I had the same problem yesterday, I guess I'll try it later to see if it works
  5. aw614

    What you been up to?

    I actually still have mine the tyco super blocks bucket?, from the early 90s when I was 5, or so. But its all mixed in with my regular legos.
  6. aw614

    Client MFC application error

    thanks! it works now, good, now I have a backup source to play
  7. aw614

    Client MFC application error

    I've been using that launcher to select different resolutions, strange thing is even on regular 4:3 1024x768, or the other wide screen options, it crashes out only when I play DD, all other gameplay modes it plays fine.
  8. aw614

    Client MFC application error

    update, I found this thread on another site related to blood 2 which is also from monlith it seems on DD maps for NOFL2, it does not like higher resolutions, since I tried it at 640x480 and 800x600 and was able to get into DD without an issue, but it does not like anything higher wide screen res or 4:3 res such as 1024x768, will try to disable the additional cores on my other systems to see what happens, Gotta get nofl2 working on another system, since my single core xp laptop is having weird issues after 30 minutes of playing. 800x600 is acceptable for now...
  9. aw614


    yeah unless its a holiday or some random day off on a weekday, weekends are the best if you are in north america so about twice a week, would love to play more though
  10. aw614

    Client MFC application error

    ugh getting this error on windows 7, will be trying to look into it as it only happens when I choose DD and using the NOFL2 client program, but CP and single player work and deathmatch work using Multiplayer Launcher & Server Mod Beta 0.3.1 I probably should install it properly next time to see, as I installed normally using my cd, then copying everything else in from my XP computer I play on.
  11. aw614

    Getting the Games

    I ended up bidding on ebay for my copy of NOFL2 for like 8 bucks shipped, well worth it.
  12. aw614

    What you been up to?

    Ended up having veterans day off today from work, so was able to play today
  13. aw614

    What you been up to?

    work and more work, not too bad of a job, and I like the 8 to 4:30 work schedule, but I'd really like to play more NOFL2 online other than just weekends, since I'd like to get better, but its fun. That reminds me I should probably use my vacation days that wont carry over
  14. aw614

    hello fellow nolfers

    Yesterday around 5pm to 6pm US EST time there was like 6 people already in the game, just have to keep checking using the launcher.
  15. aw614

    hello fellow nolfers

    hey, I was "player" you played coop with in the server.