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  1. I have recently obtained a massive (well 150gb) hard drive for my computer. The result: I can now have a reasonable amount of games simultaneously installed including NOLF2! Sometime in August 2010 I was forced to remove NOLF2 to make space on my 38gb hard drive for other games (Oblivion I think) but I am now looking forward to returning to regular-ish 7:00 matches. See you guys in-game soon
  2. Zig13

    Hello World!

    Yeh, sorry I haven't played for ages - have some seriously important coursework to do and also removed NOLF2 from my Desktop for space (I only have a 35GB hard drive ). Will probably be back in force in September thougth!
  3. Zig13

    Return of H.A.R.M

    Wow that is very cool! Could do with being somewhere more prominent...
  4. Zig13

    Return of H.A.R.M

    just come across this thread but none of the links work and it isn't in the download section.. Is there any new info/ne hosting location.
  5. Zig13

    NOLF Soundtrack

    Unfortunately has apparently been removed for not being accessed in a long time...
  6. Zig13

    Doomsday Maps Used

    Okay, thanks. Just to verify, where do I put the rez file once I have downloaded it?
  7. I have the two official map packs and the unity HQ map pack and yet occasionally on map change or when I attempt to join the server I get the error 'unable to load world resources'. Are there any other maps I need?
  8. Zig13

    Is this community alive?

    I hope so...
  9. Zig13

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    Hi there! My name is Thomas but I use Zig13 (I came up with it when I was 12 for the first site I signed up to - Lego.com but it has unfortunately stuck) most anywhere. Looking to have some multiplayer fun on a game that both runs on my computer and yet still has a community . Hope to see you online soon!
  10. Zig13

    Hello World!

    Bought NOLF2 recently pre-owned from gamestation for £2 or something. Had previously played the demo for NOLF (loved the belt-buckle grappling hook) off a PC Gamer disc as a classic demo and had heard good things about it. Generally loving the singleplayer but thought i'd give multiplayer a shot. After going through the necessary steps I joined the server only to find it empty However, my little muck-around was enough to get me exited! What would you say the best time to come on at is (bearing in mind I am in the UK)? Zig13