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  1. have you tryed windows xp sp2?? i always run nolf2 with that compatiblity
  2. eh.. sorry to get entrance on this conversation.. but do you want a mod including 8 players? and sp missions and coop ones togedther in multi?.. if you want i can try (making the players >.<' it should be easy xD)
  3. i never catch you online x.x how will i help you ??
  4. can i have your email so i can explain you the AI Patroling? and some commands? i think i can help you with that...
  5. BlackCat

    3 questions

    oh i can help you in all nolf1 missions you must pick up all inteligence items in every mission but becareful that in nolf1 conversations in unity for train gadgets there's some items you can get into the conversations... so thats it.. you must get all items of the missions so you will get extra armor, extra health, extra ammunition, etc.. for example i have 110 of health and 130 of armor by picking up the inteligence items =D i hope i could help you.. best regards BlackCatz
  6. only programing it :/ he told me but i dunno programing even he i think xD
  7. that's not possible.. neo just told me xD
  8. btw does anyone know if i can attach a sound on the snowmobile when driving it away? in dedit? =)
  9. does anyone wants me to continue this mission? xD im not the best but thats all i made for now.. if you like it.. give me new ideas perhaps i can create some new cooperation maps Click Here to see the new mission for coop mode
  10. i think that i can help you if you are using windows 7 try to run it with compatiblity to windows xp sp2 and running as admin (the game) and i think all goes normal... =) i wish i could help
  11. hello im trying to make a map as i said, a race with jump parts with snowmobile.. i allready added the jumpvolume to snowmobile but when im going to test i allways get killed when i arrive floor xD how can i fix the kill ? i dunno how to stop the falling when arriving the floor.. (like in the sp mission of siberia.. the jump of the way to that house abandoned... ) anyone can help me please???