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  1. Wow KX, dont you get enough "your funny" compliments to boost your above-average-New York-ego? I get none, .
  2. Blue STFU on the spelling part already, give it up. Also, Sly is friends with AE and me, but im only friends with Sly, i hate AE...FYI. Sly looks at skills over anything in a clan so BN was WR were the best in his mind. No one here needs to argue over what was the best clan because well be here all day.
  3. Yeah because maybe some people like Skizzor are too lazy to edit or have too much of a life. Oh well, Sly doesnt like forums...
  4. Nah, Fac...i thought wed lose before but now i have my secret-weapon!!! Slyguy! hes in, sign 'em up KX. (yeah...he left BAB) Oh and FF5 are good Fac, you straight trippin'
  5. It puts an evil grin on my face to think im wanted dead I said it looked cute...Jimi Hendrix is overrated BTW...not sure if you were reffering to him For Operation Publicize NOLF2 i suggest Moody volunteer, hes not doing much with with his miserably-cold life except wander the streets of the internet.
  6. I never really liked those Jackass, Jackass copycat, Jackass copycat, etc. shows and stuff, their pretty stupid and the guys that do that stuff need some intence-therapy..i realize thats not supose to happend but you get the point on the video....
  7. NOLF2 needs free publicity to get more people to buy it.. I suggest somebody makes some Cate por no and claims Sierra made it.. or maybe kills themself with a suicide note stating that NOLF2 made them do it, for the second one it needs to be someone with no life and im looking at alot of ya..
  8. Heh, not sure if my schedule will allow me KX.. buuut ill give it a try IF none of those KH idiots join, their annoying as hell and b**** all the time... so sign me up
  9. About time you Monkey Weirdos came up with a good idea..
  10. Fac, you cant rely on your sports skills to keep you in college/university Ill is going to suck...bring some coats and mittens, and chances are youd be accepted here, too.
  11. WTF ya want to go to ill-noise for? it sucks over there...heh, we wouldnt want ya to stay in cali anyway!! congrats
  12. I said it would be funny only because i would think SFI already gives their SFI members a choice to what game rules they want on the SFI server, thus my "pointless" comment. My KX post was a joke, i do not think hell ban me for being from LA, no whining here either. My last comment was me suggesting to all the SFI-haters who come here once in awhile and read the forum as guests to register here/log in to vote. Again, no whining. Anyways, KX, i suspect that your confusing me with Factor. AN INSULT!! I think i would win no doubt on the Worst NOLFer of the year award. Damn proud id be.
  13. Bella, my point is very clear. I do not think there are any hackers in this game because i have not seen any and your post made it sound as if you knew for sure there were hackers, i wanted some names of the people who hack is all. Food, great idea.
  14. Be funny if Natter wins...hes in sfi It would kind of be pointless I hope KX doesnt win because hes going to ban me just 'cause im from LA Although i bet the voting would be a bit different if all the SFI-haters came out of their little clan caves and registered/visited here to vote.
  15. >FoXSy<


    CC's NOLFWorld server is by far the best...but, i suggest you make the point total to win at least 50, first it was 40, now 20? thats very lame because the map is over too quick. Other then that i have no complaints because there is 0 lag, i can actually play NOLF2 to my full potential and win every map in the rotation just to have all other players b**** at me on how i am only winning because my ping is lower then theirs... ...