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  1. I forgot the mappacks! I've downloaded it and it now works perfectly. Thank you so much! Does anyone still play online? I've tried that solution. I've done what the readme file says to do, but when I'm loading a mission the game freezes and crashes
  2. Thanks a lot. Just one more question: I can't enter the online servers. I have the correct mod selected however it keeps loading forever. Is this a common issue?
  3. I downloaded the NOLF2-Setup available here. However I'm still having the same issues. I can't seem to find any dgvoodoo2 file in the game's folder. Do I need to do anything besides installing the game through this setup?
  4. Hello everyone, I decided to play NOLF2 single player again however I'm having some problems actually playing it: Resolution: I've download the full game from nolfrevival.tk and I have the LivesForeverPlus mod which allows me to change to bigger resolutions however, there's some problems. First of all, it doesn't recognize my main GPU. I'm forced to play with the integrated graphics card from the CPU. Then, when I change to the resolution I want (1366x768) I cant see the full HUD and subtitles when playing. Black screen: This is problem I had when playing NOLF1 too which, for example, when I get poisoned my screen just turns black and I cant see anything but the HUD until it ends. I apologise if there's already a solution wrote anywhere in this forum but I couldn't find it and was just wondering if any of you could help. Best reggards, Gonçalo