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  1. NiteSnipe

    Master Server Update 6/20/05

    I've tried with it on and with it off. Same effect.
  2. NiteSnipe

    Master Server Update 6/20/05

    The servers were working for me last night perfectly fine. They just stopped today. Yeh I have a router but I don't think it has a firewall and my ports are opened. edit: and when i join through gamespy or another, it says invalid CD key... idk?
  3. NiteSnipe

    Master Server Update 6/20/05

    Not for me, as of 10:21 AM June 21st it says WS_connabort or whatever again.
  4. NiteSnipe

    NOLF1 Graphics

    The Pad would definitely be cool.
  5. NiteSnipe

    How do you open ports?

    I seriously doubt it.
  6. NiteSnipe

    How do you open ports?

    I did that a long time ago... apparently thats not a problem then?
  7. NiteSnipe

    How do you open ports?

    just tried that, when i type in the IP and my username and password, the page never loads.
  8. NiteSnipe

    How do you open ports?

    I have now been getting this error also That one and the previous one seem to switch off and take turns. yay. previous one
  9. NiteSnipe

    How do you open ports?

    Norton and btw thats kinda pointless because my windows firewall is always turned off.. but thanks anyway
  10. NiteSnipe

    Nolf 2 Master Server Issue

    I tried that but it always says I have an invalid CD key when I try that.
  11. NiteSnipe

    How do you open ports?

    Tech support replied back to my issue finally. They told me to update to the latest patch (which i told them i already did) and to open port 27888. I would assume its open because NOLF2 multiplayer used to work for me, but I figured id give it a try. Anyone know how to open ports?
  12. NiteSnipe


    software firewall and that was turned off, i have XP pro.. i dont think i have a firewall from them
  13. NiteSnipe


    I disabled my firewall and tried it, still didnt work.
  14. NiteSnipe


    BUMP this still has not been fixed and would really appreciate if anyone who had an idea would let me know or not (really really pissing me off [the error])
  15. I'm just ragging on the California court system really, I honestly don't give a crap about Michael, especially compared to some of the other cases that California courts let get by on innocent and what bullpucky ones they find guilty and award some lazy ignorant 'wookie' huge somes of money.