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  1. Old Salt

    Duty Report

    I keep getting inconsistant download sizes, i.e. 90 MB, 154 MB, 155 MB, 229 MB. All corrupted. What size is your file?
  2. Old Salt

    Duty Report

    Four. Can you open UNHQ_Mappack to check if installation package is corrupted?
  3. Old Salt

    Duty Report

    No. I get the "Unable to load World Resources " message every day.
  4. Old Salt

    Duty Report

    I tried to log in both days but kept getting, "Unable to load World Resources " messsage. I downloaded UnityHQ DD Mappack twice! Each time I opened it I received this message: "Unable to decompress: installation package is corrupted". Eliteone, can you check this file for errors? Thx.
  5. Old Salt

    Win 7 Unable to patch to 1.3

    I'm having the same problem with XP.
  6. Old Salt

    Duty Report

    Would have been there. But, I was reinstalling NOLF 2 . Update v1.3 wouldn't show up. Got v1.0 instead. Nor would "Custom" Folder. I was MIA a few weeks due to PC crash. Good now. Hope to see you all tomorrow.
  7. Old Salt

    Unity HQ coop server

    Please add the second Underwater Base map to the Co-op server. We'd like to finish the level.
  8. Old Salt


    Please add the second Underwater Base map to the Co-op server.. We'd like to complete that mission. THX.
  9. Old Salt

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    Yes, 8:00 P.M. CET. Been waiting for you ONYX! I was away too. Lodingi, Hugo & Stormwatch have been playing.
  10. Old Salt

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    I was on yesterday for half an hour..no one there. Server wouldn't let me join today. Was away from my PC for a few months, couldn't post. Back now..good to be back.. Happy Birthday HuHuHugo!!!
  11. Old Salt


    Please remove the Siberia map in CO-OP. It's preventing the server from advancing the maps.
  12. Old Salt


    I built the machine in each map. It's quicker.
  13. Old Salt


    I went through all the DD maps. There were none added and none removed.
  14. Old Salt


    Our daily players.
  15. Old Salt


    We elected to add these maps: Carribean Leaving Los Alamos Snowed In Thanks