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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This may be a bit late but I did have a norespawn mod from a long time ago. To get it to run, just load it like any other Nolf 2 custom map or mod. There are a few caveats to running this mod in single player but you can read all about those below or in the included extra-info.txt file. Here's how you turn respawns off: 1. Install WinRez LT Studio 2. Run WinRez. Open an existing file and select GAME.REZ. 3. In WinRez, select the ATTRIBUTES folder and extract AIGOALS.TXT. 4. Create a folder called 'nospawning' in your No One Lives Forever 2 directory, then create another folder called 'attributes' and put this inside the 'nospawning' folder. The folder structure should then look like this: 5. Open AIGOALS.TXT, and delete the lines below '[GoalSet9]', up to and including 'Goal5 = "Menace"' (leaving '[GoalSet9]' there). It should then look like this: [GoalSet8] Name = "Guard" RequiredBrain0 = "Default" RequiredBrain1 = "Tulwar" RequiredBrain2 = "Bystander" RequiredBrain3 = "ViewMaster" RequiredBrain4 = "Police" RequiredBrain5 = "Terrain" IncludeGoalSet0 = "DefaultRequired" IncludeGoalSet1 = "DefaultBasic" Goal0 = "Guard" Goal1 = "Sniper" Goal2 = "Work" Goal3 = "Menace" [GoalSet9] [GoalSet10] Name = "SuicidePatrol" etc Exit AIGOALS.TXT and save. 6. Move AIGOALS.TXT to the 'attributes' folder. 7. Go to the Desktop, right-click on the NOLF2 shortcut and select Properties. Add ' -rez nospawning' (minus the quotes) to the end of the Target command line, so that it looks something like this '"C:\Games\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe" -rez nospawning'. 8. Play the game. IMPORTANT: After completing Chapter 8: The Art of Murder "Crossfire", you must remove the ' -rez nospawning' from the end of the Target command line before playing through the next level, The Art of Murder "Invisible Walls". Respawns are required in this level because Armstrong won't open the exit until a certain number of enemies have been dispatched. The Target command line can be changed back to ending in ' -rez nospawning' once "Invisible Walls" is finished. You'll also need to do the same thing after completing Chapter 14: Endgame "I think we should presume she's failed" and before playing through Endgame "Man-Handled". The Target command line can be changed back to ending in ' -rez nospawning' once "Man-Handled" is finished. The only minor problem with this method is that you'll occasionally encounter some 'lobotomised' henchmen. They just stand there and don't actually react to you, but can be killed if you shoot them. These enemies are the ones that would've respawned if respawning is enabled. They'll only appear once, and this doesn't affect the regular i.e. non-respawning enemies, that you encounter. So all it means is that you have a few easy targets to kill, if you wish. Otherwise, just ignore them. This is a small price to pay, and the lack of respawning means that you're finally able to play the game stealthily, since you don't have to worry about taking your time on a level, sneaking around and then getting shot in the back.
  2. This may be a bit late but I did have a norespawn mod from a long time ago. Hopefully it's attached to this post. It's a gzip file so you'll need to unzip it before running it in Nolf 2. To get it to run, just load it like any other Nolf 2 custom map or mod. There are a few caveats to running this mod in single player but you can read all about those in the link
  3. QTracker seems to publish a list of Nolf 1 servers registered with them here: Maybe they could be combined at least on the client side to show both UnityHQ and QTracker master lists. It would be the best of both worlds ! But it's already June and GameSpy still seems to be working. Maybe they were just kidding about shutting everything off ...
  4. Wow, thank you so much for finding that! It looks and works just like GameSpy with just few few host file entries Now that we've got 2 new great Nolf 1 server browsers to choose from, nobody needs you anymore GameSpy but thank you for giving us so many years of good Nolf memories!
  5. The Mac version is just like the Windows GOTY version so it has "Rest and Relaxation" but doesn't have any of the other levels
  6. I just sent it along. I hope it works ok.
  7. I already have a Mac Nolf2 no-cd binary but I've tried this file and also got prompted for a password.
  8. Right, FIX016 helps protect against a few different vulnerabilities in the Lithtech engine that were causing grief and crashes in Nolf 1 servers about 5 or 6 years ago. The fix will only work on Nolf 1 since it's based on Nolf 1 code and not Contract J.A.C.K. code but the vulnerabilities are most likely the same ones.
  9. Unreal-based Postal2 has recreations of Fastlane and Rebar from Nolf1, but those were the only ones I've ever seen.
  10. They should be under Options -> Controls -> Weapon Hotkeys but I'm not sure if this is true for all versions. * Edit ---- sorry I see you've got it figured out
  11. I don't post an awful lot, but I just have to say ..... WOW those are fantastic !!!
  12. I have a mod that does that, but I can't get it to attach to a PM as it looks like attachments are disabled. You can PM me and I can email it to you or I can send it to one of the admins here and maybe they can put it in the "Downloads" section. Whatever will work best for you ....
  13. I think port start, port end, and port map should all be set to 27888/UDP if your game server's on the default port. has quite a few examples of setting up game server port forwarding on a variety of different routers. Nolf isn't one of the games, but you might be able to use one of the others as a guide if you found your router there.
  14. There are a few server sided mods around that change attachments on the models. The Lunacy Mod is one such server sided mod that alters most of the characters. I've haven't seen a client side mod that does the same thing yet, but maybe there is one someplace.
  15. Inside one of the rez files for the game there's a regular text file that lists all the skins for the various models. This is the file that gets altered and ModelEdit isn't used. Some people make some really nice skins, but dressing up like a ball of grass or a pile of bricks probably wouldn't be too good ...