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About Me


My name is Seng, "Alicia"

I founded UnityHQ with Belladonna (Laura) back in 2003 (Holy **** we've been at this for a long time now lol)


I also founded the SFI clan (SFI got into the NOLF games which led to this site being created).


I the founder of the ThunderLotus guild in the Aria server in the ArcheAge MMO.


You can also find me playing The Secret World MMO in the Cerberus server as founder of the Dark Omen Cabal.


I go by the name of Sarya "SaryaZ" Sino, part of the Dragon faction, Kito "Siaang" of the Templars and Sierra-Jo of the Illuminati for The Secret World.

My character names in ArcheAge are Saryasino and Sirisino

I also enjoy Fortnite and Apex Legends upon occasion.


I spend my other time with this site, real life activities and maintaining the NOLF2 game servers.

I still find time to get in a game of NOLF2 from time to time.

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