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  1. Where did you install the game too? directory? Also can you check the version of the lithtech.exe file?
  2. Added the new version to our downloads.
  3. What is being reported in your Windows event log for the crash?
  4. Are you running it in Windows compatibility mode? Should be run at Windows XP SP2 with administrator rights.,
  5. You may want to reach out to their support people if you're having issues with the version they are hosting. We have a version here on our downloads that you may want to give a go to.
  6. Glad you got it sorted out. Your error message never appeared in your post.
  7. I've added it HERE for downloading as well. Nicely done.
  8. Can you post your computer specs? If memory serves this is a Direct X issue. Do these steps to confirm your version. Press Windows button + R and type in dxdiag This should open the DirectX diagnostic Tool Under the System tab, make sure that the DirectX version is 9.0c or later (download and install the newest version of DirectX from Microsoft website)
  9. Try running the game in windowed mode.
  10. I added a link to the GameServer list at the top of the forum in the menus.
  11. You're running it in compatibility mode (Windows XP SP2) ?
  12. How many files had you download prior to this one?
  13. Depending on your video card you could cap the framerate using the control software for it. Unfortunately we have no control over the versions over on the other revival site. Have you contacted their support staff? We have added the DGVoodoo to our particular build of NOLF we offer here (The GOTY edition) As far as the stream not sure if someone at Twitch support would have any ideas as these are pretty old games.