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  1. Eliteone

    NOLF 1 Multiplayer

    I'm not familiar with their version. For specific questions about their download you should probably reach out to their support forum. If you are trying to connect to our (UHQ) NOLF 1 server then the message would be from custom maps we run there. We have mappacks in our downloads that contain the maps we run on our server.
  2. Eliteone

    NOLF 1 Multiplayer

    Either you don't have the map running on the server or you're not patched to the latest version.
  3. Eliteone

    Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    June bump!!
  4. I updated to it and ended up having to install my Nvidia drivers again before NOLF2 would work again. All is good again.
  5. Someone at http://www.sierragamers.com/forum might know. Long time no see. How have you been.
  6. There has been some reported problems getting older games to run with the 1803 build of Windows 10 that was released in April. If you decide to update to it try out all your older games right away. If you find issues right away you can use the rollback feature to return to the previous windows build provided you don't wait too long to do so (I believe it only gives 30 days to rollback)
  7. Eliteone

    Issue With Gear Loading at the Beginning of Mission

    Not sure about the NOLF version from their site. Have you tried their support? No one has reported any issues like that with our version.
  8. Eliteone

    NOLF GOTY widescreen Linux WINE

    Nice. 😎
  9. Eliteone

    NOLF Mouse jittery

    I'd start HERE
  10. Eliteone

    NOLF 2 CDs (PC) and media

    You can set it on both the setup.exe and the launcher. Nolf2 was made in an era when programs needed more rights to parts of the OS that are locked down on Windows 10.
  11. Eliteone

    Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    BUMP!!!!! This fund keeps the forum and downloads going to.
  12. Eliteone

    NOLF 2 CDs (PC) and media

    The original discs have problems installing on Windows 10 due to the installshield legacy files no longer being in Windows 10. Have you tried compatibility mode when you run the installer? For kicks I fresh installed the installer tonight on a Windows 10 Pro laptop running the recently released 1803 build without any issues.
  13. I couldn't interest you in sharing your edited file?
  14. Eliteone

    Forum upgrade

    Yeah it's an issue with the forum's theme. There's a fix in the works.