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  1. 1.3 Patch error

    Be sure to right-click the update and run it as administrator. Also check to see if you have the game installed in a non-standard directory.
  2. Sending messages laced with profanity insulting the site founder/s about not being able to download as many files as you want in one session is the sure way to get banned from here. One person did this today. If you would like to see more open bandwidth for downloads then please pitch in to help me keep the site up. Since I've been personally covering a good portion of the costs of keeping all this up I've had to make some choices to keep the costs acceptable to me. I have pleaded, begged etc. over the years and I am tired of having to do this. It is disappointing that people have the nerve to complain about something that they haven't contributed to in any way. I would like to be able to keep this place up for along to to come for all fans of the nolf games. I have limits though to how much rudeness towards myself any of the site moderators that will be taken.
  3. Patch 1.1 download

    Search hamsters must be on break? I assume you found it though?
  4. Another way with Nvidia cards is run it in windowed mode. Good write up
  5. nolf 1 - windows 10 - wont start

    Easy solution = Download the NOLF Goty Edition from HERE Harder solution (may or may not work) HERE
  6. Welcome itgeek

    Or grab the GOTY media from the downloads as it will install to 64 bit Windows.
  7. Can't download game files.

    I unfortunately can't control the internet in other parts of the world. Maybe you can try downloading it through a proxy to mask where you're connecting from? I unfortunately can't afford multiple download silos as I am personally covering the financial shortfalls when the donations don't cover the expenses. You are correct that if you download from a non SSL site you have no guarantee what so ever that the site hasn't been compromised.
  8. Trying to connect to Nolf 2 servers Problem

    So what . are you referring to?
  9. Can't download game files.

    Not sure why you two are having an issue with the NOLF files. I just confirmed again that the files are downloable etc. Make sure you don't have anything running that could interfere with a larger download.
  10. Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    Another BUMP!! goal day and a ways to go
  11. Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

  12. "Can only download four files at one time"

    The common theme with problems downloading the larger files usually arises from trying to download them all at once instead of one at a time.
  13. Posting a post

    Nothing wrong with saying hi is there?
  14. DGVoodoo configuration

    DGVoodoo configuration View File Sorry for not checking back for a year, and unclear explanation. To any of those who still have a problem with this black screen and lazy to go configuration dgVoodoo, This files that I uploaded are also can be use for NOLF2 (Black-screen problem: Try getting shot with poison and see what happen) - This files use on GOTY Version > for normal version = I don't know bro. Try this with 'disable movies' in advance setting and select display setting as 'dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper' I don't know if the widescreen resolution will cause the problem, so I always play 4:3 ratio. Submitter Eliteone Submitted 02/09/2018 Category Misc. files  
  15. Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    Our goal is coming up next week. If you can pitch in it would be greatly appreciated. We're here for all of you to keep these awesome games alive.