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  1. Follow the steps one of the community did to get their NOLF2 working HERE To answer your CJ server question. I can't run one presently due to the lack of 99% of the users of this site not contributing to keeping things running etc. I'm already floating most of the costs here on my own these days. Sorry.
  2. Using the original media or?
  3. Eliteone

    Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    December BUMP!!!! We really need some support from our users.
  4. Eliteone

    The original Armstrong WAVs?

    from HERE
  5. Eliteone

    Help with mod issue?

    Can you post a picture of your mods screen?
  6. Eliteone

    NOLF 2 CDs (PC) and media

    On Windows 10, if using our installer it should have created a C:\Unityhq folder. In there it would have installed the game files to a No One Lives Forever 2 folder. Did it create those for you? Unfortunately the original media doesn't work on Windows 10 due to the installshield files for the older installer being dropped from support from Microsoft with Windows 10.
  7. Eliteone

    Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    Another month we're short of the goal
  8. Have you tried running the game in windowed mode?
  9. Eliteone

    Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    November BUMP!!
  10. Eliteone

    How can I disable the hud?

    That's a good question. I'll do some research and let you know.
  11. Eliteone

    black screen when going underwater

    Can try capping the frame rate to 60.
  12. Eliteone

    NOLF2 Won't Start! Please help

    Found this same error on an old thread HERE Updating drivers and verifying that the game is patched to the latest version fixed it in that thread.