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    Version 1.0


    A NOLF mod by Michael Turner Mod name : P. I. Granny Date : 02/08/2002 Original Game : The Operative: No One Lives Forever Install info: ============= Unzip the zip file and place the PIGranny.rez into the NOLF custom directory ("nolf\custom"). Playing the Mod: ================ Start the NOLF game and on the startup screen do the following: 1). Click the Advance button. 2). Click the customize button. 3). Select PIGranny.rez by clicking on it. Next press the Add button located in the middle of screen. Next click the OK button. 4). Click the OK button back on the Advance Options screen. 5). Finally click the Launch button. Rights: All game content is the property of Monolith Production and Fox Interactive. The P.I.Granny story is the property of Michael Turner.
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    Version 20070224


    Console for NOLF 1, version 20070224 Author: Viktor Thanks to Akula65 for sending us the files Date: 2007-02-24 Contents -------- 1. Requirements 2. Installation 3. Description 1. Requirements --------------- Console requires NOLF 1 with update 1.003 or 1.004. 2. Installation --------------- 1. Copy console.rez to your NOLF Custom folder. 2. Start the NOLF launcher. 3. Click the Advanced... button. 4. Click the Customize button. 5. Select console.rez in the left list pane. 6. Click the Add button. 7. Click OK twice, then Launch. Note: Remember to remove the mod from the custom list before playing online, or you will not be able to join any games. 3. Description -------------- The console allows the user to interact with the game in a fashion that is useful for map testing & debugging or just playing around. It is possible to adjust console variables, and use console programs, in order to enter diagnostic modes and change playing characteristics. Object editing functions similar to those in my Object Message mod are available. The console will hide in the background until you press the tilde (~) key. Commands are entered onto the prompt at the bottom of the console area.
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