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    File provided by David Myers Ever played Combat Arms, sudden attack, cross fire Medal of Honor Pacific Assault or even FEAR? They all started on this game engine. This is the actual build version it all started on. A game called No One Lives Forever 2. Lithtech was a very advanced game engine for its time. At its release date, it supported more advanced shader 3.0 files than any other game engine at the time. It's a great engine, everything is included in these parts. What's included in this package ALL the plugins needed --Photoshop texture file plugins --3ds max plugins (import/export model, import/export map/world) --alias maya wavefront plugins --windows audio codecs. Full tools for models/textures/mapping for the game --Dedit: Used for compiling maps, adding spawns/effects etc. --FXed: Used for editing what's called ClientFX. clientfx houses all the special effects in the game. --ModelEdit: Lets you name all the animations of your 3d model files --RenderStyleEditor: Lets you control what the lighting does to models TONS of sample games for learning how to use the engine Source code to NOLF2 Build 69 Source code to my TPS game the Dev version of NOLF2 the Dev version of TPS Linux files eventually i will release CAPS (CA Private server) files that we had working. Setting this up is very easy. Simply unzip the files to a folder on your c:\ drive and your all set to start learning!
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