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    If you load modernizer with the GOTY translations (cres.dll), stuff like INTERFACE, JUKEBOX and other menu items won't show up ingame. This is due to new language strings that were added with modernizer. And without a assigned translation, these menu items have no text to display and will therefore be invisible. These files are the Modernizer 1.006 patch 3.1 release from Hey Jake with updated cres.dll files to support Italian and German languages. I made a database that contains all translations I knew of, and were able to generate new Resource files for compiling new CRES.DLL files. The new lines and some of the old translations that were missing were translated by Gassosa (Italian) and Icepick (German) Thanks for all help! Download Italian Modernizer 1.006 patch 3.1 Download German Modernizer 1.006 patch 3.1 Both files were packed with Winrar You will need a program that can extract winrar archieves to unpack the files. The only difference between these files and the original modernizer is the new CRES.DLL, otherwise its a full version of modernizer. And you can join the 1.006 multiplayer servers with this mod loaded. ---- If anyone feels like updating the Polish, Swedish, French or Spanish version, these are the new lines: IDS_CONTROL_CONSOLE "Toggle Console" IDS_ACTIONSTRING_CONSOLE "ToggleConsole" IDS_WINDOWED_MODE "Windowed Mode" IDS_HELP_WINDOWED_MODE "Enable or disable windowed mode." IDS_TEXTURE_FILTERING "Texture Filtering" IDS_HELP_TEXTURE_FILTERING "Reduces aliasing and blur on distant textures." IDS_NO_TF "No Texture Filtering" IDS_TRILINEAR_TF "Trilinear Filtering" IDS_AF_2X_TF "2x Anisotropic Filtering" IDS_AF_4X_TF "4x Anisotropic Filtering" IDS_AF_8X_TF "8x Anisotropic Filtering" IDS_AF_16X_TF "16x Anisotropic Filtering" IDS_EXTRAS_TECHDEMO "This is the October 2000 Lithtech ""Goodman"" Tech Demo. Showing off various features of the Lithtech engine with a familiar face. Included in Modernizer as a fun little extra! Warning: The tech demo includes strobing lights which some users may find disorientating. Would you like to continue?" IDS_WEAPON_13_2 "Hampton MPL 9mm SMG (Alternate)" IDS_CONTROL_TOGGLE_ZOOM "Toggle Zoom" IDS_ACTIONSTRING_TOGGLE_ZOOM "ToggleZoom" IDS_INTEL_BLACKSCREEN_FIX "Intel HD Graphics Fix" IDS_HELP_INTEL_BLACKSCREEN_FIX "Fix for missing screen effects and also fixes the blackscreen while being underwater bug." IDS_SHOW_FRAMERATE "Display Framerate" IDS_LOCK_FRAMERATE "Lock Framerate" IDS_OLD_MOUSELOOK "Legacy Mouselook" IDS_4X3_CINEMATICS "Cinematic Aspect Ratio" IDS_QUICK_SWITCH "Quick Switch" IDS_HELP_SHOW_FRAMERATE "Shows your current framerate in the bottom left corner of your screen during gameplay." IDS_HELP_LOCK_FRAMERATE "Locks your framerate to 60 fps to prevent timing bugs." IDS_HELP_OLD_MOUSELOOK "Re-enables the old mouselook code that may be buggy on some systems." IDS_HELP_4X3_CINEMATICS "Hide visual imperfections during cinematics with more black bars!" IDS_HELP_QUICKSWITCH "Instantly switch between weapons." IDS_60_FPS "60 FPS" IDS_UNLOCKED_FPS "Unlocked Framerate" IDS_UNLOCKED_ASPECT "Wide" IDS_LOCKED_ASPECT "4:3" IDS_TITLE_HUD_OPTIONS "Interface" IDS_HUD "Interface" IDS_HELP_HUD "Set various HUD/Interface options." IDS_UI_SCALE "HUD Scale" IDS_HELP_UI_SCALE "Changes the size of most HUD elements" IDS_JUKEBOX "Jukebox" IDS_HELP_JUKEBOX "Play a tune or two" IDS_JUKEBOX_THEME "Themes" IDS_JUKEBOX_NOW_PLAYING "Now Playing: %1!s!" The text between " " is the shown text. There will most likely be a few more lines with future updates of modernizer, I'll do my best to keep these language files up to date then
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