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    I resolve the problem. There was another bound D key on the settings. I did't see it earlyer or did't think it matter. Thank you for pointing that out and thanks for the help.
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    Hi everyone ! Last year, i made a french voices patch for the PC Version of Nolf (by extracting all voices from the PS2 port). Like you know, the PS2 port have Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, French and English voices. In the PC version only a full english voices version was ever released. So i have ported all french voices to the PC port. If i have time i will do others languages maybe. Now i have extracted all musics (converted to .WAV) from the PS2 port in 1:1 quality. I want to include them in the PC port as a free DLC (in .REZ format, like the voices REZ patch). I found that PC musics are bundled in .SGT format (Microsoft Direct Music Producer). I would like at first to be able to listen each of them. They are bundled into NOLF2.REZ (\MUSIC\AMBUSH, \MUSIC\BADEDUM, \MUSIC\BADGUY, \MUSIC\NOLFORCH, \MUSIC\NOLFTHEME). I tried to open them with Microsoft Direct Music Producer but i heard no sound at all. Anyone know a better software for that ? A way to convert .SGT to WAV and WAVs to .SGT directly for the game ? Like this, people will have the choose to select PC Musics or PS2 Musics on the game. For PS2 Levels Exclusive it's way too hard to make them playable on the PC port, some datas are compressed in a unknown format. Thanks ! Best Regards.
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    Version 1.0.0


    No One Lives Forever PC - All French Voices and Texts (GOTY VERSION) All voices are included now. Setup ------------ 1) Copy-paste the file NOLFTEXTESVOIXFR.REZ in the folder "Custom" to the root installation directory of the game. 2) Start NOLF.EXE 3) Click on "Advanced"... 4) Click on "Customize" 5) In Advanced Settings - Customize, Click on "Add >" while selecting NOLFTEXTESVOIXFR.REZ 6) Tick "Always load theses REZ files" 7) Click on "OK", then again on "OK" 8) Click on "Launch" Tgames (c) 2019
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    Hey there, I couldn't find any fixes that worked for the mouse stuttering issue, or that would cap my framerate so the game would run properly. So I wrote one myself. https://heythere.coffee/nolf/ Also the source code for this mod is available on github! https://github.com/haekb/nolf1-modernizer Hopefully this helps folks!
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