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    Invalid shell DLL error generally indicates a problem between Lithtech.exe & CShell.dll, most likely a version mismatch... Some things to try: Run the game installer as admin (fixed an install issue with CJ for me). Avoid installing to the default location "C:\Program Files" try something like "C:\Games" instead, gets around some inherited UAC issues. If you are using the No-CD patch, make sure it's for v1.3. Too many .rez files in Custom\Resources will cause the game to not load the v1.3 update or mods. Try the Multiplayer Launcher, should fix the above issue.
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    How's this? http://dpvqb.com/nolf/music/lounge/#
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    The whole love affair Ive always had with the Nolf series particularly Nolf 1 was the humor and a attraction to the Cate character. She was not only battling the bad guys but was fighting for respect in a all male world in the 1960's and I guess in a cartoon sense she was attractive. With all things going on she was vulnerable as well as tough as nails, just a great story line to build on. Sorry to say it, but Contract Jack didn't have that great complex story line, it was more of a arcade shooter and was very forgettable unlike the Nolf 1 and 2. In Contract Jack they tried to be funny but Jack was borring, no character and dull so nobody found it that funny cause nobody gave 2 $%#@& about Jack. But in Nolf 1 and 2 EVERYONE loved Cate. So to anwser your question NanoTech the male/ female thing was part of it but its all in the story for me!
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    Well, if this comes to reality and enough people buy it and play it, they may do a remaster, but considering the years its been dead I guess we are lucky...one step at a time is the order of the day. Edit: As long as they don't charge too much for it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Description NOLF2 NO-CD Patch / Toast CD image, compressed w/ Stuffit You can obtain the Stuffit tool from HERE Note you will need to make at least one post in the forum before downloading this file Special addition to disclaimer: UnityHQ does not promote software piracy. As the copyright of this game is in question we leave it up to those who download to decide whether to download or not . By downloading you agree to take full responsibility for doing so and release Unityhq.net from any repercussions for doing so.
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    Thank you for this it gave me some things to work on and I am happy to say I got it working finally I can revisit this amazing game! For anyone in the same boat, this is what I did, in case it helps... 1 Uninstalled the game and deleted all left over files 2 Ran Regedit and searched for all mentions of nolf2, no one lives forever 2 and monolith and deleted them 3 Ran the NOLF2-Setup-not-signed.exe from this site as admin 4 Ran the NOLF2.exe in windows xp service pack 3 compatibility mode - I then had an issue where it was telling me to install the game rather than play 5 ran the setup.exe in the install folder as admin and pointed to disc 1 of the game - I was then getting Error in CInterfaceMgr::Init(): could not initialize cursor! 6 reapplied the 1.3 patch 7 ran NOLF2.bat in the install directory 8 Ran the NOLF2-Setup-not-signed.exe again as admin overwriting files 9 Ran the NOLF2.exe as admin in windows xp service pack 3 compatibility mode selected display 1920x1080 and clicked play 10 Jumped around the room a bit and punched the air in glee. I realize that was very long winded and that some steps may even be unnecessary but after trying so many things I thought I would just share what actually worked for me. Thanks to everyone that helped me.
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    Here's hoping this comes true. (Via reddit)
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