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    I just did a quick test where I altered movement speeds in AIbutes.txt and it did nothing at all even though I rez'ed it and ran it as a mod. The player will probably not use any of those templates, but AI will. That's how I configured the new characters in the ROH mod. I can't say this for sure but from my best guess I'd say that most stuff that can give the player a advantage over other players (even singleplayer) would be stored in one of the dll files. Which would mean that it would be in the source code itself.
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    Not sure what that issue was. Haven't been able to reproduce it. Even to the point of installing the game to a couple spare machines running Windows 7 and Windows 10 without any issues.
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    The setting can be changed in the attributes (forgetting the exact name of the file) I'll check this evening when I'm at a computer with the game installed.
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    Every so often I pull out my old NOLF games and replay them. It's always great fun!! But over time the original install disks become damaged. Thanks so much for making it possible to play again.
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    In Development State Here is it Franco's Four Mission Pack for Contract J.A.C.K. Mission pack tells the story from the side of four Louis Franco fighters. We plan to create four cooperative action filled missions. Specialisation of Characters Joe - Big Gun means no questions (in the truest sense of the word and nothing else...) Marvin - Loves Cars. Have a bad sense of humor. Sel - Likes to blow something up. Alan - Sharpshooter. Have a Sniper Rifle. On the way of main characters will be a mafia band Danger Danger and H. A. R. M. Baby On Snowmobile "Keep Classic Unforgettable"
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    This topic is about Baby On Snowmobile channel. The channel is dedicated to games that have become classics.
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    I've been enjoying the nolf series since they were released. I had so little understanding of the first game and how to make it work properly on a rather weak machine in the early years. As I recall it crashed constantly. But I really was captured by the humor and gadgets. I rediscovered the games here around about the time my daughter was born (sleepless nights) and I 'd like to mention Grand Prix Legends (Sim Racing Mirror Zone) provided some fun as well. She is seven and I've become a PC game and sim racing enthusiast. I've experimented with face tracking for shooter games and used Wii remotes for PC games like nolf2. Recently I've built a motion simulator seat for my racing rig which can interface with a joystick to extract motion from any game (my daughter is playing with a xbox Controller to move the seat in a fun game called mini ninjas). Anyways in my quest for immersion and fun I noticed this and saw no mention of it searching the forum. Anyway, I have a long winded thank you to the site moderators and will be making a contribution.
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