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  1. I downloaded possibly this very file (not completely certain) and found the same thing. Windows can't extract it and comes up with an error but if you use Winrar it opens no problems and you will find the file is all there and intact. If Eliteone made changes as mentioned above you may now find it will work regardless of what you use to extract it with.
  2. Those files can work in other games as well. I haven't had any issues with NOLF but came across issues in other games. Blacks textures are often a problem in other games and those voodoo files tend to be the fix. Some virus software might have a fit over the old dll's but they are completely safe.
  3. Not a NOLF expert but I know with some old games they don't see the secondary card. NOLF may be like this for everyone, not being a NOLF expert can't say for certain.
  4. Wow! Brilliant! Thanks! That'll help many people I'm sure.
  5. You guys gotta think back nearly 2 decades to the first time you completed NOLF 1 single player. I thought to myself what a great game from every aspect! Last few stages you get the grande finale soundtrack, everything builds up, you know you're close to the end, just focus now baby! Then you do it, you learn all the intricacies of the storyline and what really happened throughout the game. Real blockbuster movie stuff! Leaves you feeling like you just played the greatest game on the planet. I've never played anything else that finished so well and appropriately. Maybe it's just the way I like my games. (and movies) Anyhow, it's all new to me and I'm having a blast with it! Wish I was around when the game was released. Still fab to have this site and forum here. Thanks Eliteone, I'm learning who does what. lol
  6. Who's still here and are you playing the games? What are you up too? Quiet sucks, having conversations with myself, come entertain the NOLF noob! lol
  7. Coming across some NOLF 2 running issues with Win 7 64bit. Have a couple of directions to go from what seems to be occurring. If I come up with a fix I'll post it. If anyone else has any Win 7 running tips please post them and I'll try them out.
  8. Thanks for the welcome! As an update to my first post, I finished NOLF 1. EPIC!!! game is all I can say. Excellent from every aspect beginning to end! Couldn't stop playing and haven't thrown myself into a game like this for many, many years. Started on NOLF 2 and looks very promising so far. The standout difference early on between the two games is to see how many new updates NOLF 2 incorporated over NOLF 1. Anyhow, once I get through NOLF 2 intend to spread the word on these games. Anyone who hasn't played them should be playing them. Brilliant!
  9. Didn't see the hello thread before, hello!
  10. I am currently playing through NOLF for the first time. I've had it for years, same with NOLF 2 but only now have I really fully dedicated myself to it. What a blast it is! NOLF 1 is fantastic and I'm already looking forward to getting into NOLF 2. I run old games on a 19 inch 1280x1024 monitor the way they were meant to be played and NOLF looks great! AA and AF are applied and everything is working sweet. I have no idea the person(s) who have kept this site/forum alive, such a wonderful NOLF avenue but a big THANKS! People might not post actively this many years on but I'm certain each and every person who finds this site active is totally appreciative of it. I certainly was, thank you.
  11. This post could've come from me! Agree, 1999-2005 was the prime gaming period imo. You could walk into a store and spend forever just browsing and looking at all those big beautiful game boxes. It was a perfect time for PC gaming with so many fantastic games. The period also introduced steady game development. Year after year games just got better and better. You looked forward to every 12 months because your fav game was going to get a new version and expectations were high the new version would be a decent leap over the last. So here we are today. Graphics are moving forward at a slow rate, have been since 2005 really, game play is mostly mimicked of days gone by, game features are often non existent to what we had back then and finally game stability, yeah, what's that??? lol We wait year after year in some cases for basic features and glaring bugs to get fixed in a game. No more beautiful boxes, it's all just kinda boring. I've lost faith in new games but boy are the old fun to still play today! In all honesty, I'm having more fun today playing these games then I did back then. No PC specs to worry about, games are all maxed and running at a million fps! Everything I have tried to run I have running perfectly on my modern operating system. No, I don't use Win 10! If NOLF got a remake, almost certainly a HD version retaining all of the original game play would be terrific. Unfortunately and sadly, it going through something like Steam is just a modern day necessity. Even if it doesn't get a remake, I don't really care. NOLF is running, playing and looking great on my modern PC as it is imo. I'm totally happy!