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  1. Have you seen all my Applications ? Now I only got Rally Championship Xtreme original on Cd here. All other i Delete. And i will Test Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter.
  2. This is my Last Picture, STCC 2 is Swedish Touring Car Championship. I also got Colin Mc Rae Rally, this Application is also Rally, same how Rally Championship Xtreme. I also got Dirt Track Racing 2
  3. A little update, my Last one. This Kart 2004 is Michael Schumachers World Tour, MbWr is Mercedes Benz World Racing. Ral is Rally Championship 2000, new Haas is Newman Haas Racing, Rally is Rally Championship Xtreme, and Scar Squadra Corse Alpha Romeo
  4. This are my applications, everything never was released on digital plattforms. Newman Haas Racing and Rally Championship Xtreme are very Rare Nerf Arena Blast also. MSWT is Michael Schumacher World Tour and mbwr is Mercedes Benz world Racing. The Other Rally left on DEsktop is Rally Championship 2000 Everything i make in 1280x1024 and i dont use Mods. I Thing Nolf have nothing to search there off so sides. I also got Dirt Track Racing 2 and Colin Mc Rae Rally From A-Z i play all in Order.
  5. Iam now out in this Community here of eturn and forever How can you make such a garbage. You probably did not hear the shot any more. Account game everything is completely upside down. And waste. Hopefully, Nolf will never go in these things. Account compulsion has always been nothing but a general decision.
  6. Thank you my Mouse. Got only Applications here never was on Steam or Other, all the Original Just love only 1280x1024 or 960 just know nvidia inspector. And for Nfs II and MCM 1 and 2 i use DG Voodoo.
  7. Got Applications here, was never on steam or Others Need for Speed II and III, Motocross Madness 1 and 2, Grand Prix Legends, GP 500, Rallisport Challenge, and F1 Challenge 99-02 Shooter, Nolf ( Thank you my Mouse ) Sof 1 and 2, Star Trek Elite Forces 2, XIII, Freedom Fighters and Nerf Arena Blast Rpg, Heretic 2 I only have this Applications i write. All the Original. Just love only 1280x1024 or 960, i dont Like FullHD Sorry for my Double Post, this is my Last.
  8. Now i got, Need for Speed II Se, and Need for Speed III Walmart Edition. Both the Original. The II i make with DG Voodoo and 3DFX Glide The III with nvidia inspector Both Work.
  9. thank you my meppel
  10. I got many Games 1999-2005 first Person and Third Person all Original all without Account, 1280x1024 or 960 with Nv inspector. Steam is no good Idea, steam will destroy the game. I dont Like Games over 2005.
  11. Nolf I liked the singelplayer, it had last year a few times. Everything so nice with nvidia inspector and in 1280x960. Nolf2, on the other hand, is the total scrap. Wiso are endless enemies generated? Nolf2 is, in my opinion, no good at all. I basically do not play games that generate infinite enemies in the Singelplayer.
  12. how can i play nolf online, does this work? Now i got this MP Launcher bud i dont understand how this work MP works not all servers are offline, and i become error when join exe stopped working. now i deinstall game.
  13. thank you my meppel