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  1. Ollo WTS Erenor scepter mythic

    http://imgur.com/a/jnk5Y more info my discord cbL#2179 View the full article
  2. http://imgur.com/a/jnk5Y more info my discord cbL#2179 View the full article
  3. Ollo Wts epic bow x3

    Attachment 19475 Attached Images epic bows.jpg‎ (82.1 KB) View the full article
  4. WTB Epic or Divine ayanad lake sash View the full article
  5. WTB Epic or Divine ayanad lake sash View the full article
  6. Testing the Rocket Wings #2

    After much discussion on the OPness of the Ravenspine Glider, it was suggested on the forums of a counter to it with the Rocket Wings #2. Here is a video showing some of its ups and downs and also a bit on glider enhancement. I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I did making it as you will see in the end. Woohooo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90YwO_Wj7YI View the full article
  7. Thumb up leadership bug

    I'm farming leadership for hero gem this month. So I find this bug by accident. To help me to get hero gems, I only raid up with friends and alts, they thumb me up everyday. Sometime, I get 50 leadership at reset, sometime I get none. But I'm pretty sure I get thumbed everyday.(Even my friends don't have time that day, I could thumb me up myself by alts or their accounts, I click thumb up myself.) To verify this, I didn't raid up with anyone else the whole day, and screenshot my leadership before reset. And after reset, I find myself get 0 leadership. I wonder whethere there is a bug in calculation on this. I work really hard on leadership this month. The result probably lets me down. View the full article
  8. Buying pleasee View the full article
  9. Ollo WTB Epic Ayanad Gale Bow

    Buying epic ayanad gale bow or cloaked let me know price -Wixom View the full article
  10. Merchant costume @muzzy

    When we be able to get this costume again, because i missed last event :( View the full article
  11. Archeage on Steam

    My Patron is going to run out and i wanted to buy it with Steam wallet. so normally i open Steam overlay ingame and go to trion site and buy it. i did it last 2 years and now steam overlay isnt opening. when i open market and press "get Credits" it opens the steam ingame overlay but i CANT click anything. the overlay is active and i see it but my clicks connect to the game. like when i leftclick i select monsters BEHIND the steam overlay. therefore i cant buy any credits for patron. i hope u guys get what i mean. I read up on internet and found many stuff to "fix". like "activate steam overlay ingame"..i have it on. i dont run Fraps or anything and i even tried it on my laptop so its not a pc thing. like a certain programm runnning who blocks it. my steamoverlay works in CS:GO tho and all other games just not AA. Id like to get some help. THX ^^ View the full article
  12. Kyrios WTB Mythic Obs 1hander

    inbox! View the full article
  13. Hanure WTS legendary t1 pants

    looking for around 45k or trade for epic ayanad scepter. pm offers or mail ingame "pleasure" hanure View the full article
  14. Let's see them offers, message me or post them here let me know View the full article
  15. Nations on Steriods

    Ok.. how is this PvP? One nation recruits as much High GS as they can, they become hostile to every other nation. Next thing they do is kill EVERY rift on the server, no complete quest anymore, no honor, no armor scraps, no Acid stuff. This is really getting annoying and has nothing to do with the game anymore, it ruins the game on a high level for a LOT of people. In fact.. they are making sure you cant get your rewards.. on PURPOSE.. right? Cause they plan these raids on rifts and even wait until its almost finished. If this is not fixed soon, many people will say.. bye bye Archeage. Cause its not even funny anymore.. PvP is ok.. dont get me wrong, i love it. But disturbing rifts on purpose.... server events!!... not ok, it should not even be possible to control a server like that. A lot of people need so much time and LUCK now.. to get the stuff from rifts.. Ridiculous... huge game-breaker. They just decide if we get our honor and stuff or not.. come on! View the full article

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