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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Hesk Hello! Thanks for the report. We will address your ticket as soon as we are able to. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee the specific reason your Patron issue occurred. Jump to post... View the full article
  2. Does anyone know where you can find some crest stamps that work for the rousing rabbit sleepmask? Like googly-eyes or crossed eyes. Or know how to make crest stamps like they had on the livestream with silly faces and such. I was curious if anyone had anyone made already. View the full article
  3. Selling Divine Delphinad flame Boots/Jerkin Pm here or mail Taima (Reckoning West) Willing to trade for obsidian divine Boots/Jerkin + gold View the full article
  4. Why does the pop-up to enter the arena automatically put someone in if they don't accept? I'm tired of getting queued with people or alts that have an away tag or aren't there to fight. Sure, it's free honor - but that's not what I go to arena for. This also hurts people who queued and might have had to step away for a minute and they get screwed by being placed into the arena and sometimes even in sparring or 3v3, are given the wrong buff. Why add an accept button if it's going to put you in regardless? View the full article
  5. Looking for offers on my 4/7 Flame set. Link of set below. http://imgur.com/a/5u9yM View the full article
  6. Looking for offer on 4/7 Flame full gemmed. Link of all 4 pieces: http://imgur.com/a/5u9yM View the full article
  7. Selling my celestial erenor katana 47% synthesised or trading for 1h mage weapon equiv. PM offers. http://imgur.com/a/58RMQ View the full article
  8. WTS ACID VESSEL pm Qixz Harani. reckoning View the full article
  9. Looking to sell or trade my Celestial Erenor Katana 47% synthesised for equivalent 1h mage weapon or best offer. http://imgur.com/a/58RMQ View the full article
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usdCqJqehf4 View the full article
  11. Since the start of the 3.5 that are increasing :mad: View the full article
  12. if someone know who is plz send me msg here on forum View the full article
  13. pm me i'll buy both View the full article
  14. Keeping it short and sweet. I am looking for like minded Hardcore players that are interested in end game PVP. We will be Xfering very soon. Please Add me on discord / Pm me here on Forums (discord will be faster response) I have no interest in carebear mentality, We will be focused on content and contesting content. Leadership will be Sorcery(me) and Cybot. Guild motto: Quality over Quantity. Discord: Sorcery#1389 Q:Why not join a guild? A:I have always ran my own guild and have been very successful. I am a Leader and I have no interest not being one. View the full article
  15. I farmed a lot yesterday and got plenty of scraps. I've farmed a fair bit today and I'm getting about 1 an hour. I was getting several an hour yesterday. Am I just super unlucky tonight or was something changed with the patch? View the full article