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    Thanks, glad to be part of the community. I played the original NOLF back when it was released, and it quickly became one of my favorite FPS of that era. I'm trying now to install and relive some of my favorite memories, but I'm running into many problems, which is how I stumbled across this site. I'm hoping I'll find the help I need here
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    Thanks. Looks like a great community for an absolute classic.
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    People still liking this?! Whoa! Guess I did a real good job xD
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    Just as a quick update, I wanted to confirm that by manually installing NOLF2 using the CD images, patching to the latest version 1.3 and installing the widescreen mod the game now works as intended
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    Hello Everyone! I am probably the youngest NOLF fan here, but I am excited to be here. I love these games, but I'm looking for some technical help as I can't play them properly on my laptop. Various bugs and glitches always get in the way. I hope you guys can help.
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    You can connect to our UnityHQ.net Discord on the right side in the main forum.

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