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  • LivesForever Mod By ƒƒ5•ßahamutZero

    • 856
    Mod file by ßahamutZero (Neo)needed to play NOLF2 since the master server shut down   Support for the mod can be found on THIS THREAD  
  • UNITY HQ Mappack By Eliteone

    • 676
    October 15,2011   DD maps version of the UnityHQ Mappack by Eliteone       Maps by various NOLF2 Community mapmakers   Please obtain permission from UnityHQ.net before hosting this file for download.   Save the download then run the UHQDD_Mappack_Setup.exe file to automatically install/update your mappack rez file.
  • Mirrors Edge patch By Eliteone

    • 6
    A favourite game of Eliteone's this is the 1.01 patch for the game   Author = Dice EA Games   Description: This patch fixes a potential freezing issue on some machines when PhysX is enabled
  • NOLF Multiplayer Launcher & Server Companion By URA

    • 292
    Since Gamespy is dropping support for NOLF1 at the end of May 2014 URA has come up with a great way for people to be able to host servers and connect to them using this tool.   Multiplayer Launcher: NOLF2 based launcher that fetches a server list, query's each server and joins the selected one.   Server Companion v0.1: A console application that starts NolfServ.exe and adds/maintains/removes your server's info to/from the server list. Note: Do not close Server_Companion directly, stop NolfServ.exe first and Server_Companion will terminate shortly after.
  • Multiplayer Launcher & Server Mod Beta 0.3.1 By URA

    • 790
    By URA   Multiplayer Launcher Purpose: Allow players to join a server straight from the launcher without the need of other programs or scripts (e.g., Join By IP, xfire, Gamespy, batch file, ect.).   Features: Built in server list with server query and player list Auto mod loading for selected server Smart .rez loading Unlocked display resolution in display settings with auto FOV setting (widescreen support), no need to edit .ini files anymore.   First time usage: After installing, start NOLF2 and select your display resolution from the Display page. General usage: Click the refresh button to download a server list and query servers, select a server and then Play (if the server is detected as locked, you will need to input the password). The launcher will load the correct mod for the selected server (if you don't have the server's mod installed, an error message will be displayed), if a server's mod is unknown, you will need to select the mod beforehand from the Custom menu.   Credits: Luigi Auriemma - contains code from his GSInfo project.   URA's Server Mod Beta 0.3.1 Purpose: Host games that self publishes to a server list used by Join By IP, LivesForeverPlus, Weapons-05b & URA's Multiplayer Launcher.   Features: Self publishing -mod command line option
  • UHQ-NOLF1-Mappack By Eliteone

    • 102
    This installer contains a collection of maps made by various NOLF Community mapmakers that were the most stable when run on NOLF servers.   Save the download then run the UHQ-NOLF1-Mappack.exe file to automatically install/update your mappack rez file. The install will ask you if you want to create the custom folder if it doesn't already exist.   It is based upon the collection of Maps that Sauron collected from various authors.         Please obtain permission from UnityHQ.net before hosting this file for download.  
  • Contract Jack PC Media By Eliteone

    • 308
    Contract-Jack-Setup file. This file will extract the complete game (to C:\untyhq however the installer allows you to choose an alternative install path), patched to the English 1.1 version of the game. Additionally it has the latest dgvoodoo2 version. Finally it has the no-cd patch integrated into it.  This installer (Contract-Jack-Setup.exe) has been digitally signed to make it easier to install on Windows 10. Contract-Jack-not-signed-Setup file. Same as the other setup file except this file is not digitally signed. If you're having troubles installing the digitally signed file then download this one.  Zip files of the 2 CDs for the Contract Jack game (PC version). These are the released version 1.0.           Special addition to disclaimer: UnityHQ does not promote software piracy. As the copyright of this game is in question we leave it up to those who download to decide whether to download or not . By downloading you agree to take full responsibility for doing so and release Unityhq.net/nolfgirl.net from any repercussions for doing so. Your IP address is recorded for this download.  
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