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  2. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Hello Pond, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Pond joined on the 07/16/2018. View Member
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    Patch Notes for the 18th?

    When will these be available? View the full article
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    Glyph not saving logins

    Anyone encountered this? Glyph isn't saving ANY logins, and I'm having to authenticate each login for every account with a 6 digit email code. Gets old fast. View the full article
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    Shield speed?

    I noticed that the offhand speed between the brackets went to (3.6sec) when equipping a shield on PTS. This is 0.0 on Live and i wonder if it affects anything? View the full article
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    Varies during the summer. I believe weekends in the am mostly.
  10. InXile Entertainment’s The Bard’s Tale IV wears its heart on its sleeve: Starting a new game throws you into a full-motion video cutscene of four actual human people – two of them equipped with obviously fake elf ears – sitting in front of what looks like the interior of a hand-painted inn. Three of the actors listen intently as the fourth plays a small harp, introducing them to the story of the game you’re about to play. The whole thing is drenched in a warm sepia tone, and at the cutscene’s close, the actors tense up as if they’re turning back into a still image. It’s weird and awkward, but charming. Given the series’ old-school roots, it makes sense that The Bard’s Tale IV feels deeply nostalgic. It reminds me of the old computer games I used to play on the chunky Windows PC in my family’s basement work room. Its presentation may be sub-par, but below the surface lies an interesting battle system and intriguing world. Here are four things I learned from playing the game’s first two and a half hours. 1. The World Is Interesting, Even If You’re New To The Series Before you reach the main menu (and before the glorious FMV “elves”), a cutscene provides you with a primer on The Bard’s Tale’s world: Some gigantic plant-Cthulu gods called the Famhair turned apes into humans, who went to war with the elves and dwarves. The plant-Cthulus were eventually defeated and sealed away by a song, sung by a human woman cursed to sing it for eternity. I’m not sure how the humans continued to exist peacefully with the rest of the races despite being constructed by evil gods, but hopefully that gets explained in the lore somewhere else in the game. As someone who’s never played a Bard’s Tale game before, I appreciated how the game opened with a story that established some interesting tension for the world and introduced the power of song. It made me hope I was about to participate in something similarly epic. Once you’re in-game, the story you’re greeted with is different. A group of religious zealots called the Fatherites has been executing non-humans and magic users, which puts the multicultural, magic-using adventurers guild you’re a part of on the chopping block. The guild is attacked, and you’re forced to flee underground to the ruins of the old guild. You soon begin to find out that a mysterious group has been sending agents disguised as members of the non-human races to harass humans in order to incite more persecution from the Fatherites. The Bard’s Tale IV left me legitimately interested to find out more about how the in-game story and the opening cutscene are connected. 2. There’s A Potentially Deep Combat System The Bard’s Tale IV’s combat takes place in on a four-by-four grid. Your party has access to the eight spaces directly in front of you, and your enemies occupy the eight opposing spaces. Your positioning determines whether or not you can reach enemies with your attacks, and whether the enemies can reach you. There are directional attacks that do damage to all enemies within a certain column, as well as attacks that push or pull enemies within their grid. This means you can set up interesting combos like throwing caltrops onto the field in front of enemies with your rogue, then pulling them closer with your fighter’s taunt, ensuring that they take damage as they move over the spikes. Positioning your party also affects the outcome of the battle. It’s probably a bad idea to put your rogue and your magic-user in front, so you have the ability to move your fighter or your bard to the front lines between battles. Even the best-laid plans can go awry, though. If your enemies get the drop on you, your party’s positioning will flip, putting your squishiest members in harm’s way. 3. There Are Some Cool Exploration Elements I had fun with the game’s systems. As you gain party members, you gain access to Songs of Exploration, spells that can be used to open secret doors and solve puzzles. In the opening hours, it was obvious which song I was supposed to use. For example, an ability called “Hidey-Bide” reveals hidden item caches, and “Jarnel’s Eyes” reveals hidden corruption in the environment, such as shadowy figures disguised as villagers, as well as a large area of the map. These abilities made me feel a little more connected to the fantasy of being a bard. Locked doors around the world sometimes require short puzzles where you move gears around to create a working mechanism. These puzzles are a simple addition that could usually be completed by just moving the gears back and forth until I found the solution, but they were more interesting than traditional “find the key” doors (though I found some of those, too). 4. The Presentation Is ... Mixed The Bard’s Tale IV’s voice acting isn’t half bad, but everything else is sub-par. There are several types of cutscenes: the hand-drawn/painted cinematic that introduced the world’s lore, the FMV intro, and in-game animated scenes where characters walk around and talk to each other. Most bizarrely, the game’s major scenes are constructed with flat, blurry images of the character models, cut out and plastered in front of pre-rendered backgrounds. These images don’t move (no lip-synching) apart from being warped and stretched slowly to create the illusion of life. If you need help picturing this, imagine the Hearthstone cinematic trailers, but made with flattened 3D assets ... and also bad. The game’s in-game visuals aren’t the best, either. Lighting is okay, textures are muddy, and character models are chunky and lack variety. It also wasn’t as funny as I expected given the series’ reputation as one that attempts to make players laugh with all kinds of drunken debauchery. There were a couple eye-roll inducing jokes, like a pocket-picking skill for the rogue called “cavity search,” but I generally didn’t hear or read much that seemed like it was trying to make me laugh. Oh, except for when your enemies turn around and wave their asses at you. That happens sometimes. Yeah... The Bard’s Tale IV’s opening hours felt a little rough around the edges, but there were enough interesting ideas to leave me curious about the final game. We’ll see if InXile Entertainment will take full advantage of The Bard's Tale IV's potential when the game releases on PC on September 18. One thing's for sure: I'm looking forward to more of the fake-elf-eared guy. Let’s get more campy FMV in video games, please. View the full article
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    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hey Eliteone, At which hour do people play? If there's enough people playing I might come back too
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    Castle Scrolls still bugged

    some people abuse of castle scroll system in Prophecy, some guy get scrool to heedmar castle, he went pirate and after enter in nation with the scrolls!! so trion already warning to people dont do it, and people still can do it?,i hope trion permanent ban this people who exploit system like this, abuse system is wrong, and u already warning it in stream so i hope trion guys now perm ban some people View the full article
  13. WTB epic/divine erenor club let me know View the full article
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    Ok... this is not funny

    Just logged in to PTS and tested farming of awakening scrolls and exp items for hiram in different zones... 1,5 hours of farm in Exeloch = 1 scroll, 3 hiram fusions 1,5 hours of farm in Calmlands = 1 scroll, 2 hiram fusions 1,5 hours of farm in Reedwind = 2 scrolls and 3 hiram fusions Are you mad? If you dont add those pots that korea have (100% loot drop and 120% loot drop) me and 5 of my friends are leaving this butthole game. We are not animals to sit in front of f'ing monitor for 10 hours to get few scrolls. Not even talking about this stupid daily quests (yey, we needed more daily quests! We have not enough of those, right?) that only 2 of them (lowest ones) will be available in FS. THANKS! Best update are coming. For those who think that "its korean game, it should be grindy" - korea have loot drop buffs that makes any drop chance x3 in total whenever players want that. If its Korean game, why our version is more "hardcore" (aka stupid) than Korean one? Im done. Waiting for official response, if not getting one leaving straigt away. I dont (and many of players too) have 1028379127398127913 hours to fail awakening on my weapons. Not even mentioning someone who want full set of hiram t2 (impossible); GG View the full article
  15. UHQBot

    PTS - Messing up main game

    So I downloaded the PTS and now I cant log back into the normal game, anyone had this issue before and how did you fix it, Im showing version 395830 View the full article
  16. BRNR

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hello! do people still play this game?
  17. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Welcome BRNR

    Hello BRNR, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. BRNR joined on the 07/15/2018. View Member
  19. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Welcome JebenaKraljica

    Hello JebenaKraljica, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. JebenaKraljica joined on the 07/15/2018. View Member
  21. hi all as titles states alrdy any1 knows how much xp u need to get from 50 to 55? in advance many thanks kind regards View the full article
  22. I think it's high time that Trion gives us the system that is in the other regions, the feature that converts the old obsolete Lunagems into the new 'Glow' Lunagems. Let's make this happen. View the full article
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    Fishing Bug

    While I was fishing the fish would bite but it would never show it health bar or buffs so the fish would swim away. another time ill be doing the mechanics for fishing and the fish just disappears. Another issue the fish get to far away. please fix View the full article
  24. UHQBot

    Quillodon: Skill change

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quillodon No skill changes for Trion's July update, if that's what youre asking. The abyssal skill revamp will come later.EDIT: So technically there are some visual changes, most of which aren't important. The only one i can think of that matters is Wave Meteor will now show a big circle AoE (like skewer) when you cast it, warning enemies of the target area. This could make it harder to stealth-gank noobs if you're into that.Hope that helps!-Quill Jump to post... View the full article
  25. UHQBot

    Skill change

    Any one have more info about upcoming skill change ? Because in omnom site and and youtube information very difference between this skill change. For example in omnom say that we get 18 skill point, last passive need 7 point spend in to any active skill but in youtube video from Korea version i saw that they get only 15 skill point also last passive need only 6 point. Also it's look that Korea get this update only with 5.0 update not with June update as omnom site write. Any one have more clear info about that ? View the full article
  26. UHQBot

    Optimalisation key

    After using it the garphics still show, on default appearance, the erenor wings/glow and the hero cloak animation. View the full article
  27. Could we please get some new fluffy commands in addition to the existing fluffy commands? It will make testing in some area's easier/faster. I also included some older request, but most are for testing Hiram: book of auroria archeum ingots serendipity stones locked silver/golden crates manastorm crystals hiram gear tier 1 hiram awakening scrolls Lucky hiram awakening scrolls or feathers of knowledge hiram infusion material Damage Recovery Scroll View the full article
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