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  2. Retribution WTB 24X24 Farm

    WTB 24X24 Farm, On Retribution server and location not an issue on that server, let me know your best price plz TY :) View the full article
  3. aranzeb siege exploit

    Avoiding pvp to keep castles is consider a exploit. Fall under many exploits. Just few I list. Not in top 20 should event have been able get scrolls Farm in alt for honor Should demo all there castle let everyone have a chance at claim it. View the full article
  4. Prickly Platforming

    With its distinct art style, melancholy tone, and ambiguous story, Fe tries its best to run with the artistic indie video game crowd. While its heart is in the right place, Fe comes up short in nearly every way, delivering an experience that is frequently frustrating and consistently bland. Controlling a spiky being named Fe, you work your way through a large interconnected forest and save your animal neighbors from a mysterious alien threat. Except for the occasional tutorial prompt, you won't read any text or dialogue or be told about the story in an overt way. Fe unlocks new traversal abilities and learns different languages which are used to communicate with other animals who offer additional traversal assistance. The emphasis on expanding your movement is smart; for example, unlocking wings for gliding is a great reward because it changes how you interact with the world. I like that my platforming moveset expanded as I progressed, but no matter what skills I gained, it never fully corrected the issues that plague the core movement. Prematurely jumping off trees happens all the time, and sure footing on platforms is rarely guaranteed. I frequently slipped off ledges because of the inaccurate controls, which was especially problematic during a few sequences where I had to climb large structures. Stealth is also required to avoid the alien menace, and the loose controls made me move past the bushes of safety right into my enemy's field of view, which is instant death. Checkpoints are friendly, but when the controls are failing you and not your platforming abilities, it's a problem. (Please visit the site to view this media) The narrative pulling Fe along is vague, but some parts are enjoyable. Early on you come across story moments in the world naturally, and you can figure out what needs to be done from context clues. The further along you go, however, the more traditional cutscenes are triggered. A laughable moment occurs near the end where the story conveniently forgets Fe learned how to fly hours ago. Ultimately, the story has a satisfying conclusion, but the path there is just so bland that nothing stands out as memorable. The art direction is undeniably unique, but I never found it inviting or particularly pleasant to look at. With the myriad spikes, every creature in the game looks like an enemy, which is a gameplay problem, but I also struggled to sympathize with any of the creatures based on their designs. Every area of the forest also feels similar, even if the color scheme is working overtime to try and make locations feel distinct. Since it was always hard to tell if I was in a new location, I had to rely on in-game markers to point me in the right direction too much. I don't want Fe to be the red flag that makes Electronic Arts reconsider the great idea of supporting comparable projects, but nothing about Fe is exciting or interesting. It tries to tell a story about animals overcoming adversity in a large interconnected forest, but falls short in just about every aspect. View the full article
  5. Can't download game files.

    I unfortunately can't control the internet in other parts of the world. Maybe you can try downloading it through a proxy to mask where you're connecting from? I unfortunately can't afford multiple download silos as I am personally covering the financial shortfalls when the donations don't cover the expenses. You are correct that if you download from a non SSL site you have no guarantee what so ever that the site hasn't been compromised.
  6. Shining A Polished Gem

    Loyalty isn’t easy to come by. The kind of devotion that inspires poets is only built over time. Civilization VI’s new Rise and Fall expansion takes this concept of loyalty and bakes it into Firaxis’ incredibly robust sim. Lead your nation well and you inspire other city-states to rally to your side. Mismanage your population and even your most cherished municipalities could rise up in secession. Rise and Fall cleverly builds off existing designs without destroying Civilization VI’s groundwork; it’s the kind of smart design that has earned Firaxis its own loyal following. As with all Civilization games, the ultimate goal is to lead your nation through several millennia of progress and become the dominant world power. Properly managing an empire requires rulers to carefully spin several plates at once. You might need to maximize the productivity of your population while making sure your cities have proper amenities while also defending your national interests from warmongers. These elements can be micromanaged to the nth degree, and it takes a while before you begin to see through the matrix, but once you develop a winning strategy, you feel like you’ve built something incredibly special. Rise and Fall maintains all of Civilization VI’s incredible flexibility. I had playthroughs where I focused on conquering the world through religion and avoided combat altogether. In another game, I used my scientific lead to nuke everyone – then conquered the charred remains of the planet. Thanks to Rise and Fall’s loyalty system, spreading across the globe too quickly can lead to ruin. Cities built further away from your capital are now more susceptible to the cultural influences of other nations. If those nations influence your city too much, that settlement might eventually run a new flag up the top of its courthouse. This push-and-pull mechanic adds a nice element to your strategy, and I loved exploiting it and pulling other nations cities over to my side. (Please visit the site to view this media) Micromanaging each city’s loyalty is never tedious thanks to the addition of governors. These administrators can be installed in a city where they boost that city’s loyalty. Governors also have their own unique skill trees, and buff things like food production or military strength. These characters add another layer to city management, but all their buffs run in the background. That means I didn’t feel connected to them, since they demand little attention once installed. Another change for Rise and Fall is a reworked era system. Nations no longer progress through the ages at their own pace; every nation on the map moves through eras together. As you establish contacts with other nations, discover Natural Wonders, and building unique units, you earn points for that era. Manage your nation well and you enter a prosperous golden age. But if your nation slacks off, you suffer through a dark age that diminishes your population’s happiness and loyalty. Thankfully, digging yourself out of a dark age is easy; the only time I fell into one, I was able to rebound into a fruitful heroic age. This new era system didn’t dramatically impact my overall strategy, but it is a playful way to chronicle time, and it gave me some short-term goals to aim for while I kept my eye on the global prize. Firaxis’ Civilization franchise has remained popular because each entry is an incredibly rich, multilayered strategy. Fans love this intricate network of surprisingly flexible systems. Rise and Fall adds numerous new leaders, buildings, units, and wonders. It also tinkers with the nation-building strategy in some bigger ways thanks to the additions of loyalty and golden ages. In the end, Rise and Fall’s moment-to-moment action isn’t dramatically different from the base game, but the new bells and whistles provide a good excuse to return to Firaxis’ excellent strategy game. View the full article
  7. Fable Fortune, a collectible-card game created by Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic, is leaving early access behind and is set for a full release on February 22 for Xbox One and PC. The beta launched back in July 2017 and has given the developers time to respond to community feedback and add some new features to the final version, including: Heroic Tales, a single-player story mode allowing players to experience the backstory for each of the six Heroes New emote system that allows players to communicate with their opponents — to congratulate, to mock, or just to fart in their general direction Deck Helper and Guildmaster-led tutorial to assist new players Daily bounty system Plenty of new cards to discover Fable Fortune was originally funded via Kickstarter, but ended their campaign after securing an outside investment. The full version will be free-to-play, but there are Founder's Packs available for sale that include 20 decks and some rare cards. For more about Fable Fortune, check out our previous coverage. View the full article
  8. Hi, Last stream Trion said to us it's impossible to them to make this change on our region. You cant multibox or have more than one account / computer in archeage KR/JPN/RU, the game is not designed for that kind of play. Multiboxing is a bad feature for archeage cause : 1) it make people have infinite labor pool and it disavantage people who cant multibox= gear gap 2) you can take advantage of scooting with infinite alt = set 1 screen divided by 8 and put on alt account on each trade post location. 3) If a new player come it's will need to multibox to catch up = less interaction less fun ect ect 4) when other region give incentive to returning or new player like free stuff to make them progress a bit more Trion cant cause if they give that to us, all veteran with 4-5+ alt account will get that incentive reward multiple time and new or returning player one time. 5) less housing room at FS cause alt account i still believe allow multiboxing in our region is one of the reason why it's so low populated compare to other regions. In other hand game like Everquest are making new server with this rules : Source : Can trion give us the good reason why it's impossible to monitor when others games monitor it ? Sorry for my bad english, Noxm View the full article
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by Orio The point is that yes... guild leader who won the siege scroll in the auction, can leave its original guild and join literally any other guild, even when its level 1, and then declare siege with this guild.However, amount of players in that particular guild is concealed until the siege starts, contrary to normal "top100 guild" scenario.Main reason why its considered as an exploit is that there are defined pre-requisites to be able to bid for siege scroll, but the same mechanic does not apply for declaration. Thanks Orio for explaining it clearly. Jump to post... View the full article
  10. Question about books

    So after completing the Plainsracer title, I still have the following books on me.. The Two Crowns of Illion and Historic Sites of Ynystere. Can I safely delete them? I went everywhere but couldn't find any new quests that would be triggered by them. Thanks! View the full article
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Tinen Greetings, testers! We will be bringing the PTS offline for internal testing today at 11:30 AM PST (7:30 PM UTC). Due to the nature of this testing, we do not have an estimated time for completion. I will provide an additional update once we are bringing PTS back online. We appreciate your patience during this downtime! Jump to post... View the full article
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by jahlon Well if that is the case, can we please get an updated list of what exploits are allowed, which are ignored, which will get you banned, which will get you sent to your room without dinner? If thats the case? That doesnt make sense to me, sorry. Its my opinion, personally. I dont make the rules and you of all people already know that. Sigh. Jump to post... View the full article
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by EziBear What do you think about it? My post is directly above this..i'm bad at forums If I was in the guild who owned the castle I personally wouldn’t care how a guild got a siege scroll. Pvp is what a good portion of what this game is about so I don’t understand the problem because most people say there is not enough pvp. I get the means of getting the scroll are being questioned and maybe some things should be tuned to avoid it in the future but beyond that I don’t get why this is such a huge topic. Anyone got a tldr? Jump to post... View the full article
  14. Greetings, testers! We will be bringing the PTS offline for internal testing today at 11:30 AM PST (7:30 PM UTC). Due to the nature of this testing, we do not have an estimated time for completion. I will provide an additional update once we are bringing PTS back online. We appreciate your patience during this downtime! View the full article
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong Quote: Originally Posted by Lin check reddit Read it, and previously posted a response there to those concerns. Quote: Originally Posted by Samina2 I hope you can understand me^^ Sorry :) Can understand you, will send a larger response in a bit. Jump to post... View the full article
  16. For both the Tyrenos's Index description and the buff description, it says it gives healing percentage when it does not actually do that at all. View the full article
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Tinen Thanks for hanging in there, looks like everything should be working like normal again! Jump to post... View the full article
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Tinen Taking a look at this right now. Jump to post... View the full article
  19. Riding along in my car, soon as I enter Two Crowns it gets desummoned and the message 'desummoning your pet and other summoned items due to server instability'. Can't summon any vehicle in Two Crowns, but can summon them 1 pixel away in Marianople. Just me or other people on Prophecy or other servers? View the full article
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by EziBear We need more discussion on this, I'd like to see what the community think about this. There's a big discussion about if this should be considered exploitative or not. some input from a GM? Could start off by offering your own opinion? Jump to post... View the full article
  21. We need more discussion on this, I'd like to see what the community think about this. There's a big discussion about if this should be considered exploitative or not. Maybe some input from a GM? View the full article
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong So, I'm honestly confused. I read the critique of "they spend too much time on marketplace items" pretty frequently, and, especially after the last stream, I can't say I fully understand it.I mentioned the new mount once in the entire stream, and it was mostly because we were giving it away. The rest of it was devoted to answering player questions collected by Jahlon and answering questions from chat to the best of our current ability, outside of the moments when we did giveaways to the watching audience.What part of it reads like an advert? Like, seriously, I want to combat this type of critique, especially with how much time I want to spend answering people's questions. Jump to post... View the full article
  23. Can't download game files.

    Country region problem or something. I tried different ISPs but the results are the same. We have 3 alternative ways: 1) Download from another website. (How reliable ? I don't know.) 2) Buy original second hand CDs. 3) Watch full gameplay videos on Youtube. At least we can enjoy a little and learn the story. 1080P / 60 FPS:
  24. The first few times I played Serpentis the dream ring quest "mysterious gem" item would drop. Being a newer player and not knowing what it was I deleted it. Now, it now longer drops for me. I checked several times if I had the quest already and I do not. View the full article
  25. Yateo event

    Just providing feedback on the active event. Generally good design. Decent reward for the cost and slightly better reward for people who bother to read the prompt. Much better than the labor draining smash box events. View the full article
  26. That meme though

    Had some bound resplendent weapon scrolls, plus superior reds have been cheap so... thought I'd do it for the meme... didn't think it would go this way though xP My first ever legendary regrade in 3+ years of throwing gold into the blinding light machine. I'm just glad my luck was well spent once it first worked. View the full article
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