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  2. Yes you did, I turned in tickets on both. Melisande is not there, she was an Elf, on Morpheus, she had all the goodies, the costumes, the treehouse, the purple pegasus, and she is gone. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER ?? To make matters worse, my lvl 55 character, has to have a new name ! I was told that only lvl 40 characters had to log in to keep their name. I want my name back.. Follow my husband stream on Youtube today, because there will be alot of Archeage Salt coming down out of it. View the full article
  3. When you steal PN packs

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  4. mail Miseo on conviction or pm me here View the full article
  5. Today we kill the Kraken right people +++ View the full article
  6. it simply makes an activity that doesn't exist and is a staple of a lot of MMO (loot farm) exists. View the full article
  7. As tittle suggests, once AH servers are merged I will be selling any stat legendary-eternal costumes and undergarments 30k costumes / 28k undergarments / 125g per radiant stone to up them higher (or 28k / 26k if you take it on legacy and transfer yourself) Feel free to PM me here or at discord Doom/Taco#5650 current list, keeping atleast 8 on Ah at all times, all have perfect stats View the full article
  8. Hey Want to trade my Ayanad Flame bow (divine) for your ayanad gale bow (divine). I can sell it too. make an offer via ingame mail naexx View the full article
  9. Retribution WTS Mythic Scepter

    Pm Offers : View the full article
  10. WTB any leather caps epic regrade mail me here or in game ----->>> thraan View the full article
  11. Reckoning WTB mythics

    Mythic cloth pieces or dagger/shield. On Thunderwing but AH merging soon will buy when its merged! View the full article
  12. mail or /w me IG (shyba) View the full article
  13. Prophecy WTB Divine Ayanad Club

    Hello I'm looking for a Divine Ayanad Club, preferably Life, but any works aswell. Add me on Discord: Rinumin#2757 or whisper/mail me ingame: Rinu View the full article
  14. M.A.D. Dampfrad

    Für 120'000 Handwerksabzeichen soll es ein Design für ein M.A.D. Dampfrad geben. Angeblich ein Motorrad mit drei Rädern. Im Inet oder auch hier im Forum via "Suche" kann ich keine Info's dazu finden. Weiss jemand mehr dazu? Paket transportieren? Sitzplätze? Hat jemand evtl. ein Screenshot? :confused: View the full article
  15. Remembering Jakesully

    Found all of these in his files... Every screenshot he ever took... :'( View the full article
  16. The spin-off Metal Gear Survive rightfully has its skeptics. After series mastermind Hideo Kojima departed Konami in a messy separation, fans questioned if Metal Gear games would ever be the same. When Konami announced Metal Gear Survive, it was a surprise – a survival action game with zombies? Even Kojima commented on how he didn’t see how zombies fit within the series. I went into my hands-on session for Metal Gear Survive just as doubtful as any fan about the game being something I’d even want to play. While I don’t think Metal Gear Survive will be an earth-shattering experience for the series, I walked away having more fun than I expected. While Metal Gear Survive does have a single-player campaign, Konami isn’t ready to give many details on it, except that a wormhole opens in the sky, absorbing all MSF soldiers, transporting them to an alternate reality. You must survive a harsh environment overflowing with dangerous creatures by collecting resources and building a base camp. Time will tell if Konami takes a more zany approach and tells an interesting story considering the premise or makes the single-player very straightforward with a focus on gameplay. At Tokyo Game Show, I played a section of the co-op in which you work with three other players in missions. My mission was to protect a generator from waves of zombies. I chose to play as a fighter, but you could also choose a shooter. You basically want to level your character up and find better gear by completing missions; after every mission, you get new loot depending on your success. Metal Gear Survive uses the same controls scheme from Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, and they’re as responsive and intuitive as you remember. However, even if you haven’t played the recent games, the controls are easy to pick up and understand. Before each wave, you can prepare for the onslaught of baddies coming your way, by putting up barriers, spinning blades, and even mini turrets. The best strategy is to look for any opening the zombies may be able to exploit and put down some traps to thwart them. Once they break through, you can shoot, punch, throw molotov cocktails, and anything else you come equipped with. In between waves, you can take on side objectives to get better resources to protect you from the next wave. I loved the chaos and strategy of it all. One minute, you’re prepping by thinking ahead, the next a horde is overflowing the area, forcing you to think on your feet and use what you have at your disposal. The resource management part is a nice touch. You have a limited amount of all your items, from barriers to ammo. You must use them judiciously if you want to make it through every wave. Setting up the perfect trap or throwing a molotov cocktail to torch a zombie horde is satisfying. Even more so, working with a team to make the best of all your resources and help each other out in a bind makes for a fun co-op experience. Because I only played one mission, I can’t speak to the variety of content or if this game has legs beyond a few matches. Metal Gear Survive has a tough tassk ahead of convincing players it’s worthy of their time. Survival games have become more popular in recent years, but convincing people to abandon those like PUBG is a hard feat. That being said, the game is a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting, providing me that rush I get when I play games like Left 4 Dead or Mass Effect’s multiplayer. Now it’s up to Konami to see if they can attract a strong player base and win back fans. Something tells me this won’t be enough, but Metal Gear Survive is nice a diversion if you’re looking for something in this vein. Metal Gear Survive hits in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. View the full article
  17. Square Enix recently announced a remake of the beloved classic, Secret of Mana. The action/RPG for SNES made its mark for its fun co-op, vibrant visuals, and fantastic music. This remake includes 3D visuals, voice acting, and a newly arranged score by original composer Hiroki Kikuta. While in Japan, I had the opportunity to speak to producer Masaru Oyamada about what we can expect from the remake and the design decisions behind it. Here are some of his biggest revelations. How Co-op Works As fans will remember, Secret of Mana had three-player co-op, which was rare for the role-playing genre at the time. Oyamada says the co-op functions in the remake exactly like the original, meaning it’s offline couch co-op. “You have three players sitting next to each other on the couch with three controllers – all playing at the same time,” he confirms. “I think a lot of the enjoyment that people have in their memories of the original game relies on that playstyle. We felt it was best to have that recreated in the same way.” A Few Improvements But Sticking To The Original's Core Every remake holds the danger of changing too much for longtime fans or not updating enough for a modern audience. Oyamada gave more insight into the team's approach and the changes. “The overall construction of the game and the content of the game is the same as the original – nothing has been cut,” he says. “The additions and tweaks we’ve added the game are more subtle, more for accessibility and ease of play. For example, dashing and the run button used to only work in a single direction, now you can do it freely. The other thing for ease of control is controlling the ring commands for allies used to be very difficult for one person, but we’ve made that a lot easier.” Cutscenes and more detailed character interactions are also new features. “In the original, it was really left to the imagination of the player to figure out what the main party was doing and how they were talking to each other between the adventures they went on,” Oyamada says. “You now get to see conversations between [the party members] and little scenes that add to the story.” Adding Voice Acting And 3D Graphics This also marks the first time characters are voiced for the game, but Randi, Primm, and Popoi have appeared in other Square Enix collaborations using voice actors to say their iconic lines. “When I saw [those], it actually felt very natural,” Oyamada says. “It didn’t feel out of place at all, so when it came to doing the remake of the game, I thought we should go with voices from the start.” If you want to experience the remake like the original, there is an option to turn the voice acting off, too. Secret of Mana’s art style has always been core to its identity. Unsurprisingly, the shift to 3D visuals has been met with mixed reactions from fans based on the first glimpses. “It’d be very difficult actually from a technological perspective these days to do development in the old pixel style graphics,” Oyamada explains. “And I think the other thing is if we did decide to go along with that, we wouldn’t be exceeding the original. We thought it’d be better to go for an evolution – a more modern update of the graphics for 3D. But, we did very much pay attention to make sure they were not something that would put off the original fans, that they wouldn’t feel too out of place.” What Makes An Old Classic Work For A Modern Audience Secret of Mana is a great game, but some elements are archaic. I was surprised to see how close Square is sticking to the original. I have a lot of nostalgia for the game, as it's one of my personal favorites, but what about fans who don't have that experience? What makes Oyamada confident they'll enjoy it? "There are not really many games that have that classic JRPG feel and these structures anymore," Oyamada says. "You don't really see it that much, and even going further seeing a game with a more modern 3D style and essence to them. I think Bravely Default is the only series that really does that. So in some ways, it feels really fresh and new in just doing that in itself – the classic style with the new 3D graphics." Wanting To Rekindle People's Love For The Mana Series The Mana series has struggled in the last decade or so compared to its early days. Last year, the team remade Adventures of Mana (previously known as Final Fantasy Adventure in North America) to a mostly positive reception. Could this be a push to revive people's passion for the series and carry forward to newer entries? “I very much think about the series and the remake in that way myself,” Oyamada shares. “If we can hear the same kind of opinions from fans, I really think that will link through into the future of the series.” Secret of Mana launches on February 15 for PS4, Vita, and PC. For ore on Secret of Mana, you can check out Dan Tack's hands-on impressions. View the full article
  18. WTS pure hearted shoes T5 Divine 3700g on AH View the full article
  19. Sieges twice in 1 month??

    @Trion and @Xlgames, What is up with the double sieges? Kraken just had a siege at Evolution and here it is the 22nd and not even the last week of the month and there is another siege. What gives? inquiry minds would like to know please View the full article
  20. Hey Guys

    I hope my favorite community is having a wonderful day! View the full article
  21. Yesterday
  22. Thunderwing WTB Titan's Pain

    WTB Titan's Pain username: Mortifer View the full article
  23. If someone buys one of the Erenor Packs, how is the 30, 60, or 90 day Patron Status awarded to a player who is already under a recurring subscription? - Is it an item that you activate when your current sub runs out? In which case the player would need to cancel the recurring sub in order to use it? - Or is it appended to the end of your current subscription period as an extension? Thanks for your help! View the full article
  24. Hi

    My name is Nick and I love cats.
  25. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  26. Welcome nikoab

    Hello nikoab, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. nikoab joined on the 09/22/2017. View Member
  27. I have the following items. I'm so tempted to use them, but I need to invest gold elsewhere atm. Accepting offers. For the eternal one, if you're lacking gold, I can do a trade with gold+legendary/mythic ship components (you need to tell me what you have and we evaluate its selling price). Since there are not many eternals out there, price is kinda hard to pinpoint. Statistically with 8.8% chance on regrading a mythic, you would need 5 of them with Silver charms, to succeed in eternal. With a price of 9k (if you find 5 mythic to buy) per mythic and a 2.5k per silver charm, that would be 57k. Also 9k for mythic is quite low price which you wont find often. I'm not asking for this exact price anyway, just giving an estimation to avoid offers of like "20k" Last, I'm aware that there are better figureheads out there, but that does not really change the cost of an eternal regrade. If you're interested in those two, don't try to low-ball cause of that. View the full article
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