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  2. Hi guys, I'm making erenor weapons by order, I only make 1h and bow erenor (no 2h weapons) For Kraken server: Divine Erenor = 190k Epic Erenor = 270k For any other NA servers: Divine Erenor = 194k Epic Erenor = 274k Cheers! View the full article
  3. Hi guys, I'm making erenor weapons by order, I only make 1h and bow erenor (no 2h weapons) For Kraken server: Divine Erenor = 190k Epic Erenor = 270k For any other NA servers: Divine Erenor = 194k Epic Erenor = 274k Cheers! View the full article
  4. Yeah, thanks, I found that the launcher for nolf 1 works better than the nolf 2 one. Although in game shows way more servers active than from the launcher. The nolf 2 servers from the launcher take a lot of refreshes to even show up for me. In game it shows invalid cd key even though I have 2 of them. I'm guessing because of the master server shut down. It would be nice though to have it like nolf 1 and see them in game.
  5. THIS is what you give us for RNG cash boxes?!?!?!??!!? View the full article
  6. So, not sure if this is a bug or not. But I was looking through the gilda awards, and saw the Lunar Garden. Saw the 8x8 and was wondering if that's the same as the Lunar 16 I have from long ago. So I clicked purchased, and surprisingly it works. As you can see in the screen shot. I have the Lunar pavilion all ready down and in my inventory I have the Lunar garden 8x8. According to the description I should only be able to have 1 per account. Attached Images ScreenShot0330.jpg‎ (672.4 KB) View the full article
  7. So I recently sent in a ticket due to my main not having the compensation pack (10 gift coins) in the glyph store. And the reply I got was that my account wasn't eligible for it. So how come my main can't have it, but one of my alt does? Ticket number 932469. View the full article
  8. Hey, Not sure if i have incredibly bad rng at 58.8% crit rate, but flame skewer will not crit. It doesn't mention this on the skill. Is this a bug? View the full article
  9. 17k, on Vengeance West as Gunfighter View the full article
  10. There's a launcher for NOLF 2 also. Since the master server shutdown they don't show up in the game itself natively anymore.
  11. It's been nearly 4 days since I posted my ticked. I don't want it to be too late before anything can be done, I accidentally opened a box mistaking it for my daily box and wanted it reversed. REQUEST #932735 View the full article
  12. So, I lost interest in trying to keep track of what people were saying in the last thread, what with Ollolol(aka Patsy)'s constant attempts to jack the thread and all. So, I decided to put another one here! East Vs West News So, continuing where we picked off last week, as reported in my attempt to be super biased for <Green Card>, <Dustine's Heroes> with some friends managed to keep their castles storage houses from being raided by a concentrated West and Pirate effort. After successfully taking Kraken and finding themselves bored, <Kitteh's Kittens> decided to try and drum up some late night pvp in the form of a Red Dragon attempt. The attempt, while a failure for the loot of Red Dragon(the boss was despawned), was a success for PvP, with both West and Pirates showing up to contest. Moving on to Today. Today was a complete success for <Green Card>. While managing to raid wipe both Pirates and West multiple times, as well as proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed working together, <Green Card> managed to complete the channel of the Abyssal Seal. While also saving the world from the terrible doom known as the Akasch, they also managed to grab several thousand gold worth of packs. Lulocaust of <Green Card> has informed me he is currently working on a video of these amazing fights and will be posting it sometime over the next two days. The West managed to grab a pack for themselves(one to each person, not one total(that would be awkward)). The day ended in a Dominion between <Green Card> and <Locked Up>. One would love to say that there was some great pvp to be had, but in reality, both guilds just steered clear of each other till the last 2 minutes. Unfortunately, the Dominion still ended in a Draw. We hope to see more exciting PvP in the future. Individual Messages Lunafae would like me to remind everyone that she still identifies as a yata! View the full article
  13. 7/7 divine ayanad plate set. its lake but you can re roll to whatever u want.. the pieces are gemmed and tempered tho View the full article
  14. 48k Mail "Itstimmy" to set up a trade View the full article
  15. Look for offers View the full article
  16. I would like to suggest an item (be it cash shop or crafted) to be able to unbound the untradeable armors/weapons. This is to have a better flexibility in changing gear to play other classes. View the full article
  17. Hello to my fellow players and hopefully also Trion staff including “Muzzy The Communicator”. ( We still love you too Celestrata!) I am posting a suggestion to enhance the positive effects of community relations and also, the likelihood of success in discussions with XL Games. I will try to be as concise as I can, but if that makes things unclear Please do contact me I will clarify as needed because I think this is important and will almost certainly be helpful. Some background: I have been playing starting with Beta and I have weathered everything along the way. I am not easily rattled I have adapted to everything and prevailed. No brag just fact, and I am not being arrogant, and I still suck at PVP. :> So the current issues with the game economics are not scaring me because I am lazy, entitled, or stupid. (Except at PVP I'm kinda stupid) But they are scaring me about the future. There are a number of issues including the oft mentioned pack problem. Another is that the state of crafting is such that if you craft up armor or weapons you will lose more gold every step of the way. The loses are enormous and could bankrupt even a whale in short order. The scary feelings came to me when I purchased two Epherium armor items that would cost more than 1500 gold each to produce, for 200 gold each. I should be happy right? But I wasn't, it made me feel sick. I bought 5 pieces of somebody's Heroic Illustrious Plate Armor set for 35 gold apiece. Those items cost at least 450 gold each to produce. So I got 2,250 worth of armor for my alt who now looks pretty sporty, for 175 gold. I am not happy about those things because I know what it means. It means people are giving up. Also every item used in the crafting chain of armor and weapons is selling very low if it sells at all. I personally am unable to sell some Delphinad I have, for 2,500 Less than it would cost to make. Nobody wants it for 2/3 of what it costs to make from already VERY depressed materials costs. To my suggestion: In your place I could say I am aware that there is an imbalance with crafting and we are commencing discussions with XL to work out an agreement. Or, I could say that our team investigated and has pinned down the causes to be due to a) A bottleneck for players trying to obtain requisite drops to begin crafting up their Erenor items. B) The system changes that now allow crafting Erenor items as the ONLY sales outlet for crafted weapons and armor. (no more wisps) C) The overall drop in income at this point for many players means they can not absorb the cost to upgrade to Erenor even if they have completed the grind for the item drops. And then I say we will present that data to XL. The first way, to say I am aware of the problem, is much less reassuring than the second way, which demonstrates that I am fully aware of what is happening and maybe know some things you (the players) don't know. It shows I am good at my job and shows you, rather than tells you, that I know exactly what is happening and what the problem is. Doing that will reassure your player base that you are on the ball and will be strong advocates for them. And then in discussions with XL, presenting the data you have will allow you to pin the talks down to facts, and then restrict their responses to addressing the facts, rather than drifting into different “philosophies”. So in your place I might show them the total potential production of Archeum, ingots, cloth, leather, herbs used in alchemy, etc across the 9 North American Legacy servers. And then list the 7 people who have both the drops and the gold to advance to Erenor. And then ask them what is the plan to make use of the 97% surplus of stuff. You can do this perfectly politely but it is much harder for them to BS their way out of a well defined factual presentation of the problem. Also you may actually teach them what the trouble is by doing that. If I may say so I think XL has some difficulty thinking through some aspects of the game and doing it for them might help a lot. A personal example. I have one doctor who tells me what to do and explains what he knows and why I need to do it, or why I don't need to worry. I am smart in some ways and I understand what he is saying and I also find it interesting when he explains the human body and science. He spends maybe 3-5 minutes doing this. The result for me is a) I think he is a genius because the man has an astonishing knowledge. b) I have complete confidence in what he says. c) I like him because he does that for me. I have another doctor who tells me what to do but not so much with explaining what he knows to me. He may well be a genius also, but I will never know that. And the impression and confidence I have in him is not nearly the same as for the doctor who tells me what he knows. Be the doctor who tells us what he knows please. Present data and your analysis to XL to define the discussion. You define the issue and focus the discussion on the facts in play please. Pin it right down. I hope that makes sense and it helps. Thank you very much for reading. Player feedback is welcome! Especially if you have knowledge of specific problems with the current build that can be well defined and pinned right down. :) Thanks View the full article
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  19. Every time I try to start an EU toon with my US account I get DCed with the message that it was done by a GM. I have never had this issue, I can log in fine on both my EU and US characters on a different account, its only with this one I have an issue. ANy help would be great, wana get that loyalty. View the full article
  20. We got a chance to play Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite at this year's E3, and while we weren't too impressed with its story mode, we still had some fun playing around with the newly-revealed characters and Reality Stone. Although character models have a tendency to look plastic and lifeless in stills, they look much better in motion, and combos still move with a speed and flashiness that many fighters lack. The tag system works fluidly, too, and even though I didn't have time to learn any particular team's combos well, I was able to improvise some decent combos simply by using a mix of auto-combos, basic combos, and tagging. If you think of some cool new combo or set up, you can probably pull it off, and as a result, Infinite feels as malleable as other Marvel games, which I appreciated. We also got to talk to producer Peter "Combofiend" Rosas about the some of finer details about the game's combat system. The biggest detail we learned was that long-winded combos of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 are being curbed, to some degree, for Infinite. In high-level matches, it was commonplace for a stray hit to mean death for many characters. For Infinite, touch-of-death combos will be much more rare, thanks to the increased hitstun deterioration (a system where every hit causes the next hit to stun the opponent for a shorter amount of time). When it comes to longer combos, Rosas said, "You're fighting for pixels." I then asked Rosas about whether one of his favorite characters, Spencer, would retain some his tricks from the last game. Specifically, Rosas told me that one of his signature combo tools, which involved using an airborne version of his claw-grab move to extend combos, would be much harder to use. For example, it's no longer possible to grab someone who's been hit by his Bionic Lancer super. However, due to the way tagging works, players should be able to find new ways to use that airborne claw to grab opponents using another character's moves. Finally, we asked Rosas several of your burning questions about the series. Here are his answers. Will there be any improvements coming to the faces for characters like Chun-Li, Dante, or Chris? We’ve heard the feedback from the community and are looking into it, but we have no specific announcements at this time. Will we get remixes of the MvC3 character themes? Rocket Raccoons and Nova's in particular? Character themes in MvCI are different from those in MvC3 as this is a completely new game. Some are completely new, while some carry influences from classic themes. Can nova still do his elevator combo from MvC3? Nova’s been adjusted and he can still perform fly combos, but players will have to figure out how they work in MvCI. Does Dante still have some form of Bold-cancelling? Yes. Can you still “Tiger Knee” certain attacks like you could with Spencer’s hook in UMvC3? Yes. Will there be any sort of character customization (mainly cosmetic customization)? We have nothing to announce at this time. Can you still do tri-jumps with certain characters? Indeed. Will there be fly/unfly mechanics? Will they be as fast or have more recovery? They’re still present as the fly/unfly mechanic really opens up creativity with those characters who can fly. It’s pretty fast. If you go into training room does the announcer say "MUH MUH MUH MAXIMUM" when the bars fill up? The announcer does say maximum when your meter is full. Does Spencer's Up Grapple into Reel-in Punch still deal 80,000 damage? No. Damage is calculated differently in MvC:I. Is damage still measured by the absurdly high numbers of UMvC3? No. Damage is much easier to keep track of and measure in MvC:I. Do reflected fireballs deal the same damage as regular ones? Yes. Are Chris’ bullets projectiles when it comes to things you can reflect with Advancing Guard? For some of Chris’ bullet based special attacks, yes, you can reflect them. Can fireballs be reflected forever? Depends on the fireball. Can you reflect all the fireballs from Arthur’s fireball super? No. You can’t reflect hyper combos. Can you still rely on “chicken-blocking” to avoid mixups? Nope. You can’t block on the first few jump frames. Now, you have to properly guard mixups coming your way. Will there be a Hot Ryu costume? We’ve made no announcements about this. That said, there is a cool Evil Ryu costume available if you preorder the game. Are there any additional ways combo scaling can kick in more quickly, like after throws? Starting combos with light punch is a sure fire way to have your combos scale greatly. What character has the highest health of the ones revealed so far? Lowest? Hulk has some of the highest. Rocket has some of the lowest. Can you do any other kinds of jumps besides the high jump and wall jumps? There’s a lower super jump. By pressing down during a super jump, you can use the momentum of the super jump to close in on the opponent faster and attack from new angles. Can you turn off the auto combos and two-button supers? Yes. Outside of half-circle and dragon punch motions, will there be any special button combinations for certain attacks, like Wolverine’s Drill Claw or Frank West’s roll in UMvC3? Yes. There will be some attacks that will be performed by pressing two kick buttons together. Will the final story mode have different difficulties? Will there be in-game rewards for beating it at different levels? Yes, there will be different difficulties. If a player his having a hard time with a particular fight, they’ll be able to choose whether they want to lower the difficulty or not. Will the mission mode trials pertain to one character, or will there be two-character combos to try and learn? The mission mode trials emphasize how to utilize each character’s attacks and how they function within MvC:I. That said, as active switching is part of mastering your character within a team, there will be two-character trials present to give the player a taste of the infinite possibilities that are present. For more specific details about the game, check out 50 details we learned from our first hands-on with the game. View the full article
  21. Hello, I like to do calculations a lot, but I can't find anything "really" profitable for husbandry profession for now. It was a good profession pre-3.5. Can you please reduce animal prices a bit? Looks like people are either selling their stuff for loss, or they have stocked their animals in 3.0. That kills the game for people who haven't stocked their seeds/animals in 3.0. Can you please find a solution for this? For example, people sell trimmed meats even cheaper than 3.0 prices, and animals cost even more. What's the logic behind this? Even with 3.0 livestock prices, they are dramatically low. Make planting outside owned lands cost labor again, and reduce seed/livestock/sapling prices. The current system just kills the economy for farmers. View the full article
  22. Legendary Ayanad lightning katana for sell, 7x focus. Leave offer here, PM me on forum or in game, nick: Sur(pirate). View the full article
  23. WTS T6 Lengedary Nodachi . Mail me with Price = golds / Apexs "Behemoth" View the full article
  24. It is supposed to have 3s cast time, thats ok. But what is this? cast time backwards? chanelling? Missing text? Attachment 19294 Attached Images meteor.jpg‎ (663.1 KB) View the full article
  25. Will there be a summer sale for Archeage? If so is there an date/time that it will occur and the type of items that will be on sale? I see on for most of the other trion games but not for Archeage this year. View the full article
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