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Widescreen Fix 1.0

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NOLF Widescreen Fix

Created: June 22, 2011

By : COrey -Ozzy- Asbreuk


Here's a widescreen fix for NOLF, based on the released source code, version 1.03


Rename your existing NOLFDLL.REZ file to something else, and

then copy the NOLFDLL.REZ file from this fix into your NOLF directory.


The field of view (horizontally) will remain the same regardless of resolution, but

at widescreen aspect ratios you will see a bit less vertically.


The weapon model still appears stretched in widescreen, but the environment does not.

I could not find a way to fix this without having a very strong fishbowl effect, which

was really hard to look at. So, I have not yet determined why Cate's weapon model is

stretched when in widescreen, while everything else is aspect-correct (that is,

circles appear to be circles and not ovals).


That being said, the environment looks correct.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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