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NOLF 2 NO CD for Mac mac

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About This File

File for Mac users to run without damaging your valuable NOLF2 CDs




Note: Must have valid Mac version Media to use.


Hi all and Eliteone!


I've been away from Nolf and UHQ for awhile, but have popped back now since I have a new Mac mini and started fiddling with Nolf again. I looked in my archives for this crack and discovered the original DMG I had DID ask for a password! Hmmm, didn't see that the first time, and the nested SIT (Stuffit) file was unnecessary. I have repackaged the NOLF2 NO CD MAC patch into a ZIP with only three files. These files are...


1. The patched Nolf2.app (named "NOLF2 [P]" to show that it is patched).

2. A hint PDF about the 60Hz setting maybe improving play.

3. A dummy DMG disc image (no password on it) called "NOLF2 No CD (open with DiskImageMounter)", with the original Mac install disc structure (excluding game data).




"Ready, get set, GUI!"


• Playing 'NOLF1 GOTY Ed.' and 'NOLF2 1.3 Retail [No CD]' for Mac!


• Mac Classic | 1990 vintage! | 4 MB RAM | 10 MB HD | Floppy Disks! | System 6.0.8 |

• iBook G4 | 933 MHz PowerPC | 640 MB RAM | 40 GB HD | Mac OS X 10.5.8 |

• Mac mini | 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 | 8 GB RAM | 500 GB HD | Intel HD 3000 Graphics | Mac OS X 10.7.3 |

• iPad 2 | 32 GB | Wi-Fi | White | iOS 6 |

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